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What Are We Men Built For?

What are we men built for
Written by Sean Collins

What are we men built forThey say that women are slowly taking over. They say that we are becoming weaker and not worthy of the title we are carrying – the proud title of protectors and providers.

We, at Ballz Magazine, think it’s a bullshit! It’s men who made the world we are living in today!

Not women, not some freakin’ aliens, but men, by shedding tears, blood and sweat as general Patton used to say!

Ever wondered how we did it? What makes us so superior on this planet?


It’s the Temple of Man, we carry inside; each and every of us!

Did you know that your lungs, when stretched, span over the area of 120 square yards? That’s 100 square meters. What that tells you?

You’re — we all are — built for the move!

Add extraordinary power of your “pump,” that can endure unbelievable pressure and you have one dynamic and powerful motherfucker, capable of facing any kind of danger. Shit, we have stories about men who killed bears and lions with their bare hands and sheer power of their muscles!


Make no mistake: you are perfectly capable of doing the same!

What are we men built forThere are 6 primary chemicals in your body that enable you to execute pretty much hard to believe actions.

For instance, did you know that in some extreme cases of frontal crashes of two vehicles, people will lose their shoes?

Even the army boots will fall off the feet, no matter how good they are tied.

In fact, the flexing power of the muscles, in that single moment, is so powerful that many people, who experienced frontal crash, suffered fractures of the bones in their feet. Those fractures are not caused by the physical impact, as some believe, but by the sheer force and flexing power of the muscles surrounding them!

Try to squeeze your feet right now and you won’t come even close to that momentum.

But activate your defense mechanism and you’ll breach through the brick wall with ease.

I know a guy who ended up under the big ass oak tree during the unusually powerful summer storm. Nobody knows how, but he managed to pull himself out. As he later told us, all of the sudden, he found himself squashed by the heavy branches of the treetop. He used his hands and feet to push and snap branch after a branch and dig himself the fuck out of there.

After medical examination, it turned out that his back, both legs and one arm were broken! Go figure, right?

When he later saw the thickness of the branches he snapped, he couldn’t believe it. Nobody could. Few folks even tried to replicate what he did just to realize how they don’t have enough power to do it.

Neither could he later on!

But in that moment, when his life was depending on it, his body performed on some unimaginable level.

So when you see something like that, it’s not that hard to believe how some men — most likely all men — are perfectly capable of taking on the grizzly bear.


What makes that possible? How can we suddenly transform in some extraterrestrial creature, capable of punching through the wall?

What are we men built forCortisol, adrenaline, dopamine, testosterone, insulin and endorphins. These are those 6 chemicals that make everything possible.

On the first sign of danger, your brain shuts down all secondary systems, including your working memory, hair and nail growth, immune system and everything else that is not vital for your survival.

It’s the moment when cortisol neurotransmitter activates one of the most astonishing features in man’s bodyhis defense mechanism.

Cortisol is known as the stage 1 neurotransmitter of “fight-or-flight” response.

Once released, it will trigger the abnormal activation of the adrenaline, the single most powerful chemical known to man, along with the high doses of testosterone to enhance your muscular strength and energy output.

What used to be normal breathing just a second ago, it’s now extreme hyperventilation. Heartbeat increases, reaching unbelievable 200 beats per minute. Subsequently, blood pressure rises, increasing the speed of the blood flow.

This is the critical moment because sudden surge of the insulin is utilizing all available glycogen; the reserves of glucose, stored in your liver and muscles, along with activation of lipid drops — fats — all needed and employed in a production of one specific molecule in your body.

It’s known as ATP or adenosine triphosphate – the energy currency of your body, used in energy production!

It’s like a small scale nuclear reaction in your body. ATP molecules break down during the series of catabolic processes, happening at the speed of the light, releasing extremely large quantities of energy.

In times of danger, brain shuts down all secondary systems to be able to redirect more energy into the defense arsenal, namely to your limbic parts of brain, heart, lungs and muscles.

This entire complex metabolic process occurs in less than a second.

In that single moment, your body shifts in primordial mode – the killer mode!


Dopamine is here to make sure all available energy get extracted for your body to stay well-coordinated and durable over the extended period of time.

You won’t feel any pain, even if you have sustained heavy damage like being shot or something fractured your bone, as long as the danger is present. 

Once you deal with the menace and everything settles again, you’ll most likely fall down from the exhaustion and negative effect of adrenaline overdose, which will acidify your muscles beyond limits. Yet, you still won’t feel any pain, until you see the ambulance!

But if shit suddenly emerges again, by some magic, your body will eliminate the pain and all those negative effects, and you’ll be up on your feet, ready for the next round.

It’s that fifth chemical that makes that possible – endorphins!

That specific neurotransmitter is best known for it “analgesic” effect. It blocks pain receptors, plain and simple! That’s why it’s possible to continue with, for instance, arm action, even those you suffered internal or even external fracture.

There are men famous for their unbelievable stunts, who managed to beat the odds and survive even the most deadly situations. Just recall few incidents on K-2 or Mt. Everest.

How do men leverage this mechanism in everyday life to push the limits?

What are we men built forWe utilize yet another evolutionary advantage, not found in the rest of the wildlife on the planet – our advanced brains.

We think, we create, we build amazing stuff, most of which defy laws of physics and comprehension of possible in that particular moment in time.

And it’s happening every single day.

Men are perfectly tuned machines, capable of combining these two most powerful features found in nature – innate defense mechanism, originating from the dawn of the species in conjunction with relative novelty, the neocortex.

The advanced and complex neuronal network in man’s brain is the single most powerful tool we have in our arsenal. It has strong regeneration potential. One can master every skill if he wants. It’s just the matter of the willpower to do it. Once the necessary number of neuronal connections between our left and our right hemisphere is reached, we become masters.

Somebody who never heard music before can become virtuoso on piano. People who never saw the car before, will utilize their brainpower and defense mechanism to learn how to drive the car in less than 30 hours!

We are constantly using our neuronal network, even on subconscious level, to activate specific regions in our brain. Regions like creativity, or logical thinking, or willpower to go where nowhere has gone before.

When you look back through history, you’ll notice one thing: it’s men who pushed the frontier.

We are the only beings on this planet capable of demolishing the entire mountain if it’s in our way.

Sure, we use advanced machinery and robotics these days, but that’s only recently and again, it’s the result of our advanced mental capabilities, unique movements abilities and innate tendency for exploration.

Not so long ago, men used to die on construction sites in the effort to push the frontier and upgrade the entire species. Recall Hover’s Dam site, Golden Gate Bridge site, all the tunnels and mines across the globe, that made possible for our species to progress in just a short period of time.

It was man who tamed the horse and paved the way for the Industrial Revolution. It was man who built the first machine and it was man who operated that same machine.

How did they do it? Or even better, how are we still doing it?

We leverage the extensive experience and our raw power to move things around!

But it didn’t came out of nothing.

We learn to walk by learning on our constant mistakes, memorizing the environment and things that helps us or prevents us from walking. Every fall on our ass is adding yet another useful memory block until we eventually start running.

We learn from our fails.

It’s called trial and error fundamental method for problem solving. When you think about it, there really isn’t another way to learn something new because there’s no experience that will guide you through.

Along with the advanced brain, it took courage to challenge the unknown. That courage is nothing more than utilization of our defense mechanism.

We fought the fear of the unknown through activation of that same mechanism. Eons of experience have taught the man to control it and use it in the best possible way – to challenge the odds, step into the unknown and pave the way for the progress of the entire species.

And that’s the thing about the men. We are not stopped by a single failure, no matter how dreadful it is. We are not scared to give yet another shot even though we saw or even felt the consequences of the earlier failed attempt.

That’s why we like to say how fail is always an option but giving up is never the option!

We never cave in. We never back down. We never give up.

On contrary, we dare and we eventually win. Not even the planet is enough for us. Because we are men, the most advanced lifeform in the Solar system and beyond.

Without us, the world as we know it today wouldn’t exist. And nobody can deny it or prove otherwise.


Be aware of your supernatural strength and capabilities

What are we men built forContrary to general belief, we are all born the same. Tabula rasa with only the basic code to suck on our mother’s nipple and give vocal sound to activate those glands to start secreting milk.

Everything else is learned through a complex process of brain stimulation.

Seal-shut the baby’s left eye on just 2 weeks, and baby will stay blind on that eye for the rest of the life.

Stop using your right hand, and in no time you’ll lose the entire function. Your own brain will destroy parts of your neuronal network responsible for that function. It’s a waste of energy and space. Both can be utilized in better ways now when the right arm apparently is not necessary anymore.


Immobilize your left hand for just 4 hours every day, and slowly but surely, your brain will restore those missing neurons. After just a short time, you’ll be able to use your right arm again. It won’t function as it used to, but still, it will be operative.  

Just as we can lose the skill, we can restore it or learn the new one.

It’s possible because we are highly adaptable creatures. Our bodies respond to the changes in our environment and adjust in most optimal way. Just as a chameleon is changing the color of its skin according to the circumstance, same way our bodies can adjust even to the extremes.  

That adaptability is enabling you to adjust to any type of environment and respond to any circumstance, but only when you are aware of your sheer potential.

Some people will die in a cold sea after spending just 4 minutes in water. Others will not even start shaking in first 10 minutes. Trained Special Forces members are known to endure in icy water for 25 minutes before their bodies start shaking to warm up.

What makes that difference is self-awareness of own potentials and willpower to do it, nothing more, nothing less.

That’s all it takes to climb Mt. Everest or pierce miles through the mountain, using only muscles and primitive tools.

Because we are men. We are built for the move. We are built for dynamics. We are built for the kill! Without exceptions!

That’s who you are. That’s what you are built for! Don’t be afraid to utilize that sheer power on every step of your journey!



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