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A Proven Method to Re-Boot and Maintain High Level of Self-Confidence

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Written by Sean Collins

No matter how many books you’ve read or how many seminars you’ve attended – your self-confidence has a really short lifespan.

Immediately after you receive the boost — no matter the form — you’re like on steroids, running around, taking care of everything. But after a while, everything goes back to where it was – in the shithole of life.

So what the hell is happening? What do you do wrong? What are they doing wrong?

Could it be that all those self-proclaimed self-confidence coaches are missing the point?

They taught you everything you need to know to move from the ground zero to the top of the freakin’ Mount Everest.

But just when you reached the base camp and saw the peak, everything collapsed.

Your determination simply faded away. Suddenly, the moment has passed and you found yourself sitting in the chair, searching for those same answers. The cycle restarts.

(Consider the following tutorial: 6 Steps to Reconcile with Fail and Spin Your Life)

What the fuck is going on?

Well, my friend, they all missed to teach you the most important segment of the whole “boost your self-confidence” process.

They failed to explain the importance of the


Deliberately or not, they forgot to demonstrate the importance of having something to hold on to – something that will remind you of your success.

The physical item that will trigger that rush of positive energy every time you’re feeling like shit, lacking the needed determination or running on emotional reserves.

You have to understand that we are all lazy asses by nature. And we all need something to act as a reminder or else we lose the path of the true warrior.

No. A medallion simply won’t cut it.

You ain’t trying to become a pussy. You are trying to grow some ballz, again. And the only way for the man to do that is to wake the natural born killer inside of him.

If you’ve noticed, almost every successful man on this plant hunts – one way or another.

Simply put, he kills.

Not that it is something essential for the success but it is broadcasting a clear message.

Either you are a killer, or you’re the prey.

Which option do you prefer?

Thought so.

So how about we fix your self-confidence issue, once and for all?

Listen carefully.

The simplest way to wake your primitive killer instincts —  without having to go on a hunting weekend with a dozen of fat drunks who are using the trip as an excuse to run away from their wives — is to build an effective weapon with your own pair of hands.

But not any kind of weapon.

We will add yet another dimension to the entire confidence rebuilding process.

You will make a wooden self-bow.

That self-bow has to be able to shoot an arrow at 50 yards in a straight trajectory. In other words, the weapon must be capable to deliver a lethal blow.

Stop smiling and pay attention. Once you understand the profound meaning of this wooden piece of artillery, everything will make sense. Every word you heard on those ineffective seminars and webinars will fit right into the big picture.


You have 60 days to make everything from the scratch.

No blueprints will be laid in front of you. You will have to find your way around.

Once you finish it, make a real arrow, go into the wilderness and shoot it.

self-confidence tips archer

Feel that energy. Be proud of a fact that not everyone is capable of making something that has the technical and operative capabilities to provide with two most essential features of every living human being: food and security.

Keep this weapon close to you at all times.

Remember: every successful man has his own talisman. And it is always in his vicinity. So that every time the man questions himself or feel insecure, he takes a swift look at his reminder and he’s back on his feet again.

The great analogy is the medallion passed from the mentor to his protégé in AA fellowship. Then again, you are not trying to stop drinking thus; you need something more powerful.

The true value of the self-bow is not only the fact that it is a deadly weapon.

It’s made of wood. A natural material, used from the dawn of the species.

Once you connect all three: your own hands, a weapon, and the wood, you will be able to connect to your roots and transform.

Everybody who pays attention will be able to notice the man with the killer instincts, walking tall, knowing exactly where he’s going.

You know what that means. You already saw those men. It’s time for you to become one.

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