What You Think You Know About MONEY Is About to Change

Money investing
Written by Igor K

Money investing - Ballz MagazinePeople have a distorted view of money. That wrong perception is the result of a poor financial literacy; something they don’t — God only knows why — teach in schools. And when you think about it, money and time management should be 2 main studies from the first day of the kindergarten until the end of one’s days!

Once fully grown, men and women don’t know how to acquire and how to maintain and manage those small amounts they earn by selling their labor to the best offer they could find.

There are, in fact, 5 common misconceptions that act as the roadblocks, preventing people to build wealth and abundance.

The first and most tragic misconception is this:

Investing is just another kind of gambling. I’m risking serious losses.

Money investing - Ballz MagazineMakes a good excuse, doesn’t it? Whenever someone asks you about your incomes or net worth, you take a defensive position, justifying own reluctance to learn something entirely new; something nobody taught you.

Your father knew nothing about it because he was raised in a different environment where you could, in fact, earn enough to pay the mortgage and kid’s tuition. Wasn’t much of a lavish lifestyle, but you were happy.

Nowadays, things are different, and you know that all too well.

Let me break it to you in one brutal take:


The point is to reach the moment where you’re spending only 10% of the money you’ve made and reinvesting 90% of it.


It sounds weird, right? Who the fuck can reach the moment where he’s using just 10-20% of everything he earns? Well, for a starter, over 150,000,000 people across the globe. That’s half of the US. To paint this picture even better, every 11th household in US alone hides a millionaire family.

So if you go out right now and look left or right, there are few of these within your line of sight. They just don’t live a lavish lifestyle because they don’t want to attract too much attention.

The fact is, these people were INVESTING their money.

They started same as you, by selling their labor to the best employer they could find. But over the course of time, they learned something. If they don’t switch from “fixed” to “flexible”, they will struggle for the entire life. So they reorganized their finances and started investing the portion of their money.

Most started with only 10%. Picked the stock or engaged in the largest market of all – the Forex market, with $5 trillion in annual money move. In comparison, the New York Stock Exchange makes roughly $30 billion.

They were gradually increasing the percentage until they reached the point where they are pumping 50% of their monthly budgets into some sort of investing. After that point, life got easier. ROIs were high, enabling each and every one of them to quit their 9-5 and live free. You have people retiring in their 30s, these days because the (monetary) system got largely improved over the last few decades.

The obvious question is: WHERE AND HOW DO YOU START?

It’s simpler than you think actually. You only need to expose your mind to the right type of stimuli. In other words, start bombarding your brain with the information found on Investopedia, Motley Fool, Business Insider, or go with Forex where the best place to start is And whatever you do, don’t miss top content on Ballz! We’re working our asses off just to serve you with the most valuable solutions. Use them all.

After that, it will become easier. Once you learn how to execute, for instance, fundamental, technical, and semantic analyses, you’ll know what is your best option. Just give it a test drive. Learn something new that is, at the same time, crucial for your well-being.

You see, it was never about earning money. It was, and it will always be, about making money. And the only way to make money is to detach from the fixed hourly wage and adopt profit or per results payments. You want flexibility, that’s it.

Buy a stock. What you have to lose anyway? You’ll spend that money on something you don’t, in fact, need. Just ask yourself how much money did that smartphone or laptop make you so far…


And now you might be thinking, what about my current debt? How do I leverage?

Won’t that possibly lead to more debt?

What led you to the debt in the first place?

Spending way above your true buying power. You were basically borrowing someone else’s money — and you’re probably still doing it — to purchase a car, a house, and all sorts of different goods.

Now, it may seem that the debt is something bad and that you should’ve never done it. If only you could bring back time…

DEBT is the ultimate hack or prank we pulled on Mother Nature. We are using the natural resources — and some we even renew — but with the assigned monetary value for each. That way, and through fractional reserve banking, you’re able to borrow money, buy stuff, and still have enough to keep you going.

Well, almost enough. Because if you have failed to invest the portion of your money, the inflation and interest rates are catching up, slowly but surely.

So what’s the way out


You figure out the potential investment, be it your own solution or the solution of the third party, and borrow more money. Only this time, you’re purposing that money. It will be invested in something that has at least some potential to generate revenues and return the investment.

So far, all that money you’ve borrowed over the course of time was spent on non-ROI purchases.

You see, more than a half of the self-made millionaires have started from the point of debt to reach the moment where the money they made in the past is now making the new money. They deliberately chose to drive themselves into a serious debt just to be able to fund their investments.

And that’s the primary purpose of the bank loans.

They are intended for the solutions (investments). Consumer loans are just the reaction of the banks. Banks were forced to push all that money out at the open (in the market). Since nobody wanted to borrow to invest, they figure out the auxiliary way. If you don’t want to use our money to make more money, then you’ll be given that money to purchase goods with it. Either way, the system will get that money back and stay alive.

When you think about it, no other species on this planet can pull something like that. The almighty lion is fucked, if the prey is gone. He’s good as dead. You, on the other hand, can even file for bankruptcy and state will make sure to keep you alive. You’ll be granted the welfare. How’s that for “fuck you Mother Nature”?

Think of DEBT as of the advantage rather than something bad. You only need to make the good purpose for the money you’ll borrow.

When Donald Trump hit the rock bottom and lost more than $300M, what did he do? He borrowed some more and look at him now. That’s what you should learn to do. To exploit the built-in instruments of the monetary-market system, designed to enable every person on this planet to build the life of absolute and unlimited abundance.


Now you’re thinking, “Dude, I need to get lucky to pull something like that.”

Luck has nothing to do with it. At least not the type of luck you have on your mind.

Money investing - Ballz MagazineYou walk through the forest and step on the seed. That seed got stuck on your shoe. You get back to the city and while walking to your favorite bar, seed drops off and lands on a sidewalk. Some guy comes only a minute later and accidentally kicks that seed on the busy street. A Bus comes along and squashes that poor seed, killing every chance that it will ever grow into a tree.

Was that seed just unlucky?

Perhaps. But it evolved that way. The seed is heavily relying on a random, uncontrolled event or a random act of luck. It could stay in the woods and grow or get squashed by the bus. But then again, there’s plenty of seeds on one tree. The tree is compensating with the sheer volume because it’s aware of the fact that each of its seeds relies on a random luck.

Now, let’s check you out. Let’s see if you are unlucky.

You can walk. Thus, you can switch the LZ completely autonomously. You can think. Thus, you can choose where that LZ (landing zone) is. So if you miss on something, is that just a bad luck or have you just failed to see it?

When the bus hits the pedestrian who walked across the street with the earbuds plugged and tuned up to the max, was he just unlucky or dumb?

Same is here. Your choices led you to where you are right now. You are perfectly capable of choosing the direction.

The only question is: why did you take that route?

Money has nothing to do with a random act of luck. It may be described as the opportunity luck, but even that definition implies that someone who got lucky paid attention to even spot that opportunity. Do you understand what I’m saying here?

You must seek for the opportunity. You must search for the solution, using nothing but your brain. It won’t come to you without your direct intention. If you wait for that to happen, then you’re not waiting for some sort of luck to strike you from nowhere. You’re just being lazy, that’s all.


Oh, you might be thinking that having millions on your account might make people think that you’re greedy. Is that it? The Holy Bible and grandmother scared the living bejeezus out of you with all those tales about hell and internal fire?

Being a millionaire and someone who’s searching for opportunities doesn’t make you greedy and that’s the fact!

Money investing - Ballz MagazineThe thing that cracks me up most is when I see that stupid meme on Instagram or Facebook where some stupid ass claims how it bears more significance if you give someone $20 out of $100 you have in total, then when Bill Gates pumps a couple of millions in some cause.

It seems that people have a distorted view of reality or they are just trying to justify their fucked up financial situation.

Now, imagine yourself on a receiving end of that deal. What sounds more appealing to you: $20 or $1,000,000? Who’ll turn out looking better in your eyes? Bill Gates or some poor schmuck who gave you $20? It is a noble thing to do, but he’s better off learning how to make more of it.

Greed, as the term described in the Bible and by the local priest, is nothing more than marketing. Give away your wealth to that nice gentleman in black and he’ll make sure you’re forgiven for all of your sins.

That’s right. They have the über-product – penance! Beat that, I dare you.

Greed is merely a reflection of someone’s attempt to reach the heights or go where no one has gone before.

Don’t buy that religious/marketing crap. You can help more with a couple of grant than $5 you give to a homeless person.

Or, perhaps you are not giving away anything. Perhaps you’re keeping the money in the sock?

Money in a drawer or a sock is dead money!

Money investing - Ballz MagazineSo get your game plan straight, please. Ever heard about the inflation?

For money to reach its purpose, it must circulate. It has to multiply.

The only way for that to happen is to — you’re guessing right — INVEST money and not keep it still.  So we’re back to where we’ve started, right?

And that’s basically all you need to learn about the money – HOW TO INVEST in the most optimal way. But most importantly, you need to disable and completely remove those brakes you have in your mind about investing.

You know what’s the best way to beat the phobia, don’t you? So why don’t you give it a shot? Invest a couple of hundreds or even better thousands and see what happens. You’ll throw it in flames anyway, so why not at least try doing something useful and smart with it?

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