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Legendary Entrepreneur 7-in-1 Bundle

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LEGENDARY ENTREPRENEUR is a full-scale personal development and business program consisting of 7 advanced e-courses lined up in a precise sequence to enable you to transform into an efficient entrepreneur and start your profitable online business in 24 hours.

No previous knowledge or experience needed!



2,2 billion people are spending money online on daily basis, including you. On average, they spend $488 per capita a year.

How much did you make online last month?

How much did you make in general?


Make no mistakes; online entrepreneurs are generating millions in profit daily while you’re busting your back 9-5 on some mind-numbing job for a shitty monthly wage.

Don’t you think it’s about time to get a piece of the action?

We got you covered!

What follows is the blueprint and detailed step-by-step tutorial on the actual process of starting and running your own profitable online business.

It’s just the matter of following the right process and you can make your first million online in less than a year. Even if you make less, you’re still gonna be your own boss and have an extremely flexible “working” hours.

Again, how much did you make last month?

A kid on YouTube is beating that money in under an hour!

What makes you think that you cannot do the same?


I N T R O D U C I N G:


L E G E N D A R Y    E N T R E P R E N E U R







making money legendary entrepreneur

Over 150,000,000 men and women across the planet have accumulated enough wealth to sustain at least 3 next generations. In this course, you will learn how they do it.

The purpose of this course is to set the stage for what lies ahead of you. Think of it as an introductory course to the LEGENDARY ENTREPRENEUR master business program and an essential first step on the journey of your life.

  • Available exclusively in the Legendary Entrepreneur master program!


developing business mind course

The second necessary course in the Legendary Entrepreneur master program sequence that sets the foundations for your future personal growth and business success.

These lessons are, in fact, advanced mind hacks that will rewrite your core matrix and update it to sync with your environment.

If you feel like you are on the standby, waiting for something or someone to just switch you on, then this is the switch you’ve been looking for all this time.

Make no mistake; you can do far better. 150 million of men and women who hold 86% of everything this planet has to offer, serve as a living proof of that. And it doesn’t matter who you are or where are you coming from.


business basics course

BUSINESS BASICS course of the LEGENDARY ENTREPRENEUR master business program teaches you how to move from just a fade image of a potential, profitable business idea to the fully organized business plan ready to execute.

You will learn:

  • How to distill the most profitable business idea
  • How to properly research the market to see the development and financial perspective of that idea
  • How to calculate the profitability
  • How to organize your thoughts and notes into a concise and meaningful structure
  • How to build the strategy and business plan (you will be provided with the template of an executive business plan with tutorial)
  • How to build an effective marketing plan
  • Things to do and things to avoid
  • Everything else that is needed to build a full-scale business
  • Finally, a simple mind hack that eliminates the notorious “cold feet” syndrome

Business Basics course is the first necessary step toward launching your own startup. Because, to succeed, you need to start with fundamentals.

  • Available exclusively in the Legendary Entrepreneur master program!


crowdfunding course

This CROWDFUNDING course details the necessary process for the successful reward-based crowdfunding campaign. It’s accompanied by the demo campaign on Kickstarter so you can see how everything works in practice. In addition, you are provided with the links to EVERY single resource you need for the campaigning. 

It will guide you through each step of the process, using:

  • Case studies
  • Connected demo campaign on Kickstarter
  • Other helpful resources (links to different essential services, etc.), and
  • Advanced human behavioral science

To teach you how to:

  1. Raise the awareness,
  2. Attract the highly targeted demographics, and
  3. Successfully pitch your campaign to prospects to blast through your funding goal.

In short, You will learn:

  • Pre-launch steps essential for successful fundraising
  • What to do at the moment of the launch and during campaigning
  • Necessary processes and steps in the post-campaigning period, after raising the money

Also available as a stand-alone course     PRICE  $69.99     $19.99 ON SALE!


how to set online business in 24 hours and make money online fast

This course is teaching you 3 different ways of setting the profitable online business in the shortest possible time and grabbing your first 365 online spenders to generate the initial $180,000 in annual revenues.

Think of it as the fastest way to set the online business – with or without your own product or service!

In this course, you will get:

  • In-depth information on how money is made in the online environment
  • Step-by-step tutorials on:
    • How to set up the profitable website to sell your own product or services
    • Blueprint for setting up the profitable website (case-study) that you can simply replicate
    • How to make money re-selling the third-parties products and services through AFFILIATE MARKETING
    • How to build a highly profitable e-commerce website in less than 24 hours to re-sell the third parties products using DROPSHIPPING business model
  • A complete SEO Tutorial that details 35 critical elements of a perfectly optimized web page

Also available as a stand-alone course     PRICE   $69.99     $19.99 ON SALE!


how to become freelancer course

This course will teach you how to become self-employed and start working as a modern-day freelancer already tomorrow. It’s the alternative to internet marketing, e-commerce and margin trading as the ways of making money online.

Online freelancing is a risk-free and extremely low-overhead business where you are using a specific skill or the entire set to provide a service on the international market – from your living room.

You will skip the long and exhausting learning curve and jump-start your work-from-home career using the experience of over a decade-long successful professional, international freelancing career.

If you have a thing for writing, design, development or even becoming a virtual assistant, this is for you.

You will learn:

  • The inside-out of the FREELANCING INDUSTRY and being a freelancer
  • Hidden and overlooked traps with the potential to kill your career in any phase
  • Less known facts about making money online as a pro freelancer
  • What international clients expect from you
  • How to set up the most optimal PROFILE on the freelance platform
  • What is, how it’s made, and how do you use PORTFOLIO OF SERVICES
  • How to write a high-converting COVER LETTER
    • (You are provided with the adjustable template of such cover letter that’s been repeatedly used in winning contracts across categories. It comes with the detailed explanations of every specific segment.)
    • (There’s also a sequence of screenshots of the process of applying to and landing a contract and receiving a 5-star feedback on Upwork so you could see everything in practice. Your instructor has applied for a job, won the contract, delivered the work, received the feedback, managed to persuade the client to extend the contract and assign the new project, and documented the entire process for you.)
  • How to manage time to boost performance
  • And many other relatively unknown, yet critical aspects of FREELANCING and a life of a professional freelancer

Simply put, this course is a neat shortcut that will enable you to disconnect from the obsolete matrix and become self-employed already tomorrow!


how to become a leader leadership course

The final course in the Legendary Entrepreneur program sequence that teaches you how to become a true leader. Because being a leader is not conditioned. Leadership is learned and earned.

Do you have any affiliations toward politics? Are you dreaming of becoming a respected local leader? Or perhaps you are planning a big business with many employees?

To achieve any of these goals, it’s essential to learn the trade of the leadership.

You will learn:

  • How leaders are made
  • How to make a global impact
  • Finally, how to become recognized as the true leader

Available exclusively in the Legendary Entrepreneur master program!




Jep Andre Laponnel

Co-owner of legendary Trolls company, a long-time entrepreneur and certified business coach, expert on personal development and business strategies, founder and CEO at MCP Ltd. and NP Ltd, owner of over a dozen influential social websites and online magazines.

Chris Collins

Head of Business Strategies at MCP Ltd., CFO at NP Ltd., owner of 12 e-commerce sites, veteran business analyst, internet marketing specialist and published author.

Igor Katusic

Long-time professional online freelancer, founder and CEO at Q-content Ltd. and its subsidiaries, CMO at MCP Ltd., owner of 8 other e-commerce and coaching sites, behavioral specialist and a long-term marketing strategist specialized in business fundraising.


The business program that enables YOU to move from zero knowledge to your first profitable online business in line


12,000+ graduates

7,000+ online businesses

and counting…






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  • LESSON 1: “Introduction to Money Making”
  • LESSON 2: “The Main Purpose of Money”
  • LESSON 3: “How to Think About Bank Loans or Why Are People Reluctant to Invest Their Money”
  • LESSON 4: “Capitalizing on Short-Term, High-Risk Investments”
  • LESSON 5: “Capitalization on Medium- to Long-Term Investment Opportunities”
  • LESSON 6: “Additional Long-Term Investments”
  • LESSON 7: “Essential Rules of the Investment Game”


  • LESSON 1: “Introduction to the Part One”
  • LESSON 2: “7 Essential Characteristics of the Synced Mind”
  • LESSON 3: “6 Differences Between BUYERS and SELLERS”
  • LESSON 4: “Introduction to Part Two”
  • LESSON 5: “The Quick Transition”
  • LESSON 6: “Inside the Monetary-Market System”
  • LESSON 7: “Self-Reflection”
  • LESSON 9:” Power of Will”
  • LESSON 10:” Habiting”


  • LESSON 1: “Introduction to Business Basics”
  • LESSON 2: “How to Flush Out a Profitable Business Idea”
  • LESSON 3: “How to Calculate Profitability of Your Idea”
  • LESSON 4: “Developing and Refining the Blueprint of the Future Executive Business Plan”
  • LESSON 5: “The Structure of the Executive Business Plan with the Tutorial”
  • LESSON 6: “Why Do People Fear Executing Their Plans”
  • LESSON 7: “How to Know That You Are Ready to Take the Jump”
  • LESSON 8: “The Crucial 3 Ds of Any Success”


  • LESSON 1: “Introduction to Crowdfunding”
  • LESSON 2: “Pre-Launch Outreach Phase, Step 1 – Build the Landing Page”
  • LESSON 3: “Pre-Launch Outreach Phase, Step 2 – Set the Webshop”
  • LESSON 4: “Pre-Launch Outreach Phase, Step 3 – Set the Social Networks Presence”
  • LESSON 5: “Pre-Launch Outreach Phase, Step 4 – Building High-Converting Campaign Page”
  • LESSON 6: “Pre-Launch Outreach Phase, Step 5 – Press Releases Preparation and Publishing Sequence”
  • LESSON 7: “Campaign Launch and Running Phase, Steps 1-3”
  • LESSON 8: “Post-Campaign Phase, Steps 1-3”
  • LESSON 9: “Action Steps Summary”


  • LESSON 1: “Introduction to Onlne Businesses”
  • LESSON 2: “Main Sources of Money in Online Businesses”
  • LESSON 3: “Setting Online Business, Step 1 – Laying the Foundation”
  • LESSON 4: “Setting Online Business, Step 2 – Building Primary Monetization Model”
  • LESSON 5: “Setting Online Business, Step 3 – Time and Money Management”
  • LESSON 6: “Setting Online Business, Step 4 – Effective Marketing and Advertising”
  • LESSON 7: “CASE STUDY: Setting Profitable Website Using 4 Hours a Day” (blueprint!)
  • LESSON 8: “Setting a Dropship Business in Less than 24 Hours”
  • LESSON 9: “Advanced SEO Tutorial”


  • LESSON 1: “Introduction to Online Freelancing”
  • LESSON 2: “What is Online Freelancing”
  • LESSON 3: “Inside the Freelancing Industry”
  • LESSON 4: “Working-From-Home Basics”
  • LESSON 5: “The Best Place to Start Your Freelancing Career”
  • LESSON 6: “The Critical SKILL That Makes all the Difference”
  • LESSON 7: “3 Essential Things You Need to Land a Contract”
  • LESSON 8: “Setting Your Freelancer PROFILE”
  • LESSON 9: “What is PORTFOLIO OF SERVICES, How It’s Made, and How It’s Used to Land Contracts”
  • LESSON 10: “How to Write a High-Converting Cover Letter”
  • LESSON 11: “Working On and Scheduling the Projects”
  • LESSON 12: “Client Relationship Management (CRM)”
  • LESSON 13: “Time Management in Pro Freelancing”
  • LESSON 14: “Dealing with Rejections”


  • LESSON 1: “Why Becoming a Leader”
  • LESSON 2: “Identifying a Big Enough Problem to Make a Global Impact”
  • LESSON 3: “Steps Toward True Leadership”
  • LESSON 4: “The Origins of the Problem”
  • LESSON 5: “Practical Impacts of the Problem”
  • LESSON 6: “Essential Level of Personal Engagement – SELF-BRANDING”

$269.99 $24.99Add to cart

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2 reviews for Legendary Entrepreneur 7-in-1 Bundle

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Aiden Clark (verified owner)

    Excellent business program! Finally realized what I was doing wrong all this time. My dropshipping site is now making me some serious money

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ron Bellman (verified owner)

    By far the most thorough and best-guiding program I’ve come across. The second course definitely blew my mind. Went two times over it. Wasn’t even aware of some facts explained in it and how wrong I’m doing/thinking things.

    I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s struggling with finances and looking to start a new business. The best part is that the business coaching is set in a way that can be applied in practice for both online and “offline” businesses. Along with revamping my current online affairs, I’m also reconsidering a couple of ideas, involving classic brick&mortar sales place, I had in the past but was afraid to start working on them.

    Things are looking great now!

    Thumbs up guys!

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