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8 Simple Hacks to Stay Positive and Evolve

Written by Steven Hawk

It’s all in your head. You heard that before but do you really believe it? Can you stay positive and evolve – just by thinking? Do you honestly understand what that means?

It means that every shit in your life is caused by you and your messed up way of thinking and state of mind.

Once you reset your mindset and start living positively, you will put yourself on a growth trajectory path.

Now, you can read books about it or watch documentaries but in the end, it all comes down to these 8 simple mind hacks.


Hack #1 – Incorporate rituals and symbolism in your life

You just have to have some sort of a ritual that has the power to relax you. It can be anything.

For instance – and this is a proven method – lighting a cigar and slowly drinking a scotch, bourbon or cognac while Beethoven or Mozart are playing, not too loud but not too silent also, will calm you down and put some perspective in your head.

Symbolism, on the other hand, is important to remind you of your successes. Coins, a weapon, totem, a lighter your father gave you – anything. But arguably the most powerful piece for this role is something you’ve made yourself.

For example, building a weapon from natural materials is deeply connected with every man. Just remember how proud you were the first time you managed to shoot the arrow.

Hack #2 – as Monty Python would say, always look on a bright side of life

What you focus on expands.

Keep that in mind. It’s the law of attraction and it is ruthless.

Focus on opportunity rather than on a risk. Let the risk be something to calculate and research, better than to be something that will make you miss the opportunity.

The only way to operate in this fashion is to always look on a bright side of things. Those who are doing that will easily move forward if they hit the obstacle. It will not break them.

Hack #3 – Shit happens, accept it!

There will be times when you’ll find yourself so deep in the shit that you’ll be having trouble breathing. So fucking what? It happens. So you’ll be in that same shit, slowly making your way out of it.

Make your peace with that and don’t slam the remote into the wall. There are things beyond your influence.


Hack #4 – You are who you are! So accept yourself!

You can attend seminars, webinars, read books, talk to experts and nothing will help if you don’t accept yourself for whom you actually are. Because how would you know what to fix if you don’t know where the problem is or what kind of the engine is that in the first place?

Define yourself. If needed, make the tables on a sheet of a paper. List “GOOD” and “BAD” things about you.

Don’t spend just an hour on self-reflection. Spend months if needed. Learn to meditate if you need more focus but in the end, you need to know your limits and your current state of mind.


If you want something you’ve never had, you need to be prepared to do something you’ve never done before.

Hack #5 – Lose the negative influencers

This is essentially a sequel to Hack #2 and Monty Python’s philosophy but it is so damn important that it deserves its special spot.

Break connection with every person that brings negativity into your life, no matter what that negativity might be.

This refers to those annoying men and women who only nag and bitch about everything while, at the same time, not doing anything to change it. They do not develop but blame everything for their tragic lives.

Build a brick wall between you and them.

Hack #6 – Celebrate every little success

Again, this is a continuation of Monty’s philosophy – no matter how small it might appear to you, celebrate it.

Sit down, pour yourself a drink, light a cigar if needed, and allow yourself to feel the success.

Hack #7 – Stay on the ground

You ain’t goddamn Peter Pan. Don’t fly because the higher you fly, the faster you’ll fall. Staying positive is OK, but a false sense of security can get you in trouble. Analyze and calculate.

Hack #8 – Always have a BACKUP PLAN

Every major plan has to have a plan B, C, and even D. Planning big and wide not only prevents a fall but also develops your mindset.

Think bigger and in more details.

If life teaches us anything it’s that even the best plans can hit an obstacle and fall apart.


Incorporate these eight simple mind hacks and live them. Cherish each and every one and expand on them. You will grow. You will evolve. It is inevitable.

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