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JIBLERs or 6 Types of People That Block Your Progress and Never Succeed in Anything

Written by Igor K

JIBLERs. Spend most of your time on this planet surrounded by them and you’ll never make a step of a personal progress. But, surround yourself with the right kind of people, and you’ll thrive. It’s a simple but, at the same time, a hard thing to achieve.

There are several reasons

Most of us can’t escape the people who:

  • Just don’t get it
  • Don’t want to get it or
  • Are fucked up beyond every chance of repair.

First of all, it just may be that several of them are members of your family or even your partner.

It’s not that easy to cut off your wife or your brother or your father-in-law.

Second of all, your professional environment is packed full of that kind of people.

You simply cannot avoid them.

Third, most of the people are simply reluctant to move beyond the basics.

Which creates a fertile ground for all sorts of crap.

And while it will be hard to ditch everyone…

You can learn how to recognize each of the 6 most dangerous types of people and at least limit your exposure to them.

  • Justifiers
  • Imppossiblers
  • Blamers
  • Lazyassers
  • Enviers
  • Rogues


For your convenience, we made a handy memo:


While the fuckups are simply unavoidable, be ready to learn some disturbing facts about the people who are most likely coming to dinner tomorrow or will lie down in bed with you later this night.

They are, what we like to call, JIBLERs.

Why do you have to make the distance from these 6 types

  • They are consuming a good portion of your energy and intellectual potentials that could be utilized in far more effective ways
  • They are creating an extremely negative environment
  • As they present non-stimulating environment, your intellectual potentials stall and even regress over the time
  • You can’t learn anything particularly valuable from these people
  • It’s that much harder to make the change
  • They even present a certain physical risk

Your brain is constantly adjusting your central belief system (the set of principles upon which you live your life and respond to your environment) to blend with your closest environment.

For example, a child raised in some extreme racist family will grow hating colored people. An extreme religious environment will create a person with no tolerance toward alternative religious concepts.

It is a survival mechanism

Because, from the perspective of your brain, it is pointless, counter-productive and dangerous to be different.

That’s why someone who committed the felony wants to spill his guts to the detective only a few seconds after he’s been brought in for interrogation.

What’s happening is that the brain is stopping the secretion of norepinephrine which allows the entrance and nesting of the — more suitable — alternative information.

Once the critical level is reached, the brain destroys parts of the original belief system and tries to create the new structure – the one that fits better into a new environment.

The brain simply doesn’t recognize the benefits of beatings and other obvious signs of a threat since it is programmed to keep you alive using a minimum of resources.

Norepinephrine holds the key here and the change can occur in a matter of minutes.

Norepinephrine is a hormone utilized by the brain to block the entrance of every information that doesn’t correlate with the present belief structure and thus, to protect and maintain your mental integrity.

However, once the brain recognizes that the current structure does not correspond to the environment anymore, it tries to change it.

The analogy is a person who had been raised in a controlled and perfectly safe environment and was never put in a situation to defend himself. Exposed to danger (hostage situation, plane crash, or some other kind of an imminent threat), the person will adjust to the environment and become a ruthless killer if needed. In extreme situations, cannibalism is utilized as the ultimate mean to survive. In prisons, male inmates will adjust their sexual orientation – to feel safer.

These same mechanisms are utilized in your case

You’re adjusting your responses to your closest social and physical environment – whether you’re aware of it or not. And even when you’re perfectly aware of someone’s bad influence, you’re still trying to keep the communication, because that’s how your environment behaves.

It’s the way you’re programmed to respond.

A good portion of your intellectual potentials is reserved for those “ad-hoc adjustments.”

For example, you know that your mother-in-law is an arrogant bitch who seems to have only one mission in her life and that’s making your life miserable. The logical thing to do would be to bust her teeth out of that filthy mouth and ban her out of your life for eternity. But, your wife would hardly ever accept that. Your brain knows that because it recognizes your wife as your closest social environment – the most imminent, inner circle. Your mother-in-law is in the very next circle. Your friends in next, etc.

Hence, to “survive” in your closest social environment, you do not respond to open provocation.

That strategy allows you to have sex with your wife, for instance, and all other “perks” coming out from the relationship.

The problem is: you’re allocating large quantities of resources to control your behavior!

It’s consuming raw intellectual potential, time and energy.

And that’s only one person. Analyze just the inner 2 circles and you’ll see how many people you have to adjust to!

What you have to understand here is that the most of people aren’t even aware of these mechanisms.

Since they are blended with their environment, most of these responses are occurring automatically. As a result, they are not capable of recognizing the threat. In other words, their matrix never upgrades and they struggle to survive.

Because, if you want to progress, you have to learn stuff.

But what can you learn from JIBLERs and who are they exactly?


With the all-time favorite, “Money is not that important,” these folks are the ultimate non-doers. Blamer will at least try, but Justifier will not move his ass no matter what. It’s either economy, wrong political atmosphere, too many risks, neighbor’s dog, and any other nonsense one can think of just to justify the total absence of attempt.

The best one when it comes to men is this: “I’m working goddammit! I have a job! What else do you want from me? It’s not my fault that those corrupted and greedy company fucks are taking most away!

The second best is: “I’m just unlucky. If I would be of some royal origins, that would be a different story. This way, my cards suck and there’s nothing I can do about it.

9-5 with shitty wage is nothing but the excuse and a lame attempt of justification. Because, wherever you look, you’ll see guys quitting their dull 8-hours fix paid jobs and chasing their dreams. It is not only doable but incorporated into the guiding principles of monetary society. It is something you’re encouraged to do.

Do you see any possibility of progress if you’re spending time with this type of guy? How can you expect to grow if you’re constantly living in the environment where everybody keeps saying how money is not important?


Now, the logical question comes up to one’s mind: What is impossible?

Man on the Moon? Exploration of the Mars? Making $1,000,000? Starting from scratch and still make your way all the way up? Hell, how about starting from the deep overdraft and putting $1M in your pocket a year later? Living in abundance? Starting some small business?

Nothing is impossible and yet when you approach this type of guy and present your idea, before you even finish he says, “It’s impossible! Are you crazy?”

What kind of a response did you expect from him, anyway? What kind of a positive incentive were you looking for? It’s nothing but the waste of time.


Whenever something goes wrong, he finds someone or something to put the blame on.

It doesn’t really matter that he is the only truly guilty one because he didn’t do his homework.

For example, “It’s the corrupted system that keeps blocking me,” “That son of a bitch is taking everything. There’s nothing left for me,” “That damn bank is constantly robbing me,” “It’s my parent’s fault,” and similar crap.

All that man is doing is trying to put the blame on a third party to cover his own poor execution, sloppy planning (if any) and total absence of any kind of action that has the potential to improve the quality of his life. As far as he is concerned, it’s just better to watch the TV and drink some beer. Why paying the bills, loans, and mortgages, anyway, right?

The problem you have with this guy is a negative energy he’s spreading around him.

He’s trying to create an atmosphere where nothing seems achievable and where every action will be blocked by some higher being, aliens, government, Chinese people, and God knows what else.

He’s doing that to cover his own poor results.

And it’s fairly simple because you just need to repeat a lie over and over again and it will become the truth eventually.

How can you thrive in this environment? How can you develop in the atmosphere of hopelessness?


Now, these fellows are true jokers.

He’ll effectively work for an hour or two and spend the rest of the time finding ways not to work.

He’s funny, no question about it, because he has time to think and tell jokes all over the freakin’ place. But when the lights go off, he is miserable since he is perfectly aware of the fact that the world around him is moving while he’s spending his time having fun.

In the aftermath of this practice, this guy will spend his entire life in the fucked up environment and never exit the debt. But he’s OK with it. He got used to it because he just doesn’t want to move his ass. Therefore, he creates the atmosphere of total disinterest, killing every will for action. It’s better to play games anyway, right?

Do you honestly believe that you can develop in the atmosphere of idleness?


Each type explained so far can be also recognized as an Envier. However, the enviers can also be active doers.

They will work and bust their ballz, sweating like animals. In the same time, they will judge everybody on account of their status, income and assessed level of happiness. In other words, they’ll envy every success and they will resent that success. Nobody should be better than them but at the same time, they won’t do anything to change. Like things just fall from the sky…

It’s that tendency to resent that blocks not only that type of a person but everybody in his vicinity. His aggressive approach and constant nagging leave no room for progress. He is focused on negative and that can never produce anything positive.

The result of all that negative energy is a dangerous man.

A man who will spare no means to put you down.

Nothing thrills him more than to see someone breaking the leg, getting evicted from the house, crashing the car or suffering some other unexpected tragedy. He’ll be filled with dopamine because he finally found someone in worse condition than he is. It’s his little victory no matter how distorted or deviant that might seem to you.

When you think about it, envy is nothing more than yet another lame attempt to blame and to justify. But it should also be observed as an advanced stage of those two because people who envy are, at the same time, people who will do everything in their power to fuck you up.

Be extremely careful around this type because every move you make to make the change will be recognized as a threat. He simply cannot live with the fact that you’re better than him. Will he make an effort to change his status? No. All that negativity has already poisoned that mind beyond repair.

All you can do is to move away, a.s.a.p.


This is a peculiar type because, sometimes, he is convinced that he, in fact, succeeded.

It’s the kind of a man who can’t seem to find his way in a society so he’s doing every effort to detach from it. Either by embracing some spiritual crap or moving off-the-grid.

However, that’s not the main issue with this type. Because, in all fairness, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to ditch everyone and disappear into the mountains.

The problem arises when a Roguer tries to justify the decision by pulling others with him.

You really don’t wanna join the Roguer in the woods and live off-the-grid because there’s no real need for that. Regressing to our previous hunter-gatherer setup may be a fun thing to do from time to time but only as a kind of an R&R. Anything beyond that is defaulting and admitting a defeat.

But there is something you can learn from JIBLERs.

You can learn how not to behave.

You can learn that envy, for instance, will block the nesting of information coming from successful people. You resent their success so it’s only logical to believe that you resent their every action. Actions, that led to success.

In order to succeed, one has to learn from the people who made it.

That’s the type of people you should surround yourself with. They should be your role models and not some lazy ass fuckup who will do everything in his power to put you down just to gloat on your misery.

Now, ask yourself…

How many JIBLERs do you recognize in your closest social environment?

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