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Top 10 reasons why you’re still single

Reasons why you are still single
Written by Sean Collins

No one likes to admit that they’re still single – especially when the majority of your friends have settled down and started having families.

Although it might seem like you have incredibly bad luck with the ladies, chances are there are a few reasons you’re still single—even if you aren’t aware of the reasons why.

Consider the following reasons you might still be single and change them now to improve your chances of finding (and keeping) the girl.


You’re still single because you’re Immature

Granted, everyone can be immature at times, if you’re still finding the same things funny as when you were a pre-teen, chances are you have some growing up to do.

That’s not to say that you have to lose the sense of humor altogether – women enjoy dating a man with a sense of humor, but many times, the timing is everything.

If you can’t participate in adult conversations without cracking a joke or shifting uncomfortably, it might be time to reconsider your position.

Your Address—Or Lack There Of

For many women, your address has virtually nothing to do with where you physically reside and everything to do with who you reside with.

Chances are if you’re trying to find a serious woman who’s ready to settle down – living with your parents will be a major setback.

But parents aren’t the only negative living quarters; living with multiple roommates or an ex-girlfriend can negatively impact your relationships too.

A woman wants someone who is able to care for his own space – living in comfortable but not ideal situations lacks this skill.

You’re Constantly Negative

If you believe that the universe doesn’t treat you well, bad things always happen to you or maybe even that you’re unlucky – it could be impacting your relationship status and make you stay single forever.

Women want a partner who is not afraid of changing their situations, rather than sitting comfortably wallowing in self-pity.

You’re Too Much of a Risk

Remember that time you thought it would be a good idea to drive down the highway backward? It turns out women aren’t particularly fond of such stupid behavior.

If you’re constantly starting conversations with, “I thought it would be a good idea,” she’s already ruled you out as a life partner.

After all, what’s the point in getting to know someone who is likely to seriously injure themselves in the near future? Then it’s better to leave you being single.

You’re Unemployed or Under-Employed

Money makes the world go round and if you’re not willing to contribute to society – chances are she’s not willing to commit herself to you. The same holds true if you are currently under-employed.

If you’re working in a part-time job and not in school, it’s time to seek another career.

You Have No Goals or Ambitions

If you don’t know where you want to be, it paints a scary picture of your future for her. Women like men who want the best out of life have goals and desires that they want to achieve – men who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and realize their goals.

If you don’t have any goals set for the near or distant future, she’s probably not willing to be a part of a plan that goes nowhere.

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