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How Long Can Women Go Without Sex?

how long can women go without sex
Written by Steven Hawk

Without suffering psychological consequences, common for sex deprivation, women can go without sex for around 72 hours. After that, they are becoming agitated, nervous and their sense of humor gets switched off, making room for melancholy and depression.

Their brains are essentially wired almost the same way as ours are but with few distinct differences that act as the essential balance.

Of course, some females are aware of the relief after having a great sex and they do indulge their desires almost every day. Ultimately, they get addicted to the dopamine and serotonin effects (just like any other addict).

Consequently, some women are forced to use several lovers per week to get the needed shot of dopamine and other chemicals.

Unfortunately, the addiction they developed is not a good thing as you are imagining right now. It wreaks havoc inside their minds and they are not essentially behaving like the “normal” human beings.

But even I can go longer without sex. 72 hours are piece of cake for me.

You just think you can but in reality, you can’t.

After having a great sex with someone emotionally attached to you, you feel great the next day. Your feet seem to float above the ground and everything seems easy.

Your wife is feeling the same way.

Give it 48 hours and the dream is over.

Have another great sex and everything looks better again.

Sex is the ultimate tool to fix disturbed chemical balance inside our brains. A surge of different “pleasure” and “reward” hormones simply flood your body and re-charge your batteries. Nothing is more effective than a great sex with the woman you love and who loves you back.

It’s that oxytocin that does the trick for the most part (along with endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin). That’s why people admire honest charity, for example. We all get hit with the shot of oxytocin (we who witnessed the deed, him who did the deed and him who received the charity deed).

But then again, it’s just impossible to do it that frequently with the same person, particularly if he or she’s a passive type of a lover.

If she knows that frequent sex is mutually beneficiary, then why is she withholding and denying me sex?

Her brain created a memory block about one distinct fact from those early days: you had to force yourself to do it the third, fourth or fifth time. Sometimes you had to force yourself to do it the second time. And after a while, she became perfectly aware that you had to force yourself to do it a few days in a role.

Her brain is telling her that you can’t have sex every 2 days without forcing things. She does not appreciate that. Nobody does.

how long can women go without sex frustration

It’s more fulfilling to have 13 intensive minutes where she’ll come 2-3 times than for you to fiddle the violin for an hour while she’s thinking about the drapes and other stuff.

Why would she want that anyway? It’s boring and it may even hurt because she might dry out.

Thus, the moment she gets turned on, a cold shower of reality splashes her right in the face. She immediately cools down.

To compensate to some extent, she’ll do it herself while you’re not around.

It does take only 20-40 seconds after all, and all she has to do is to send you outside to pick something or to have a quick shower.

Yeah…while you have to slap the monkey for a minute or two on some internet porn, all she needs to do is to be alone and stimulate the most sensitive thing on this planet for 20-30 seconds. You won’t hear a sound and she won’t leave the trace as you would.

The fact is, my friend: women jerk off even more frequently than we are!

how long can women go without sex masturbation

That’s why they are so loud about it. They can do it almost every day, few times per day for the most of their lives. Heck, there are days when a woman can devour the entire platoon of hardened lovers in a single night!

We can’t.

That’ why she’ll get pissed at you if she sees you jerking off. You’re wasting the “energy” and she’s perfectly aware of that. In her mind, that’s the action aimed against her best interests.

The paradox is: if you refrain from jerking off every couple of days, while not having regular sex, you’ll cum in a matter of one minute and she’ll end up disappointed. There’s nothing she can do about it because it’s just another paradox of monogamy and the joint lives of two opposite sexes.

So what’s the “sweet spot”?

Balance is everything and having sex at least 2 times per week is recommended.

Of course, both parties must be interested and engaged. Doing the same thing over and over again tends to become boring after a while so if your woman is a passive lover, you can forget about this.

She can’t help herself because she’s well aware of two things that eliminate each other:

  1. She’s not an active lover and as such not interesting in being proactive in bed. She’s expecting you to do the magic and turn her on every time.
  2. You can’t go like that for an extended period of time because you need additional incentive just to get it up and she’s not willing to do that.

That’s the paradox of almost every marriage because women are generally passive in bed. They are only active in the beginning phase of the relationship.

how long can women go without sex horny

That’s why a woman who’s a passive lover in marriage turns into a wild beast when having an affair. It’s the beginning phase of the relationship and if the husband would be able to see the video, he would have a really hard time accepting the fact that he is, in fact, watching his own wife in action.

In conclusion…

We can think about this issue as much as we can and we’ll always come to the same conclusion: monogamy is hard and illogical from the perspective of our limbic parts of the brain. Simply put, our primitive instincts are telling us that we must switch partners after a while.

However, we are not monkeys anymore (even though some folks are still acting likewise).

Our contemporary brains are evolved to consider things beyond food, water, sex and sleep to be of the same importance as our basic needs. We are perfectly capable (at least some of us) to suppress our animal urges for the higher good where the higher good are the benefits of the group!

Being married (monogamy) is the fundamental element of our success as the species.

It’s the original and most cohesive group that exists. Every larger group is derived from that original one. It’s that monogamy that paved the way for our future success.

We wouldn’t be where we are right now if we didn’t evolve in a way that allows us to develop strong affection toward the single person of the opposite sex and stay devoted to that same person for the rest of our lives.

Thus, jumping from one bed to another and changing the lovers as socks is counter-productive from the perspective of the humankind as the global group. By doing that, we are disturbing the foundations and there is no way to tell what would happen if we start behaving like monkeys once again.

Keep that in mind before you rush into some other woman’s bed.

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