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The Way to Organized Life and Accelerated Success

accelerated success
Written by Sean Collins

The success of any kind depends on how good are you in organizing your life. It basically comes down to proper preparations.

We all know that. But only a quantum of the entire population is ready to put that doctrine in motion.

It’s the same with money and success.

For some reason, we will learn to use the tool, drive a car, ride a horse or fly a plane. However, when it comes to money, for instance, we fail to apply this logical approach.

In other words, we are all acting like money is the prize for our efforts.

In reality, money is just another tool.

Organization of life is no different.

To organize a one’s life, the one has to keep arguing with himself.

Nothing can describe that process better. You need to get in the game against you.

Simply put, you need to discuss every segment, every detail, every plan – with yourself.

The trick is to not agree on everything.

It’s like playing a chess game against yourself and not cheating.

In fact, there is nothing that has the potential to train you better than a solo chess game in which you are making every effort to play fair to win and not to avoid losing.

The Thesis

One thing you need to understand in this game is that a dream is not a goal.

This is how you turn a dream into a tangible goal:

turning dreams into reality boost dopamine and testosterone

While we have repeated that on several occasions, it seems that people just don’t get it.

The goal is something you can measure.

Something that can be visually connected with a physical artifact. Something within your reach.

For example, it’s nice to have a mental picture of you on a boat, sailing the blue oceans with a woman of your dreams. This is not necessarily a dream. It is the pretty much achievable goal. But you need to stop just daydreaming it and utilize that daydream in goal setting.

Instead, start rewinding the tape back.

Your brain already knows how you ended up on a boat but it is hidden behind the fog of your current reality.

That reality is blocking your access to the data.

You see, over the time, you’ve read dozens of books, watched hundreds of movies and heard thousands of stories.

Those data are collected in a logical sequence that has led you to that same boat. Because, it is close to impossible to create a precise mental image of something you never saw, heard or experienced. You just cannot imagine a precise tone of a laughter that you never heard before.

In psychiatry, doctors often use hypnoses to retrieve the suppressed memories of their patients. It is there, only buried. And it can be retrieved.

This is not about hypnosis but the point is exactly the same – you will try to rewind that movie.

In Practical Life

What follows is perhaps not suitable for just everyone.

Level of determination and discipline essential to just try to rewind the film can be painstaking high from time to time.

Nonetheless, if you are willing to at least give it a try; then please continue. If nothing else, you will organize your life beyond recognition.

Creating an essential balance

Sit down and put few sheets of empty paper in front of you.

Before you even think to start rewinding, you need to perfectly organize your life.

Everything has to be in its place. You have to be prepared for everything on daily, weekly and monthly bases. You need to clean up the current mess in order to remove as many distractions as possible.

This is how you’ll do it:

  1. On one sheet put your daily errands
  2. On a second sheet put your weekly and monthly errands and plans
  3. On a third sheet write your most eminent goal – the very first on a list.

Now take the first list, the daily one, and analyze it.

Close your eyes and walk yourself through the day.

Don’t leave anything behind; not even small things like some irrelevant house chores.

Think about every possible scenario. In other words, create a mental image of the day ahead in a precise sequence.

This is still a training mode.

You need to create a habit out of it.

Every morning you need to sit down in quiet and imagine your day.

Your responses will be much more accurate and you won’t be losing time because even if the schedule becomes disturbed, you will have no problem to adapt, to improvise and finally – to overcome.

Next step – week.

Do the same thing with the Sheet #2.

Expand to month(s) if possible.

It won’t be easy at the beginning but give it some time, be persistent and in no time you will be able to create a mind hack – a precise mental roadmap of a life ahead.

We do mention a mental roadmap quite often in a magazine.

The reason is simple: it is a single, most effective weapon you have in your arsenal to put your life on a growth trajectory path in no time.

Mind hacks of this type possess the ability to transform your character, reset your mindset, and re-construct every segment of your life.


Take the Sheet #3 – the goal – and imagine it.

Is it a goal?

Is it maybe too complicated to reach it within a year?

Think about that and adjust it accordingly. In other words, add an additional goal that is more likely to be achieved within a year.

Don’t go past one year period for just now.

Jumping ahead all the time is what made a boat to be only in your dreams. It takes time, focus and perseverance but above all, careful and precise planning and execution.

You have it all; don’t think any different. It is something installed in your basic program.

You now have 3 distinct points already defined:

  1. Day
  2. Week (month)
  3. Goal

The gap between the Sheet #2 and Sheet #3 is now much easier to fill with data as long as the goal is realistic, given your current situation and abilities.

You need to spend an immense amount of time, completely focused, to thoroughly analyze your goal and break it into a logical sequence of steps where each step presents a small goal.

Because the analysis is exactly that: breaking something on structural elements.   

In the same time, you need to perfectly fit all pieces of the puzzle in your private life. It is the only way for you to have both – a career and a happy family.

The Cognitive Reconstruction

Many will tell you that this is just a theory.


But it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t already used and tested.

And it is arguably the best possible way to progress beyond every limit.


Your brain knows who you are exactly and what are you capable of.

Simply put, it was your skills and abilities that were used to construct that mental image of you on that boat.

Somehow, you did it. You’ve made it.

It is, however, in the virtual world, but that world is based on the same laws of the real physical one.

The only thing you did wrong so far is to think about that dream disregarding those same laws.

Of course, this is all based on a presumption that you didn’t land on that boat using a spaceship, traveling from a galaxy far, far away. And even if that is the case, forget about the Star Wars and concentrate on achievable and possible.

Now, take one hour of every day to think.

It will be like meditating.

It is wise to learn the meditation techniques and we’ve made a simple guide for all of you willing to progress even more. It will speed up the entire process.

The trick is to rewind the tape.

Start with that boat and move back.

Day by day.

All that time, do not deviate from possible and realistic.

As soon as you do that – and you will – go one step back.

The moment when you are leaving into the unreal is the place in your memory where you have to fill the gap. It is something that is missing, at least from your recall memory.

Focus on those moments and think how.

How did you do that?

How did you get there? What did you say?

What kind of a skill is needed to breach that obstacle?

Do you have to learn something new; something that you know little of but need to master it?

This is exactly the missing part in most of the cases.

For example, you know that something would be achievable if you would know how to play the money game or how to master the options trading.

It is where most people stop and freeze.

For some illogical reason, the majority will not make the additional effort to learn and master the skill needed to jump on next step that leads to their goals.

We are sorry to be the one who will break this to you, but if you are really eager to pursue your goals, you need to learn along the way.

You need to expand your knowledge even beyond the essential.

If, for instance, you need to learn how to manage 20, 30 or even 100 people, learn it. Don’t just stop and say that it is something beyond your abilities.

How would you know that? You’ve never tried it so how the fuck can you be so sure that you can’t handle it?

Remember the golden lesson: you can know only what you have already experienced.

Everything else is an assumption and in many ways, assuming something based on semi-information or even misleading ones is extremely dangerous.

And when you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done before.

Because repeating the same action over and over again and expecting different outcome or a result is just playing stupid.

You need to change something and the best way to start is to learn something you don’t know. Something you need for personal development and future progress.

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