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3 Things on a Man That Women Find Simply Irresistible

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And you can have all 3, meaning that no women would be capable of ignoring you. Of course, one prerequisite of the entire deal is to avoid acting like an asshole or a little insecure boy who tells jokes every time he’s distressed.

Women can sense the lack of self-confidence in men from a mile away. It’s their innate ability, given by nature, which they use to pick their mate.

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Thus, pull your shit together and act like a man.

And the man is serious (funny on-demand and when it is necessary). He is responsible and without any need to compensate his lows by using macho crap all over the place.

Now, one thing that cannot really miss is a 10+ inch dick, but we can’t help you in that area. So let’s focus on the “traits” with the ability to compensate for certain “shortages.”

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Abs and muscles

women find carved abs on man simply irrisitibleIf she spots 6-pack on you, it will click!

There is something about a carved body and abs in particular that she simply cannot resist.

A carved body does send a powerful signal. It speaks to her about your willingness to push hard since we both know how difficult it is to build the abs but also to maintain them.

If you’re around 40 and more, this effect will further increase because she is well aware how rare it is to see 6-pack on a guy who is most likely married, with the children.

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Cooking skills….with abs

cooking skills plus carved abs make man irrisistibleYeah…put the abs on and she’ll cook for you, no question about it.

But if you can combine these two, she’ll do you right there in the kitchen. Because love does go through the stomach.

Food is an essential element of survival, and the act of cooking (anticipation of the soon-to-be-served meal) raises dopamine and serotonin levels.

Simply put, it acts as a reward.

Add the image of your carved 6-pack and she’ll start drooling all over you.

But now comes the ultimate turn-on of every woman on this planet…

unfuck life step 1


money is the ultimate turn-on of every woman

You’re short, can’t cook, and can’t see your dick. Your belly is entering the room 10 seconds before the rest of your body. However, you’re shit loaded with mo. Ergo – she’s getting hot. Not that it is a rule of some kind and that big ass belly can (and most likely will) turn off a large number of women but it does increase your odds.

The logical thing to do would be to work on that barrel in front of you. If nothing else, you’ll become capable of having sex as a man again, satisfying her every desire. Because, money turns her on, but once in the clinch, she has only one thought on her mind and that’s the ultimate pleasure and orgasm. Fail to provide her with both, and that money will be used on hookers.

But let’s say that you’ll sweat for a while and cut on your meals to get yourself in shape. If nothing else, you’ll prevent premature exit from the stage called life.

What’s so magical about the money? Why does money act as a powerful aphrodisiac?

From her perspective, it looks like this: Money = Security.

It’s the predominant factor in her search for the mate. Her limbic parts of the brain connect money with power. It’s the effect achieved throughout the hundreds of years of using money as the mean to provide and protect. Our neocortical regions of the brain successfully added a connection to the primitive part.

You know it and she knows it. You feel more confident. She feels more secure. Connect and fuck each other brains out!

A perfect combo

Abs + Cooking skills + Money = Close to Perfection.

Size of the dick, height, visual appearance; all play side role when you have a perfect combo in your pocket.

Now, you would think that cooking skills or abs, for example, would be the place to start because it seems easier to achieve.


Money is where your focus should be. No matter how strange it sounds to you, it’s easier to start making serious money than to carve and maintain your body.

Because, to keep your 6-pack, you’ll have to sweat even after you build and carve them. But, to keep increasing your wealth, after you’ve made an initial amount of the seed money, you don’t have to work on it anymore. Unlike the abs, it will self-produce and self-maintain.

And now you got all worked up, right? What the hell does he talking about, you wonder.

This shit turned you on a bit, admit it.

Yes, my dear friend, you got it all wrong, right from the start. You don’t have to bust your ballz for the rest of your life. They have taught you wrong.

We’ll soon show you how it’s done – from the comfort of your home. Just leave your contact and expect an invitation.

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