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Nonsense and Dangers of Any Kind of Self-Imposed Limits

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Written by Igor K

Just yesterday I had a long night debate with my wife and the longtime friend of mine. We were discussing the necessity of having “more than one needs”, which was their point of view and, to be quite honest, both of them were extremely eager to prove me wrong.

My point was simple and straightforward:

It is stupid, illogical, and useless to set any kind of limit to yourself.

You’re guessing right. Money was the central topic of the discussion, as always.

Now, their claim was also simple:

  • Money doesn’t buy you happiness. One doesn’t truly need millions to be satisfied with self.

My friend backed his claim by saying how exciting and anxious he is to buy a brand new BMW series 6 in next two years.

He continued by saying how empty he would feel if he would be able to purchase one this very moment. What would he fight for, he asked?

There is a certain logic in that but it does lack the most important ingredient of true happiness – the vision.

One limits self when one lacks the vision

It’s the only viable explanation for self-imposed limits of any kind: money in particular.

You don’t look far enough and therefore you’re setting yourself a goal of having “just enough” to live a “comfortable” life without worrying about the bills, food and additional commodities our modern society provides.

How much is “just enough” to live a “comfortable” life?

$10K per month? $20K per month? $3K per month? $100M per month?

Let’s say that you’re OK by making $10K each month. You can live very fulfilled life, see places and never worry about food and energy. You can even have certain luxuries most can’t afford.

What is the purpose of your life?

What are you trying to achieve?

How do you want to be remembered?

What will they say about you after you’re gone?

What about generations to come?

You see, nobody thinks beyond self-existence. It appears like there is a certain block in people’s minds when it comes to thinking far in the future.

You have or will have children. They will have their children and so forth.

What about them?

Should they bust their ballz like you did just to experience the harshness of the life?

Or should they maybe be relieved from that suffer and preserve their spine?

“Why does your back hurt?” I asked my friend, knowing the answer beforehand.

“You don’t have to answer,” I said, “we both know why.”

Now you have a son.

Why in the world would you like him to go through the same ordeal you did?

Isn’t it in yours and his best interest that you make every effort to save his spine, stomach, shoulders, and health in general?

If not, why did you bother having a child in a first place if you’re eager to see him suffer through life?

Isn’t it your responsibility as a man, to make sure your family is well provided and well protected?

Now, this was the point where my wife started to change her perspective and my friend went completely silent.

“You see,” I continued, “I’m willing to bust my goddamn ballz for 16 hours of every fucking day to the rest of my life if needed just to make sure my two boys never freeze their asses on some stupid, dull and meaningless job with shitty pay. I want to make sure their children are also provided for.”

Will that make my two sons unprepared for life?

No. Because I make sure they know how to think in the monetary society to thrive.

Unlike parents who say: you have to work hard for your money; I say, first you work hard for your money, then you employ that hard earned money to work for you, which is the whole point of the monetary system.

And if you are worried about the lack of motivation to make ever more throughout your lifetime, think about your grandchildren.

There is no single reason why you wouldn’t set the path for them to finish high-end schools and live in abundance.

If nothing else, do some charity work. Do, however, focus on one single goal: to make them all more successful, with improved purchasing power. You will be remembered for that, no matter how insignificant the progress might seem.

Your life will have an extremely important purpose.

Because if you limit yourself in any way, let’s say $10K per month, exactly how much can you provide for your family and generations to come and how much can you truly help your community?

Think far, think big. You are not the only one to exist. There are generations to follow your path.

So stop limiting yourself and pave the way for the great life for them all!

About the author

Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.