How to Impress Any Girl – Without Being a Jerk

How to impress any girl
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There is a fine line between impressing a woman and coming across as a pompous jerk. Unfortunately, for many men, this line isn’t easy to distinguish and winds up making you look self-centered and arrogant, instead of winning her over with your efforts. That’s why we’ve compiled the following 4 tips that will teach you how to impress any girl – without coming across as a jerk.

Be Authentic and Real

Although it might be impressive to mention your ability to bench press 200 pounds unless it’s a fact you’re willing to back up with proof, don’t bother mentioning it.

Women enjoy knowing the men they are with are authentic and truthful with them, even if it means admitting shortcomings.

While they certainly don’t expect you to be a master at everything, trying to be a jack of all trades can make her feel inferior and insecure about her own shortfalls.

If you’re getting to know each other, talking about hobbies you’re actually interested in, sports you enjoy watching (or playing, if you’re in a league), schooling or careers are always acceptable… just make sure it’s truthful.

Pretend that every person you’re speaking with can potentially be your wife of 40 years. If you’re lying about something like weights, she’s eventually going to find out when you lift donuts to your mouth more than a dumbbell.

Compliment Her – SINCERELY!

Often times, men try to over compliment a woman, which comes across as impersonal. By mentioning her hair, eyes, dress, shoes, and body – you’re telling her you can’t decide on any one thing to talk about, so you’re going to mention them all to avoid being wrong.

It’s important to compliment a woman on something you find attractive, but make sure you know why you’re saying it to prevent sounding like a pick-up line.

Remember the Little Details

If she mentions that she enjoys coffee with two creams, the next time you’re with her ask her what she’d like – and order it the way she drinks it. The same holds true for any hobbies or sports that she’s actively involved in.

If she happens to mention that she loves poetry, find a poetry convention nearby to spend an evening enjoying.

Showing her you remember the little details, sends her the message of importance, which is crucial to have in any relationship.

Pay Attention to Only Her

In a world full of beautiful women, it can be hard for a woman to feel confident and beautiful. When you’re out together, avoid “checking out” or ogling at other women as not only will this make your date feel uncomfortable, it’s disrespectful altogether.

The same holds true for any electronics too.

Keep your eyes on your date throughout the evening, instead of checking your phone or television screen – so she knows you’re paying attention to her, instead of everyone else who wants your attention. If you absolutely need to check your phone for messages or voicemails, excuse yourself to the bathroom and use it there.

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