10 Ridiculous First Date Mistakes Men Do That Kill The Date

First date mistakes
Written by Stephan Moreau

Dating tips and advices are all over the place and when you spend a couple of minutes researching the best first date mistakes; you’ll be reading the same stuff over and over again, on different sites. So no, we ain’t gonna focus our attention on those common dating tips and those usual first date mistakes.

First date mistakesIn this tutorial we’ll expose and explain “the other” 6 most ridiculous first date mistakes men do and then wonder how the hell they didn’t score or went on a second date.

Of course, let’s review the top 10 biggest first date blunders first, because they hide those that seem to be slipping under everyone’s radar.

Top 10 Classic Mistakes on First Date according to the mainstream

These Top 10 First Date Mistakes guarantee that you’ll bite the dust. Ain’t no way in hell that you’ll crawl your way out, if you do any of the following:

#1 – Talking too much ‘bout your momma

She’s got one and she most likely love her, depending on the occasion. She hates yours. She hates yours on all occasions, even though she never met the poor woman.

So lay off of it. Ain’t nobody gives a shit about your momma or how good she was to you, or how great cook, she is and similar crap momma’s boys are full of.

And if you’re still living with your momma – stay out of the dating game! You’re ruining it for the rest of us! Detach from momma’s tits, move out and become independent!

#2 – Talking too goddamn much ‘bout your ex

What kind of an idiot you must be to talk about your ex with the one you’re aiming for? I always wondered what is in the head of the guys who just can’t let it go. If you wanna talk about her, you’re not ready to date, period!

#3 – Like your smartphone? It’s cool and trendy?

First date mistakesGood. Keep it in your pocket. Talk to your momma or check Facebook when you get home. And it’s not that trendy. I got a better one.

#4 – Love telling jokes? Particularly those racist and sexist ones?

Great! You’ll be granted with the opportunity to think about your ex while alone one the couch, after your date dumps your sorry ass.

Guys, we love it, yes. They don’t. Period!

And then, there’s this other thing known as – you don’t know her yet! That great joke you’ve been telling everyone may in fact turn out as the ultimate insult to her.

#5 – One of the best first date mistakes is when a guy keeps checking out the waitresses or the women sitting at the next table

First date mistakesWhy best and not the worse? Well, it does feel good when you spot a smokin’ hot body and pretty face, wearing something sexy. In that single moment, nothing else exists – only you and her, alone, in the backseat of your car or in the woods. Your current date vanishes from your focus like the dust during hot summer showers.

That’s why it’s best because it yields at least some kind of positive result.

#6 – Dude, is that your car?

Yeah, it’s great that you’ve spent a little fortune and bought yourself a treat on wheels. But don’t think for a second that she is interested in hearing the details about your latest purchase.

#7 – How tall are you when you stand on your wallet? That tall? Wow! You don’t say.

It always amazes me how men like to play the money card on the women they don’t know. Flashing with the fat wallet will buy a professional service, no question about it or some gold digger. But, your date will not be impressed by the clear representation of your financial situation. It will appear borderline arrogant.

Use the tips (to different service folks) to show off your monetary might!

#8 – There are 1,569 repeated (same) dating tips for men on how to date a woman and still there are guys who do this:

Clear representation of the brute and terminal force while addressing to the service people! Yeah, you’re the man, but don’t think for a second that your behavior, where you deliberately picked on someone, with or without any good reason, will get approved by your date. You’ll appear as a prick and she’ll dump your ass in nanosecond. Waiter or concierge is not the boxing bag on which you can compensate for your own low self-worth!

And tip the man/woman. Don’t be a cheapskate.

#9 – Second biggest first date blunder goes to the fellow who dares to use the nickname an hour after meeting with the woman for the first time ever!

First date mistakesI saw this the other night while on the date with the gorgeous woman I met on the plane. There was some blond dude with the girl, sitting right next to me at the bar and he was addressing her using ‘babe’ as a call sign.

Every time he would do that, her eyes would roll like a slot machine. All that time the guy was simply oblivious of her negative reaction.

So I followed him to the bathroom because I felt sorry for the poor bastard. He took it as a true sport, thanked me for the dating tip, and bought us all drinks. We ended up on a joint date. Can you believe that?

#10 – The biggest first date mistake is being oblivious about where to take her and what to do!!!

“Would you like to go for a coffee? Or maybe grab something to eat? Oh, there’s a cool Romanian movie showing in the theater close by. Wanna watch?”

And now she’s all confused, not knowing what to do because she expects her man to have a plan. If you are not capable of deciding where to take her on first date, then how on Earth will you be able to plan something more serious?

“I don’t know…I’m not that great on first dates…get all nervous and stuff.” He continues, hoping how she’ll understand his ordeal because she’s a woman; she’s sensitive.

In that single moment, she would rather play a strip poker with the death row prisoner than go out with you!

You simply must have a game plan.

For instance, you pick her up at her place and drive to the nearby amusement park. Leave the vehicle some 200 yards from the park and walk the rest of the way, TALKING AND SMILING!

Awkward silence is not the plan.

Then, after YOU BUY the tickets, have a blast in a park!

An hour later, shock her senses by taking her to some quiet place, like bench by the river or heavily illuminated park (you don’t wanna scare her… she must feel safe and sound at all times!). Spend 15 minutes there, try to kiss her, and move on with your date.

It’s time to have a shot or two before hitting the night club!

Voila! She’s all yours and most likely ready to sleep with you on first date. After all, she did wear that sexy lingerie she bought for that occasion. She did take care of the bikini zone and she did spray some perfume on her intimate parts. What do you think she expects if you played your cards right?


Now, these were the TOP 10 Classic First Date Mistakes men do and then regret.

But is that all? Are you gonna be OK if you avoid doing these 10 only? Far from that my man. There are in fact hidden 6 first date mistakes people are not mentioning in their tutorials. And they supposed to be some kind of experts…can you believe that?

It’s clear that most of the folks that write those dating tips and advices have little to no real experience with dating. They are just copy/pasting the texts, that’s all.

You’ll learn the hidden 6 Ridiculous First Date Mistakes Men Do And Kill The Date!!

#1 – It’s all about that first impression!

First date mistakesAnd it takes less than 2 seconds to form one. Now you can imagine how some “awkwardness” in you may tip her off, right? Thus, before you come to pick her up, make a quick stop and buy lovely, fragrant bouquet of flowers. Tell that nice lady what’s the occasion and don’t forget to tip her well. You might be needing her again – very, very soon. Men think it’s some sort of a cliché or not something a real man would do. Errr! Mistake! Cliché is a cliché for a good reason and flowers are your best introduction.

#2 – Be a gentleman and open door for her to enter into the car

Do the same BEFORE she exits the vehicle. If needed, stop her from exiting until you open the door. Women simply get off on this stuff. It’s like she’s in some romantic movie, where high-end courtship is still the game of the royals.

#3 – Watch what you’re drinking and how much you drink!

Stay off the beer or anything that will leave an unpleasant odor in your mouth and stomach. Even if she orders one, you take some sweat wine or vodka if you two reached the consensus about it.

But do keep it controlled. Getting her all drunk, OK. Getting yourself hammered, not OK, ending in a local newspaper and most likely on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram!

#4 – Keeping the distance is yet another first date mistake you must avoid!

Why you shake hands with the people you meet? You are establishing the trust base.

In that single moment, something extraordinary occurs – you, and that other person, are exchanging one specific chemical, oxytocin. Both brains fire at the same time, releasing this trust hormone. If the level is OK, trust is established. If not, you’re screwed!

A few weeks ago, I was walking by the river, observing this young couple, just a few yards from me. At first, it seemed like there was some bad blood between them because of the distance between him and her on the bench. But after a much closer examination of the situation, it became clear that I was watching the clumsiest first date ever. The guy even stumbled and knocked both of them when they were getting up to move on.

What you wanna do on the first date — and this is crucial — is to keep close body contact with occasional physical contact. She needs to feel you. It’s vital.

For instance, while you two are walking, and talking, and smiling, use every opportunity to “accidentally” lose your bearings and touch her arm/leg with yours.

Sit next to her at the table and not opposite from her. Sit close to her at the bench because she’s expecting a kiss and not silent mass with the stranger.

#5 – Bringing her in a bar full of your friends and colleagues on a first date is one of the biggest mistakes you can do

She’ll lose her comfort zone because you’ll disturb the balance. Both of you must be on a “virgin ground.” Things must be in equilibrium at all times.

Exposing her to your friends, before you two are already in a relationship, is a serious mistake. She’ll feel ashamed, embarrassed and above all, frightened.

It’s just one of the biggest first date blunders you can do so avoid it by all means. If you know the most of the crowd, choose another part of the city for the first date!

#6 – Thinking that she’s not interested in first date sex!

First date mistakesAmong all first date mistakes, this one sits on the throne of men’s stupidity. As we already mentioned, she took it quite seriously because she had spent the day shopping for cloths and sexy lingerie, spent 2 hours on makeup and hair, soaked her body in oils and other stuff that make her skin soft, smooth and fragrant. She even did her bikini zone and sprayed some perfume on her intimate parts and on her chest.

Does that strike you like someone who is not interested in having sex?


Be smart about it. Make the plan. Provoke excitement and joy; not fear and anxiety. Be a gentleman, but not the gentle man. Treat her like a lady, because she is one. Do stuff with her just don’t do these 16 first date mistakes and you’ll be just fine!

Good luck to you!

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