How to Know You’re Dating a Sex Addict

dating a sex addict
Written by Steven Hawk

It does sound exciting and like a lot of fun but it’s not. Dating a sex addict can act self-humiliating and self-destructive. It can lead to a tragic outcome for both parties.

Dating a sex addict make sex great in the beginning, but…

It won’t be long before shit hits the fan.

And here is why: it is in your nature to have a woman who is devoted to you only. Hardly anyone is willing to share his woman with a bunch of strangers. With a sex addict, this is inevitable because one man can provide with only a limited “high.”

Pretty soon, she’ll be searching for additional shots

And that’s something you won’t be able to digest.

Sex addiction is similar to any other – once you feel the first “high,” you are constantly increasing the “dose” and no man can keep up the pace with it.

So, if you’re dating a woman that you don’t know much about, here are the signs indicating that you’ve been dating a sex addict.

#1 – If she only enjoys meaningless, degrading and rough sex there’s a high possibility that you’re dating a sex addict

Now, this is somewhat common to every woman on this planet. They expect their men to “lead the way” and be in control.

But with sex addicts, this is the name of the game.

In other words, you can forget about romance, cuddling and anything “gentle” and “tender” in sex. Making love is something she can’t handle. She will try to “play along” if she’s into you, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice how she screams from the inside: “Fuck my brains out already, goddammit!

#2 – She will spend time watching porns

How many women do you know that truly enjoy porns?

Not that many, I guess. Granted, every woman loves occasional kick-starter in a form of some good on-screen action, but that’s not the frequent occurrence.

At sex-addicted woman, porn is a regular “TV show” and she’ll use it to “cheat” her system and feel at least a bit of that “high.” It is more likely that she’ll engage in the hunt, searching for the fresh fuck.

And that leads us to the number #1 problem you’ll have if you happen to fall in love with the sex addict.

#3 – She’s devouring every man she spots, perceiving him as yet another lay

Yeah, women notice men and “measure” each and every. It’s a natural process where a woman “scans” the potential long-term protector and provider. And while they get aroused when around some prime examples, they will hardly ever go that far to pick him up and fuck his brains out.

A sex addict will do just that.

dating a sex addict sexy woman

She’ll scan for a potential fuck and act upon it. Because she can’t help it. She’s an addict and she’s desperate for a shot.

Sure, you can try to fulfill her needs, but that’s the futile attempt because she’ll drain you out sooner than you think. And when it becomes clear that you can no longer satisfy her needs, she’ll act in a particular way. That’s yet another sign that can tell you that you’ve been fucking and dating a sex addict.

#4 – She’ll get extremely pissed if you can’t keep up with the pace

And she will find the fuck, make no mistake about it. First chance she gets, she’ll be doing it with some stranger right there on the spot. And you can’t do anything to prevent that.

It’s like a drug addict.

The moment you leave him/her without the control, he’ll seek for the way to get the shot. There are no boundaries or limits. The need is simply overwhelming and there’s nothing he can do about it but to find the way to indulge his urge.


The better question is, what is the potential cause for sex addiction? What triggers this kind of deviant and extreme (pathological) behavior?

#5 – She was most likely sexually abused as a child

Every type of addiction is caused by the addict’s closest social environment. In other words, some event or series of events pushed the person over the edge and triggered the obsessive need for dopamine and serotonin high.

What happens is this: trauma, sexual abuse, in particular, is the event where the person was completely controlled by another person or event, against the own will and could do nothing to prevent it.

No control means no dopamine and serotonin – the two main chemicals in our lives.

Simply put, we must feel in control of our lives, actions, and responses. If that voids, and we spend the portion of our lives being dominated, against our will, it acts self-destructive because we weren’t able to express ourselves in a wanted way.

The result is a chronic depression caused by the fear of action since we cannot determine which of our actions or responses caused the unwanted trauma. Consequently, in our mind, every future action or response can trigger yet another sequence of trauma. Thus, we stop trying.

So, to compensate, addicts will use all sorts of means to “cheat” the system into releasing these chemicals. The action of specific addiction that results in “high” is the event where a person is in absolute control.

The most important thing!

If you suspect that you’ve been dating a sex addict, don’t run away!

Help the poor woman because it was most likely some old prick (a man) that caused that shit. So be a real man and offer the needed help and guidance because every addiction can be successfully treated when there is an honest support.

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