How to do sexting like a pro

Sexting like a pro
Written by Sean Collins

Do you know how to do SEXTING the right way? Long gone are the days of calling and dirty talking – cell phones are making it easier than ever before to stay in touch with your loved ones. Ballz Magazine gives you tips to use the daily day technology, so it’s also easier to stay on your game – even if there are thousands of miles between you and your girlfriend you just met. Before you start sending sexy messages – SEXTING, follow these tips before sounding like a goof.

Make sure she’s in the mood for sexting first

As much as your mind might be something dirty, she might be thinking about the kids, bills or even how much she regrets eating those tacos the night before. There’s nothing worse than sending a kinky message – to read the words, “ugh, gross” back. Test the waters by asking her what she’s thinking about… and let her know that you’ve spent a good long time thinking about her too.

Don’t just send her a picture of your dick

For whatever reason, guys believe the best way to sexting is by sending a picture of your dick – yet, the opposite is nearly true. There’s nothing worse than just getting the conversation interesting, to see a hairy cock on her screen. Keep the mentality of not sending nudes – until it’s suggested, or until you’re asked.

Be descriptive and seductive in your sexting

Imagine you’re trying to write a book, you need to be descriptive and suggestive – without being too quick. Take your time and write down every detail of what you’d do to her. If you’d love to slowly unbutton her top, tell her that. If you’d grab her top and tear it off her by snapping the buttons off – say that too. Keep things real and believable—but make sure you take the time to explain the details.

If you’d like to see photos, make sure you suggest it

Asking a stranger for a random photo isn’t going to go over very well, but if you’re in a relationship and in the middle of a steamy chat, make subtle suggestions of what you’d love to see. For instance, if you’re dying to see her perfectly formed tits – mention how bad you’d like to take off her top, how much you love them, how much you’d love to taste them and how much you’d kill to see them at this very moment.

Get on a video if you’re feeling brave

With so many different services currently offering video messaging, there’s a certain level of excitement with sending a few short videos – especially if you love being teased. Look for video messaging that allows the videos to be deleted after and take turns slowly teasing each other, without showing nudity. It’ll give the same effect of a strip show, only with someone you know and care to see naked.

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