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4 Golden Tips of Dirty Talk or Why Dirty Talk Can Turn Her On or Make Her Laugh

Written by Charlie Greene

Hearing a beautiful woman dirty talk and moan out your name is one of the hottest feelings in the world. She’s sultry, sexy and knows exactly what to say to get your blood flowing.

Yet, when you try to return the favor, she winds up laughing – or worse, she ends up insulted.

Talking dirty is a fine line between erotic and pathetic and it’s important that you learn how to do it properly… or prepare to spend a lot of time in the bathroom alone.

Know When to Dirty Talk

If you’re just starting to fool around, keep dirty talk in respect to how far into it you are.

In other words, don’t start with “I’m going to fuck you like a whore” because you’ll just piss her off.

Instead, begin with complimenting her, but be naughty about it.

Starting, for example, with, “your nipples are so fucking perfect, I just want to suck on them” or, “I’m going to eat your pussy until you beg me to stop” are decent beginning phrases.

Know Boundaries and When to Stop Dirty Talk

If you’re going to throw out an occasional insult like “whore” or “slut” don’t use it every time you open your mouth.

Occasionally, the odd derogatory word is fine in dirty talk.

It’s when you overstep that line and use every name in the book when it gets to be too much.

Use the words in a sentence that compliments her – especially if she’s not used to it.

A good example would be, “I love when you act like a slut, makes me want to do such bad things to you”.

dirty talk

Discuss Taboo Topics Before You Bring Them Up

If you love being called daddy in the bedroom, bring it up beforehand so there’s no surprise if it comes out.

There is nothing more distracting to a woman than having a random name be demanded.

This holds especially true if you love being called any taboo name like “daddy” – many women will embrace it if they know in advance.

Get Her Involved In Dirty Talk Too

When you’re the only one talking, it starts to sound like a terribly written monologue – especially if she’s not big on the dirty dialogue.

If she’s shy, ask her direct questions to get a response:

  • “Do you like that?” or “what should I do to you?” are great conversation starters – especially if you tell her you can’t hear her.

Don’t Do It Every Time

Sounding like a porn star is exhausting – especially if she’s not normally a loud person in the sack.

While it’s fun to use dirty, raunchy phrases when you’re having fun, take a break periodically to just enjoy the moment.

Sometimes the heavy breathing, moaning, and banging headboard can be more erotic than talking through the entire thing.

About the author

Charlie Greene

Our sex expert, Charlie, is a long-time professional in the adult industry, specialized in screenplays for several major production houses. She is direct, have zero tolerance for weak and insecure men, loves to get in bed with another woman from time to time, and consider herself borderline nymphomaniac. Enjoys writing explicit sex stories that are mostly based on her own experiences. A loud advocate of sex toys and sexual liberties. Enjoys kink sex and admits to having one particular fetish that makes men addicted to her.

"Every time I lie on my bed to write a new script or a sex story, I get all wet. If there's no man around at that moment, can guess how it ends."