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Are You Really Unlucky?

Are you unlucky
Written by Mark Novicki

Two friends are talking one Friday night, sitting in a corner of a strip joint:

“Listen to the shit that was kept happening to me today. While I was walking home from work, a DHL van driving about 100 miles per hour drove right through a puddle of water in the same moment I happened to be there.

It was like getting hit by the tsunami. I ended up all wet and pissed off beyond imagination.

200 yards further down the street I saw my ex-teacher whom I tried to run over with my bike on the day of my graduation. She was walking with some old crow and I could hear her talking trash about me and laughing at me because I looked like goddamn wallpaper during the Monsoon season in Vietnam.

All pissed, disappointed and with suicidal thoughts inside my head I figured that the best thing to do was to place a few bets on dog races, you know…to relax a bit. As it turned out, that fat bitch decided to close the place earlier.

And just when I thought that I had my share of shitty luck for a day, I saw that bitch neighbor of mine. Goddamn she’s just turned 18 and her daddy bought her a brand new AMG Merc with the sound of a thunder coming over the mountains. Lewis Hamilton wouldn’t mind to drive that shit.

Up until yesterday that little blond bitch used to frequently fall down the teeter and drove a freakin’ scooter with eight backup wheels and today she’s driving that hot ride. And I, who spend a year and a half practicing for Formula 1, space shuttle and Boeing 747…I can’t drive anything better than a lawnmower…motherfucker.”

Let’s analyze this “streak of bad luck”, shall we?

Bad Luck with a DHL van

If he had been aware of what was going on around him — something called situational awareness — he would have anticipated the event.

Bad Luck with the ex-teacher

If he would been more polite and a bit more disciplined during his school days, that lady would have tried to help him out. How you treat others determines how they will treat you.

Bad Luck with the betting

If he was smart about gambling, he would praise the Lord Almighty that she closed the place a bit earlier and saved him some money.

Bad Luck with the sight of the young girl from the neighborhood

If he would be a NORMAL man, he would spend at least an hour of his day talking with that girl’s father and learn what it takes to drive that beautiful and powerful set of wheels.

Bad Luck with being flat broke and driving a lawnmower…

This is the sum of all of his fears.

First bad luck, with the puddle of water and DHL van, is a clear presentation of his fear of life where he’s shutting himself from the reality of the life. He is scared to observe the world as it is. Instead, he’s creating tunnel vision and locking himself in his thoughts, thinking that it will make it easier for him.

The teacher and betting is just his way of thinking that everything will come in its place if he waits it out. He provoked the teacher in school because he thought it was a waste of time to learn something. He started to bet because he was hoping for a shortcut in life.

Finally, he resented that young girl and her father because his lazy ass wouldn’t move a muscle to learn and to develop. It’s better to live your life in envy, isn’t it? Why bother making something out of yourself when you can sit, drink beer and bitch about everything, blaming others and justifying your existence with the fact that your poor ass was born under the wrong fucking star?

Who could do anything about it, right?

Bullshit! And you know that.

If you are thinking the same as that lazy ass, you better snap out of it and decide to work on yourself. Decide to improve. Decide to reign supreme.

Because what you focus on expands.  

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