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Inspiration to create the life you want and that you have always dreamt of. Inspiration to become more a man. Why men aren’t men anymore – and what to do about it.
How to design your own Ballz life – Not just do what others expect of you – but live a life by your own design.
Starting your own business, quitting your job and travel, get a new career midlife, and so on..

The Man Who Killed 6,000,000 People

The wind was picking up and ominous, dark clouds started to emerge on a horizon when a tall man in his fifties walked pass one of those fortune-telling gypsy tends, slightly waving his walking stick in his left hand. He smiled when he read…

Simple Success Formula

Is there a single success formula? Can it be that simple? In reality, yes, it can and it is. And every time I’m asked to define success, in any area of life, my answer is always the same because 2+2=4. Ask yourself this: Are you willing…