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Online Dating Pros and Cons with Actionable Dating Tips & Tricks

Online dating - pros and cons
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Are you cut out for online dating? Do you truly understand online dating pros and cons listed on many websites you browsed so far? What they really mean?

Those are the questions we are going to answer through this easy-to-understand psycho-behavioral analysis where we’ll dissect the online dating game to learn the true meaning of its pros and cons.

But we will not just simply list and explain the pros and cons of online dating.

We’ll provide you with the most optimal online dating tips that will prevent falling into a possible trap.

Make no mistake: online dating hides certain traps and while it’s crucial for you to know the benefits, you do need to familiarize yourself with the potential downsides.

Online dating is truly a wonderful experience and it takes only a couple of minutes for the person to start seeing all the benefits. That experience will be that much better once you learn how this fun game is played.

What is the purpose of online dating in the first place?

In short, to easily find someone to date in person, using the internet as the main research and communication tool, from the safety of your household.

And here lies the biggest trap of online dating! That simplicity can become both pros and cons of online dating.

Online dating con #1

You see, when we are talking about online dating pros and cons, this is the first instance we must explain in a bit more in detail.

For some people, this initial research and communication become some circle of doom from which they can’t find their way out. They become addicted to sifting through all those online dating profiles, desperately trying to pinpoint the perfect match.

As soon as they make up their mind, their finger, almost autonomously, click the next dating profile in line. And so on, and so on, until dawn breaks and alarm sounds that it’s time to go to work.

The question is: Why something like this happens to people?

The overwhelming effect of the sheer amount of available dating profiles and different options make them forget their initial goal and the sole purpose of the online dating services: to quickly find the optimal match and arrange a meeting in person.

So, here’s the online dating tip #1!

Don’t spend too much time browsing through dating profiles.

Your brain already picked the most optimal date in the first couple of minutes. Just follow your instincts and send the message. After all, you don’t know if that person is truly your perfect match until you spend some time close to each other, right?

Online dating pro #1

Online dating services are providing you with the simplest method known to a man to meet people who are in fact interested in dating. That’s something you don’t really know when you’re approaching some stranger in a bar.

You only need to keep your bearings to prevent getting lost in a sea of opportunities. Isn’t it better to try more than one? What’s the rush anyway?

How accurate are online dating profiles?

One of the biggest issues people have with online dating is the accuracy of dating profiles. Folks just love to exaggerate with certain details or hide some downsides. And when the truth finally gets out, there are two people who end up screwed.

Here’s the online dating tip #2!

Knowing that, and being constantly aware of the fact that people will add a bit and hide a bit, make you perfectly capable of analyzing particular dating profile to recognize those tweaks and disguises.

Hence, the

Online dating pro #2

Unlike traditional dating where there’s much of guesswork, online dating profiles are enabling you certain inside information about the person. You are able to assess some listed personal preferences and decide whether that person is a good choice for you. That’s a perk you simply don’t have in a traditional dating model.

Online dating con #2

However, you can’t believe everything you read on dating profiles. People just love to tweak their profiles at least a bit and there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent it. That’s why it’s crucial to try to spot certain inconsistencies in the profile.

For example, if it’s obvious that the man dyes his hair, it may indicate the false age input. Or, if the picture is taken close to some familiar object, you can easily assess the height and compare it with the provided information. This simple method is largely overlooked and yet, it’s the simplest one to see the level of honesty.

Pros and cons of online dating connected with communication between two people

Online communication channels used in internet dating, such as chats (textual ones primarily) and other messaging and video chat systems offer benefits but also have their downsides.

When you talk to someone in person, you’re less prone to lie about yourself. Same, it’s less likely that the other side will lie to you.

In online communication, where there’s that famous safety wall found in distance and untouchability, people tend to use less appropriate wording from a moral standpoint and are more prone to lie about certain aspects of their personality.

Then again, how can you be 100% sure that the person you are talking within a bar, for instance, is not misrepresenting him/herself?

Online dating pro #3!

“If it’s too good to be true” phrase doesn’t really apply to online dating anymore! Lately, it’s not that unusual to go on a date with some hot shot doctor or a businesswoman.

Times are changing. People are recognizing the potentials of the online dating model and it’s becoming ever more popular.

Only a decade back, everybody was shying away from admitting that they are using online dating service. Today, it’s the new normal and something to talk about on a coffee break.

Online dating con #3!

However, there are always those who, for some unexplainable reasons, believe that lies will get them somewhere.

There is no way to avoid this type of people. You’re seeing them all around you.

So, while there is a belief that online dating is packed full with these folks, that’s not entirely correct. They are all over the freakin’ place and your local bar or professional environment is not an exception.

How efficient is that matchmaking software at specialized online dating services?

We all have our own preferences, most of which are falling into the category of secrets. Some of us have strange fetishes or tendencies for interracial dating. I know women who get off on short guys only. Same, I know guys who would kill to date and ultimately have sex with successful women.

Online dating pro #4

When you think about it, our dating and sexual preferences are the neat way to compensate for something. The guy who’s looking to be dominated by a woman most likely spends his days bossing around, pretending to be some arrogant and aggressive alpha male. In reality, he’s not that guy, but he doesn’t have any other choice if he wants to keep his business at a high level of efficiency.

So what does he do to compensate?

He signs up for an account on a specialized dating service, connecting folks like him with dominant women. They, on the other hand, are spending their days being subordinated and feeling inferior. They live in an extreme type of environment, controlled by men.

And there you have a perfect match!

Now, let’s exit the world of online dating and visit our regular gathering place, let’s say some club.

How likely it is that you’ll meet that “opposite” person? How do you ask something like that in the first place?

Back to online dating and we have a bunch of people who already stated their dating and sexual preferences!

How neat is that? There’s no guesswork because people are willingly leaving this type of information. Furthermore, their sole presence on some specialized, matchmaking online dating service, tells everything.

Specialized online matchmaking services present with lots of neat opportunities; make no mistake about it.

What are some of the direct advantages?

First of all, you know two things right there in the beginning:

  1. They are all interested in dating – something you can’t really say for the folks you’re meeting in bars, for instance.
  2. They are all interested in interracial dating, if that’s your thing – again, something you can’t say for sure if you spot someone who got your undivided attention. For all you know, that person can wait for the spouse to return from the toilet.

Second of all, these are tight and pretty much-closed communities of people who share the same interest.

When you look around you, there’s no way to say if there’s something connecting all those people. But once you become a member of specialized online dating community, you know for a fact that you all share that same, critical interest – the one that brought you all to that particular dating service.

Are there any cons in this?

Not really. We all have this same tendency to connect with the people who get us – people who share our interests and beliefs. It’s like joining a fan club, only better.

You’ll meet different people, that’s true. Some will turn out to be better than the others. But at the end, you all share that same thing. It’s what makes you a community.

Because, if you wanna connect and possibly build a long-term connection with a good looking, chubby person, where’s better to look than on a site full of them, right?

Sure, you can meet the type you prefer tomorrow morning on your way to work. But… 1) How do you know that he/she is interested in dating? 2) How long will it take to find that out?

Do you see now? Online dating makes the entire game that much simpler.

Is it true that online dating is safer than traditional dating model?

You have pros and cons here; yes and no.

In one hand, an online dating site is providing you with the certain shield. You can conduct your research of different dating profiles and communicate from the safety of your home, not being exposed in any way.

This perk allows you more time to establish that initial trust base with the person you don’t know – from the distance. This is particularly important for women who are dating because they are cautious by nature. Online dating gives them the opportunity to set the good foundations before they meet with the person face-to-face.

Something like that is virtually impossible in the traditional dating model.

However, the tricky part of the entire deal is to recognize whether a person you’re communicating with is honest or not. But then again, we are all adults here, with many miles in our legs and developed sense for bullshit. We just need to turn the BS radar on, that’s all.

Words, spoken or written, have the same weight. You can judge the person based on the communication alone if you put your mind into to it. It’s basically the same as when you’re speaking to someone you just met and you can simply sense that something is wrong with that picture. Things just don’t add up.

Moreover, online dating profiles are full of additional information to backup or destroy a certain claim. Again, something like this simply doesn’t exist in traditional, face-to-face communication with someone you’ve never met before.

To conclude…

Yes, there are cons in internet dating. There are also certain online dating dangers, but can you name one aspect of your life that doesn’t have them?

It’s all relative. And when you truly sum everything we talked about so far with everything you know and sense, it’s clear that online dating beats the traditional dating in more than one segment.

In addition, we are making every effort to make your experience safe and above all – exciting. That’s why we don’t shy away from tutorials like this. Our community is everything to us.

Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose. Only to gain if you follow our guidance and your gut instincts. Life should be all about fun and good memories. You’re maybe just a step away from having the time of your life. Do you dare to miss that opportunity?

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