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There are two parties in the sugar dating concept. One is a sugar daddy, or the man who’s looking for a relationship with the young, beautiful woman and is willing to provide lucrative financial support. That woman is the sugar baby.

And a sugar baby lives a modern, urban high-end life with a sugar daddy

A Sugar Baby normally receives direct financial support from the sugar daddy just for being in a relationship with him. And YES – it 99,9 % of the time involve sex of some kind. Very often also another kind of help like mentoring or other nonfinancial help.

That support comes in different forms.

From the expensive gifts to direct cash-to-spend, or monthly money provisions (also known as the allowance).

All she has to do, besides maintaining her looks and breathtaking appearance, is to be in a relationship with her sugar daddy.

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Now, to answer that question that’s been swirling in your beautiful sugar baby head from the moment you read the term ‘monthly allowance

What kind of money are we talking about here? Or, to be more precise, what is an appropriate monthly lump sum to ask from your sugar daddy?

Anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

The average, according to stats, is around $3,000.

That doesn’t include gifts and regular shopping for brands, of course. And it depends on the circumstances or how much time you two are spending together on average.

But don’t feel bound by these numbers.

Your beauty and sensuality worth much more than that so feel free to set the number you find satisfying.

We are sure in one thing – there are no upper limits if you meet specific criteria set by your sugar daddy.

The answer to your second question is: simple.

How to Become a Sugar Baby?

You have the model look and the willingness to find a man who will support a bit of a lavish lifestyle while, at the same time, you’re not expected to employ those astonishing hands in any kind of labor?

If you meet the above criteria; then you’re set.

You see, sugar daddy relationships differ from the traditional ones.

Granted, there are some similarities but those do not include maintaining the household, cooking meals three times a day or washing someone’s clothes while he’s sitting in from of the TV, yelling at the referee.

This is about you taking breaths away. When in public or alone with your sugar daddy.

It’s about being a dream woman for the man with the money who’s got a limited time for his private life and doesn’t want someone who will be on his case 24/7, distracting him from his businesses.

And he’s willing to spend some good money to be in a relationship with a breathtaking young woman who will respect his lifestyle and not complain about how he’s neglecting her.

In the world of men, that constitutes a perfect relationship with the perfect woman. As such, it’s worth every penny!

Take it from a long-time sugar daddy. It’s worth frequent luxury travels across the globe, diners in high-end restaurants and a set of branded clothing plus the appropriate jewelry for every specific occasion (event).

Because that’s what a sugar baby deserves.

Now when you’ve learned what a sugar baby really is, perhaps it’s time to make that first step in finding your first sugar daddy…






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