12 Principles That Make an Effective Team Leader

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Written by Igor K

Can you be a manager and a team leader all-in-one? Yes, you can and many business owners are combining these two roles. The fact is: if you are a leader, management will not be a problem since your team will be on the top of their game.

If, on the other hand, you suck as a leader, then you’ll have a hard time succeeding no matter how good your executives are.

This is namely because of the mentality of the managers and executives.

While they are great in the organization and getting things done on time; they are also the ones who require being led by someone greater than them.

Simply put, they require a leader; otherwise, they will roam around in wonder, not knowing what to do next.

It is the way nature made us. Only few can lead, the rest follow.

But if you have at least the will to lead and are not afraid to do it considering all the responsibilities, here are the leadership primer that you need to adopt in order to effectively lead the team.

  1. Be Honest even when the news is not so good

If the ship is sinking, inform the team on time.

Don’t hide it because you’ll appear as a scared little boy and they will stop respecting you once you get the ship running again.

Share the negative and exploit the trust of brains you hired on your own to do exactly that – crisis management. Because running a business is a crisis management operation based on an active and constant problem-solving.

2. Surround yourself with the best people

The majority should be better than you in certain fields.

Don’t forget the wisdom (it is based on a fact): you are as good as your team.

That being said, don’t be afraid to hire a top gun in some area. It is in your best interest.


  1. Remove intimidation from the equation


And lead with the passion, enthusiasm, and intensity.


  1. Build and nurture a relationship with people


Especially with the mentors/advisors.

Have few of them because people leave or get transferred and you really don’t want to be left alone. You need to have someone to rely on when the shit hits the fan.


  1. Move out of the way if necessary


And let someone better than you to take charge if you’re not handling a certain field well.

This mostly goes for HR which can consume too much time and energy. But it can extend to logistics and organization. Hence, if you suck at it, leave to someone else.


  1. Closely monitor the team and circumstances


To recognize the weakness.

React on time and never think that things are 100% OK. There is always something that sucks and has to be improved.


  1. Don’t leave your men


Be there for them in flames and in glory.


  1. Entice engagement of everybody within your organization


And listen to what they have to say.

Great ideas are coming from all over the place since different people are working on different positions and thus; have different perspectives. That is to say that a genitor can give you a brilliant idea. Never forget that.


  1. Avoid making hasty decisions


Analyze every angle and talk to as many experts as possible.

Then sit down in some peaceful environment and re-think everything before deciding.

Learn how to control your recklessness!


  1. Inspire trust


And that will put you in control (no reason for imposing fear).


  1. Share your vision with every single employee


And the organization will function autonomously as long as you provide your employees with certain freedoms and make them feel important regardless of their positions and responsibilities.

They will feel as a part of a community; a closed, exclusive group or a tribe where they can express themselves and identify with it.

This is the secret of Apple’s success, by the way.


  1. Lead the people – LEAD THE TRIBE!


And they will manage their tasks even if it kills them. They will become devoted.


Bottom line, allow as much freedom as possible for every single employee and closest executive team. Allow them to share your vision and they will transform your company into a tribe.

Once they identify with that tribe, they will become active parties on which you can rely on.

We are a species that heavily relies and depends on the group. Use those instincts in the best interest of your company.

About the author

Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.