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Why Women Get Turned On When They See the Pile of Money

why money turns on women
Written by Steven Hawk

$100 says that 90% of them won’t admit it. But the fact remains: as soon as you place a large sum of green bills in front of her eyes, she’ll get all wet. And she can’t help it. One look in her eyes at that moment (no matter how hard does she try to hide it) and you know that you’re in for some hot sex.

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But why is money such a powerful aphrodisiac?

Money is the only true aphrodisiac

A long time ago human females behaved the same way wild animals behave. They targeted the strongest male and most likely deliberately provoked the fights (something they do to this day).

Nothing essentially changed from those times.

Raw power is still something of their closest interest. The only real difference is that now, the power doesn’t necessarily mean muscles and skills of the warrior. Because money replaces both.

A shit load of money will buy you a power and that’s what she likes better than anything else, no matter what she claims.

Money means security and that’s all that she wants.

Her limbic parts of the brain connect the visual image of the pile of money with the deep sense of security. It’s the same effect seen in wildlife where males fight while few females await the outcome. Winner takes it all.

Human females are no different.

why money turns on women 2Dopamine surge triggered by the image of the money is derived from the survival instincts in the part of the brain where there is no speech or logic. Only the invisible force, pulling her closer to the pile of green bills.

No Spanish flies, oysters, and similar marketed crap can come even close to the level of sexual arousal a woman experiences when you surprise her with a good amount of money.

Why that kind of a response?

What is the alternative, when you think about it? What can she possibly do to make you happy than to suck you out to the bones? To show the gratitude for your effort to make her feel safe and secure? To show the appreciation for the fact that you lived up to your name and confirmed her instinctive choice?

She knows, same as you do, that sex — a quality sex — is all you ultimately want.

Let’s face it, dude, we do not have two thoughts in our minds or some layers. No freakin’ “shade of gray.” We see the butt thus; we wanna nail it. It’s that simple and they are well aware of that fact.

Hence, they are using that fact as the ultimate weapon all the times. You can call it “her nuke”, but the nuke is the understatement. Her weapon can trigger the arsenal of nukes. It’s that powerful.

Those women, who are well aware of that and know how to use it, are the ones who will force you to achieve more. Great motivators; that’s what they are.

Now look farther.

What will happen when you make the habit out of it?

What happens when she instinctively knows that you’re “good for it” or that you will relentlessly and continuously bring in the money?


why money turns on women 3

Her panties go off. Often.

Man, she’ll fuck your brains out over and over again, thinking about the new ways to leverage and reward you. Especially if she’s not used to the feeling – if it’s something new.

How can you make it happen?

The logical problem appears in your mind now, isn’t it? How the fuck should you do it?

You’re busting your ballz 9-5, listening to that prick of your boss and imaging him crucified in the middle of the square and still having difficulties generating enough money to cover the basic needs. We both know that coupons are not that excited.

What would you say if we tell you that there is a way?

It’s been sitting right in front of your nose this whole time. You won’t have to listen to that prick anymore and you’ll do whatever the fuck you want to do and still make a shit load of money. Would you be interested in something like that?

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