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Why Women Cheat and How to Prevent Adultery

Written by Stephan Moreau

To fill in the emotional void would be the simplest answer to why women cheat in the first place.

In other words, there’s something missing from the picture. And she may or may not know what that is.

The reason why she doesn’t “know” is that our emotions come from our limbic part of the brain. It’s the one we have from the dawn of the species where there are no words or logic. Just pure instincts.

We recharge and discharge using sex

Sex is a powerful tool. We will use sex to charge our emotional batteries but also to release the tension. Because sometimes, a woman cheats simply to retaliate.

But that’s not the only reason why women cheat.

We are predominantly talking about the moments where she’s charging the batteries using the sex as the primary adapter.

In other words, she must fill the emotional void she feels after being neglected for some time. There is no other way around it.

When in that state, a woman is exposed

It doesn’t take much to penetrate through her safety zone and make a decisive impact. Few nice gestures, flowers, romantic talk, maybe even a dinner and sex is pretty much inevitable.

In these circumstances, sex can be observed as something that will “seal the deal” and make everything real. Without it, the whole thing is outside the reality and exists only virtually.

Sex makes it real. It fills the void.

And that can lead in two directions.

One is the start of the new relationship with the man she’s sleeping with now.

And the other is occasional sex with strangers since she’d hate to lose the security features you are providing.

Thus; money doesn’t have the significant role in any of this.

Neglecting, however, does.

In other words, you can have as much money as you want, but allow her to feel neglected for more than a few weeks, and the pool boy will start dipping in your gravy.

The pool boy is the analogy, of course, but that shit develops fast. It is triggered by the right set of circumstances where even a single look is more than enough to fire up her desire. It is the moment.

What happens when she feels neglected?

When is the most intensive time when you daydream about having sex with some more or less strange woman? After being sex deprived for more than 5 days, right?

Why do you think it’s different with women?

They’re enjoying sex even more than we do otherwise, multiple orgasms wouldn’t even exist.

And while it is possible for her to charge her emotional batteries through an asexual, flirt-type of a relationship with someone, that’s short-termed. In the long run, she needs more. Your woman needs the attention. She needs to feel that look. Needs to feel attractive.

Thus; either you’re gonna make her feel that way or someone else will.

Because after a while, the home, the kids, you, her friends, and everything that surrounds the two of you become irrelevant. Sex drive becomes almost impossible to control.

That’s why you have adaptations of sexual orientation in all-men or all-women groups like those imprisoned. Or unexpected sex in reality shows like Big Brother®.

So whose fault is it at the end?

why women cheatFuck the fault, that won’t solve shit. If you’re discussing the fault, it’s already too goddamn late. You fucked it up.

Yes, it’s your fault if she bumps ugly with another man. Do you feel better now?

Of course not. You need to prevent that from happening. And that means that no matter how busy you think you are, you need to devote some hard attention to your woman. Or someone else will!

Make her feel hot and sexy every day. She must get that radiating signal from you. After all, you are her man and nobody else interests her as long as she can feel the passion between two of you.

Make her feel desirable. That’s the trick.

As the picture says, elevate your woman high enough and she’ll become least available to other men. Fail to do that and it’s open season. It’s the reason why women cheat. They don’t feel “elevated” enough.

Remember: there are only 2 reasons why women cheat – revenge and passion. And both include you. So maybe it’s the time to tune up again. By the way, if you need a few good hints about what turns women on, read on!

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