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What Drives Women – Even the Feminists – to Cops and Firefighters

Written by Steven Hawk

Have you ever heard about the term “saverape”? Of course you haven’t. Apparently, the “saverape” is happening when you, for instance, jump in the water to save the drowning woman. If you touch her, under the water, while she’s drowning; then you’re, in fact, sexually harassing her since she didn’t consent to physical contact from your behalf because, well, she was unconscious and you used that fact to “feel her up” or worse.

“Worse” in terms of pressing her chest with your hands to force the water out of her lungs, subsequently saving her life, once you get her out of water.

You think we are kidding?


Admit it, you were checking out those boobs. Watch out! A lawsuit is lurking behind the corner.

When you think about it, you’re better off staying aside while that dumb bitch drowns herself entirely as a man well put it, because there’s a risk of ending up in jail for saving her sorrow butt.

Interesting as that may seem, it’s not the prime issue here. There’s one other thing nobody is discussing. A sort of a question.

And that Question is: what turns on such a woman?

What kind of man does our average feminist find attractive?

OK, for a starter, do you or do you not think that Mrs. Boone here would be attracted by some male hunk in a law enforcement or firefighting uniform?

Our bet is that she would be, regardless of her seemingly feminist (read: stupid and irrational) believes and obvious agenda of having her 5 minutes of YouTube glory.

And there’s a perfectly rational explanation for that “paradoxically,” regardless of what the majority of those serious sex-deprived feminists keeps claiming, including but not limited to Mrs. Boone or whatever the hell her last name is.

Women are seeking for one thing only

And that’s the strong alpha male. They can bitch about their inequality as much as they like, but the truth is: without us men, they wouldn’t survive for any longer period on this dangerous planet – even now, after us, the men, built all kinds of protections against any form of danger.

Ever since we emerged as a species, females were gathering around strong male figures and that hasn’t changed since.

Wanna proof?

Turn off the lights across this green-blue, bloodthirsty planet and you’ll see this behavior in action. Even the “toughest” ones inside all of those feminist groups would crawl in some corner and cry for help.


Because there’s no men to protect them, that’s why! Every cell in her body would scream for a hand of a man in those moments. All that feminist crap just disappears when shit hits the fan. I know that because I saw it on numerous occasions. What used to be the uber-arrogant bitch turns into a little crying girl in nanosecond. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s supposed to be that way.

To put it in simple words, every woman on this planet seeks for a confident and strong man and that’s the undeniable fact.

And when you think safety and protection, two types of men are sticking out from the crowd. It’s the cops and firefighters because they are answering the call to serve and protect the others even with their own lives. Nothing really comes even close to that level of commitment. That fact alone is resonating with women really well because it doesn’t get better than that.

In her mind, a cop and a firefighter respectively, are the prime examples of the alpha males.

And how does a woman get the alpha male?

By swayin’ those hips and pulling the shirt a bit lower to free as much of those boobs as possible. It’s simply the nature of the things and the only way to attract the attention of the strong male figure such as a cop or the guy who’s deliberately running into the fire to save the cat.

Yet, some women are now advocating a certain switch in behavior. Strong men are being marked as chauvinists and sexists. And it isn’t coming from the lesbian camp either. It’s coming from the frustrated bitches who, at one point of their lives, failed to attract the attention of some guy who was perceived as the alpha. That blond cheerleader bitch snatched him right in front of her eyes and now she’s all pissed and fat.

Just put the smile on your face, show that butt and men will start lining up.

But marketing is aggressive. Such a behavior is now marked as ultimately wrong. Radical feminists are allowed to spread that type of nonsense all over the place, poisoning the minds of young women, setting them on the path of misery.

Because, by changing the behavior in such a radical way, women — at least those under the influence of the third wave feminism movement — can’t get anywhere near the real man. Because we are not interested in arrogant bitches on a long run. We want women.

An arrogant bitch is interesting for only a fraction of time, like that cougar in the zoo.

But that seems to be irrelevant in our contemporary western society

According to mainstream feminism, we can sum the main message into this: men are scumbags. We are menaces that have to be exterminated from the face of this Earth.

Billions are invested in a field of the artificial insemination where they are seeking for the ways to eliminate any need for male genetic material in propagation of the species.

It appears that they are on the mission. And the goal of that mission is simple: extinction of men.

So how the fuck they expect to survive if they eliminate men from the equation?

Pro-feminists folks — from both genders — will now start claiming how we simply didn’t do our homework and learn what feminism really is.

We did. And by the looks of it, they are not seeking to remove men entirely from the equation. They are merely trying to impose their control over men in every segment of our lives. They need us.

Thus, the better term to explain their efforts would be: enslavement!

Because, all she essentially needs to do to move that heavy package from point A to point B is to shake that ass and man will do the job.

Like a puppy, that’s been enticed with the cool snack, man will do all the slave work. And while he’s sweating his ass off to indulge her sudden urge to move that shit from one side to another, she’s complaining how life is tough for a woman.

That’s what they are ultimately trying to achieve here. Enslavement.

The worst thing about it is that they (radical feminists) are being supported and advocated by one particular breed of men.

Ask yourself: if we are so goddamn equal, why the fuck she doesn’t lift that shit up and carry it all around the freakin’ place?

She’s not built for that, that’s why. We are. It’s that simple. We simply cannot be equal because we are not essentially built equally. How can you equalize paper and steel?

Make no mistake: they are perfectly aware of this simple fact of life.

And how is she tackling this obvious disadvantage?

She can’t fucking lift it. What does she do? After all, she moved in on the third floor and that freakin’ couch is goddamn heavy.

Ah, yes, there’s that hip swayin’ again, Anita Sarkeesian is so desperately trying to remove from the video games.

A simple solution to a heavy problem – literally.

However, if our famous Mrs. Anita Sarkeesian and alike, by any chance, catches you staring in those shakin’ and swayin’ butt cheeks, you are immediately marked as yet another male scumbag because you are sexually harassing her!

Getting’ the irony?

The dangerous trash talk!

Under the cloak of safety, built and maintained by men, feminists from both genders are now becoming ever louder. Everything is getting marked as sexism and objectification.

It appears that from all contemporary ‘isms’, sexism is currently the worst one. Not even the terrorism comes close because it’s more important to fund some feminist nonsense than fight against those primitive fucks that have a nasty habit of slaying civilians to seize the thrones of power.

According to feminists, it’s more important to make a movie about a couple of boring women. It appears that they (feminists) just don’t give a fuck about that kid on the Middle East who lost his mother, father, brother and parts of his own body. They don’t give a fuck about all those men (and women) who are putting their lives on the line so that few frustrated bitches could waste our time and money.

Because, the truth is simple: all they essentially want to do, all day long, is pushing those irrational agendas and making dull films about females who achieved nothing spectacular – they just lived those boring lives. Although, truth to be said, unlike normal women, they were insisting that you look them in the eyes while they’re talking to you, regardless of the obvious attempt to attract your immediate attention with pushup bra and décolletage.

Shit, it’s raining in New York. We better do something about it otherwise somebody might start laughing at her if the makeup goes to hell. And we all know what that means, right? Lawsuits due to the obvious sexism! Sure, she looks like a goddamn clown but who are you to laugh. On the other hand, it’s perfectly natural and socially accepted to make fun out of men.

The harsh reality!

To make things even worse, nobody seems to realize how, in their arrogance, feminists from both genders are “forgetting” few facts:

  • Rapes are not only happening to women. In US alone, around 120,000 men are being raped every year in prison system alone. That’s more male rape victims than female ones annually, remember that.
  • Domestic abuse is not only reserved for women. Statistics show that in approx. 50% of all cases, it’s the men who are being molested and abused by women who are exploiting the legal advantages. Every time she yells at you for an example, for no good reason at all, you’re in fact being assaulted. Only, there’s nothing you can do about it because your ass will end up in jail in nanosecond, exposed to all those imprisoned fuckups who get off on anything with the tight hole.
  • Accidents, occurring as the results of our everlasting efforts to improve our society are happening to men because it’s men who are doing all those improvements. We are talking about 97 per centiles here, where men are dropping dead or ending seriously injured trying to repair or build something that will make women safer and happier.
  • In 80% of all cases, the victims of suicides are men. Pressure imposed by the society is simply overwhelming for many of us. It turns out that surviving on hunter-gatherer principles was far easier because it was less stressful if nothing else.
  • If you check the stats from US Bureau of Labor, you’ll find out that 92% of unemployed are in fact men. Why? First, because far more men are actively seeking for employment. Second, women are given the unfair advantage in almost all employment sectors. For instance, do you think that female cop can deal with the situation with the same efficiency as a 6.5-foot, 220-pounder male cop can? While there are far more suitable jobs for women, they seem to keep pushing their way in areas where they become liability more than an asset.
  • How about homeland security? How many females are in arm forces? Globally? Less than 1%. In US? Around 3%. If we are so goddam equal, why aren’t they enlisting to fight war on terrorism for instance?
  • However, when it comes to government, law enforcement or military related jobs, woman is more likely to land the contract because of the famous equality quotas!
  • What about homicides? Contrary to some claims, 70% of all homicide victims are men. In fact, the good portion of perps are women! How about that?

Do you see gender equality anywhere?

You don’t see it because it was never about it. It was, it is and it will always be about enslavement of men. Because, if she needs you as the instrument, she’s objectifying you. It’s that simple.

Same as they’re claiming that we’re objectifying women in a sexist kind of a way when we are looking at butts and boobs, same applies when they are using our help to lift some heavy item for example.

She won’t even hesitate to use sex as the weapon to force you into doing something for her even though there’s no real reason for the action other than some kind of caprice she’s having in that particular moment.

That’s the fact and nobody can deny it.

The Power of SEX and CUNTS respectively

When you think about it, there’s only one thing we need and want from them. We are perfectly capable of handling everything else that constitutes our contemporary life – without any help from their side. In many ways, they are just an unwanted and unneeded distraction.

Women, on the other hand, need us men for many different life-important things.

Again, do you see equality anywhere?

Yet, our problem is obvious: sex and cunts respectively are more powerful than nukes. We are freakin’ addicts and women have our drugs. And they are perfectly aware of that.

2 minutes of pleasure have the power to buy the lifetime of blind obedience and lifetime of essentially unneeded compromises.

Are we that weak? Is our thirst for sex so overwhelming that we’ll start the war because of it? Yes, it is.

But, even though we are sex addicts and cunt lovers, we should put an end to this shameless attempt of enslavement. The enslavement, we made possible because some of us went soft!

Somewhere along the line, many of us simply stopped being men in the right sense of that term and the cause can be found namely in urban lifestyle. The moment critical mass of men moved to the cities and adopted suits rather than jeans, and smartphones rather than tools, our fortress started collapsing.

We forgot who we are and went soft, behaving more feminine than women. For God’s sake, we have men who are putting the makeup on. That fact doesn’t even make women happy, let alone us men.

It was that softness that brought feminists to life!

So now, along with all the bullshit that’s been going on around us, now we even have to put up with that feminist crap. What are we? A suitable group of females to chat with?

No…we are men.

We are built for the kill and not for serving as the instruments. Men have far more important purpose on this planet than being simple carriers or private clowns. Our nature doesn’t allow us to be hardcore and emotional and sympathetic in the same time.

Because, you are either a ruthless killer or a wuss. You’re either a man or a woman. There’s nothing in between and every mother who is trying to reprogram her young son into something that he essentially isn’t, is making a tragic mistake. He simply isn’t wired to be emotional and empathetic. She didn’t give birth to him just create one more slave to serve some spoiled brat with the cunt out there.

We don’t exist to waste time and energy on spoiled bitches who’s been growing up under the belief that men are here to serve and indulge their every petty selfish desire. We are here to protect and provide. Sex comes naturally.

It’s time to turn off the lights and let the beasts of the night in once again.

Let’s see how tough those feminists from both genders really are, shall we? Because, they seem to be forgetting how ruthless this planet really is once we remove the shields. Shields we built to protect those same women who are now doing everything they can to diminish our importance and enslave us.

Does that strike you as a fair game?

But, in all fairness, it’s not their fault. After all, our softness allowed this contemporary irrational behavior of women. You can hear the despair in their voices. All they essentially want — all of them — are real men. Each of them feminists is just crying for a self-confident gentleman and not the gentle man. Remember that. They’re yearning for someone who impersonates the traits of the cop or the firefighter.

Once we regain our former glory, feminism and similar crap will simply cease to exist.

It’s time to put on those jeans, grab some tools and start sweating. Take a break from the laptop or smartphone and go build something with your hands. Remind your woman that she’s living with the real man!

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