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Women Share 7 Sure Tips For Best Oral Stimulation

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Written by Steven Hawk

This cunnilingus guide is a result of interviewing 45 different women from 30 to 45 years of age. All married. All with kids. All in long-term relationships. You should, therefore, spend a few minutes of your time and hear their tips for best oral stimulation.

Let’s start with more or less obvious before we list the most prominent oral stimulation tips:

  1. When you start something finish it. She will let you know if she would like you to stop and give it to her.
  2. And please…take off those goddamn socks. What’s the matter with you?

OK, let’s hear the ladies now.

Oral Stimulation Tip 1

I try to avoid 69 because he gets carried away and starts deepthroating me.

The message is clear. Don’t move. Let her do her magic. If she wants to take it all the way down, good for you; if not, even a kiss on a cheek is better than nothing, isn’t it?

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best oral stimulation tips

Oral Stimulation Tip 2

“It drives me crazy when he suddenly change the rhythm or “add” something new.”

Women are different. Every — even the slightest — change will reset her and she’ll have to start from the ground zero.

If you haven’t been fingering her during first few seconds; don’t try to do it later on. Use only your tongue. Massage her nipple if you don’t know what to do with your hands.

Oral Stimulation Tip 3

“Why he can’t understand that it takes time to warm up the machine.”

Start slowly. It’s not a goddamn Olympics. She needs time to warm up.

Play the game for her to win and she will reward you.

The only time you want to push it extreme right from the start is when you are certain that she’s in the “wild” mode. Bust that clit if this is the case.

Oral Stimulation Tip 4

“I love when he massages my “forbidden” hole.”

Even if she doesn’t like anal sex (which is odd), she enjoys when you massage the anus while licking her clit.

Use slow, circular motions and don’t penetrate too deep if she doesn’t like it.

Who knows, maybe you’ll wake up the beast.

oral stimulation leads to orgasm at 85 percent of women

One study shows that oral stimulation leads to orgasm at 85% of women, compared to just 52% resulting from classic penetration.

Oral Stimulation Tip 5

“He gets carried away after my orgasm and continues licking. It hurts sometimes.”

Pay attention to signals.

As soon as she is finished, it’s probably best to stop stimulating the clit since it can be a painful experience for her. In many cases, she will push your head away and pull you up. However, some women will suffer the pain just to please you. What’s the point?

Oral Stimulation Tip 6

“Occasionally, I like it few times in a role but he needs to apply some force to it.”

She’s horny as hell, lived through multiple orgasms already, but you can sense she’s in for one more time.

Your ballz are empty and you’re pretty much useless but your tongue is not. She yearns for that tongue.

All you have to do is to apply much harder pressure on the clitoris with your tongue.

It’s same with us when we are doing it the second time in a row. She needs to work her ass off with your dick in her mouth if she wants to avoid marathon.

Oral Stimulation Tip 7

“Sometimes my skin is sensitive and his beard is causing the pain. It’s impossible to focus and eventually come. I have to fake it.”

Rule of thumb: 2 days old beard.

Everything beyond that will most likely cause pain in her most sensitive regions, especially in the time before, during and just after her period.

In some instances, it’s better to shave everything if for nothing then to feel the softness of her skin and sensitive areas.


How about that, sport? Do you find yourself in any of these situations or do you ace on every test each time?

Bottom line is simple: if you do it right each time and not cause any sort of discomfort, you’re in for much more frequent sex with the woman who adores you. And she adores you simply because you’re able to lead her to multiple orgasms – every time.

She will remember that, make no mistake.

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