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How to improve your body language instantly

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If you want to have good success with the opposite or same-sex you need to be able to improve your Body Language. Through your body language, there is a huge amount of conversation that takes place without ever saying a word.

It could very well be the one thing preventing you from actually landing a date with the beautiful woman standing in front of you.

Unfortunately, many men fail to understand the importance of body language and how it can impact the way your conversations or interactions unfold.

Before you allow your body to speak in ways you’ve never intended, here are three ways you can use body language to attract women without ever saying a word:

Pay attention to your moves

If you’re nervous, you tend to fidget or make abrupt movements without really thinking about it.

A shaking knee or playing with your watch while you try to speak with a woman sends the impression that you’re not sure of yourself – instead of a confident message that needs to come across.

Before you strike up a conversation, take a few moments to become familiar with your body movements and try to slow them down before you make a move. If you’re sitting near a woman, take the time to sit straight and try to make sure your movements are deliberate (instead of the subconscious).

Relax your body and enjoy – relaxed body language

Shy men are often seen as unapproachable because of their body language (even if they’re trying to strike up a conversation).

That’s because many shy or timid men sit slightly forward with their hands and arms in front of their body.

When you’re sitting this way, your body gives the impression that you’re closed off and not approachable. Instead, sit back with your arms at your sides (or in your lap).

Make sure get comfortable and allow yourself to relax. It’s important to remember, your position (whether it’s sitting down or standing) is the first impression someone is going to get about you.

Then you don’t want to seem too uptight, but you also don’t want to seem bored either.

Remember to keep your body positioned toward the person you’re engaged in conversation with, as that is where your attention should remain at all times.

Watch your posture

Have you ever watched someone walking down the street who happens to be in a hurry?

Generally speaking, they have their head down, arms in front of their chest or in shoved into their pockets and they tend to avoid eye contact.

For most, this has become our standard appearance, even when we’re not in a rush.

Especially when we have smartphones that connect us to the world and isolate us at the same time.

If you’d like to attract a woman, make sure that you’re walking in a tall manner.

Keep your shoulders back and your head up, tilted slightly upwards instead of toward your toes.

Make sure that you keep your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your phone in your pocket. There is nothing approachable about a man who has his eyes glued to an electronic.

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