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About Ballz Magazine – The mens magazine for REAL men



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Ballz Magazine is the online Magazine for a MAN WITH A MISSION. A mission to make your own footsteps in this World. To inspire you to become the man you want to be – a self-confident and charismatic man. A successful man who live on your OWN terms.

Live your life by questioning the authorities and challenging the status quo as the only way to learn to trust yourself – even when that trust seems scary. Live driven by the passion for life.

Ballz Magazine – are here for you

Join the elite group of men in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and plus, who want more out of their lives. Men of GENERATION X Who want to become more MANLY and more courageous.

Ballz Magazine is an E-magazine you get through the Apple App Store or Google Play (android).

Bells Magazine provides you with the easy-to-adopt inspiration and actionable tips to become the man you always strived to be. Intelligent answers and efficient solutions will open your mind and make you think.

We will provoke you – and that’s fine. We want to…

Articles and blog posts; online discussions and social media; interviews with men who did exactly what they wanted and broke out of their boxes – all here to help you become the man you always wanted to be.

World’s most experienced doers are constantly authoring insightful articles aiming to inspire, provoke and teach you to be that MAN. To be YOU; to get the self-confidence of steel, and to really stand by yourself.

You will get inspired and learn how to find your OWN style and to be much more attractive – you’ll create the charisma you’re seeing in others.

We won’t tell you anything…..

Who to become or what to wear. We’ll tell you how to find your own way.

You won’t follow the crowd. You’ll stand up and stand out. It is you, after all, and not someone else.

And to get there, we’ll do everything in our power to inspire you to be the man who DECIDES and who ENGAGES relentlessly. A GREAT man with the Ballz of Steel.

The truth is: you can already see him…you can already see the man you are going to become…


Ballz Magazine will inspire you to take the absolute control over the major areas of your life:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your career
  • Your goals
  • Your charisma and self-confidence
  • Your health
  • Your Relationships
  • And – maybe most importantly – Your sex life


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