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5 Habits of Women Who Have Orgasm – EVERY TIME!

Written by Steven Hawk

Have you ever wondered why some women struggle to reach the orgasm while some can come few times in a roll (if you’re on the top of your game of course)? Well, as it turns out, there is a set of habits, practiced relentlessly, that allows some women to have an orgasm every time they have sex.

And when you go over all five of them, you’ll have a clearer image about a woman you’re living with or dreaming of.

1 – They’re masturbating regularly

We all know that regular and relentless practice leads to perfection.

But we never stopped to think that perhaps the same principle can be applied to our sex life.

A woman who masturbates regularly have a deep sense of her own body. She knows just the right pressure. She’s well aware of just the perfect spot in a particular moment of the sexual intercourse. But what’s more important, she can use that knowledge to instruct her lover. And she is a women who have orgasm every time.

Then you have a perfect storm!

2 – Their primary focus is on clitoris

With more nerve endings than any other part of the human body, clitoris should be in focus at all times.

Even during the penetration, woman will stimulate her clitoris, just because she knows that it will lead to faster and intense orgasm.

Why some ladies tend to disregard this part of their bodies is a puzzle. Maybe they are too embarrassed or too shy, thinking that open self-stimulation will make her appear as some lusty slut. Many of these women are coming from the strict religious environments where hard indoctrination took its toll.

If you don’t see your woman practicing simultaneous masturbation while you’re in the middle of the sexual intercourse, it might pointing in a psychological issue. She is just a women who have orgasm every time.

3 – They never rush the foreplay

Prep time is everything.

Unlike men, women need more time to warm up in most of the cases. Of course, there’s time when she’s ready that same moment and completely in for some stand-up quickie. But in most of the times, a woman needs slow and thorough foreplay.

Those highly orgasmic are aware of that and never rush the foreplay. If her partner tends to rush it, she will find another one. The one who respects the living fire inside of her once unleashed after a good foreplay.

4 – They communicate with ease

Silence and introversion in bed mean poor sex.

Orgasmic women are perfectly aware of this. They will communicate with their partners, provoking the sensitive subjects to prevent their partners from “licking the couch.”

She’ll be direct, explaining the PRO’s and CON’s of every move you make. And she’ll be perfectly clear about the things she likes and dislikes.

If your woman has a habit of making evasive maneuvers every time you start talking sex subjects and never speaks clearly about her hidden desires, you must do something about it. Your woman is suffering the chronic depravation of quality sex. She’s not satisfied. And it’s your fault.

Do your effort to open her communication channels because lack of communication when it comes to sex and specific sexual pleasures is one of the main reasons for poor sex life between partners.

5 – They don’t burden themselves with the orgasm

How many times did you hear about the couple that tried anything to have a child and only after they entirely gave up did the woman end up pregnant.

Same is here.

Orgasmic women never burden themselves with the constant pressure of having an orgasm.

It’s one of those rare things in life where the focus in not desirable.

She knows that the more relaxed she is, more frequent and more intense orgasm will be. And that approach works like a charm.

So if your woman is tense and anxious, work with her. Help her to relax. Don’t force the sex and don’t make a big thing out of it. Let it come naturally. Allow her to enjoy the sex and she’ll turn into an ultimate sex machine.


You’ll enjoy it better and for us men, nothing comes even close to hot sex with the woman you love!

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