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How Can One-Night Stand Turn Into Million-Dollar Business

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Here, I’m gonna share the details of an unlikely situation in a hope that it will trigger just the right switch and turn your ass into a millionaire; just like it did to me. In other words, I hope that it will transform your idea in yet another million-dollar business.

To get a million-dollar business idea

Apparently, you have to have sex with the woman you’ve never met, in a place you’ve never been before.

That’s how it happened to me. It was a trigger that made me a millionaire in less than a year from the one-night stand with the hot, 50-year-old sex machine. The strange, red-haired, married woman, I’ve never seen again after we hooked up that one decisive night.


I was having a great time with my wife and two daughters in Puerto Rico. Went there for a quality R&R, after spending the year working round-the-clock for my Nazi boss. 18-hour shift with no determined working schedule, Saturdays and Sundays included. On standby 24/7. The whole shit led me to insomnia.

Wife pulled the plug, blackmailing me with divorce if I don’t change something.

So the next day, I went to the office and quit my job. The fat simpleton wasn’t too happy about it but I couldn’t care less about his feelings.

Jobless and without any clue about what do next, I decided to take my family away for two weeks. 2 weeks that will change our lives forever.


One late evening, I decided to take a long, slow stroll on the beach to figure shit out. 15 minutes later I stumbled upon this gorgeous grandma (you really couldn’t tell that she was 50, I swear to God), playing with her two small grandsons, under the baywatch tower.

I went slowly pass them, looking at her perfect butt. Short summer skirt was revealing more than it was hiding. Long red hair and a beautiful face. The smile that knocks people out of their feet.

In one moment, she raised her head and our eyes met. For 10 long seconds, we were absorbing each other.

I kept walking and after some 30 yards, I turned around and saw that she’s still looking at me.

Something clicked in my mind. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Couldn’t focus on the primary reason for my stroll anymore. Just wanted to have sex with her.


Later that night, while four of us were having dinner in a hotel’s restaurant, I saw her couple of tables away, eating with the 60-something-year-old husband and those two little boys.

We spent an hour, secretly looking at each other, so none of our spouses would notice that something is going on behind their backs.

It was clear as a whistle that we both wanted the same thing – to get together and have sex without anyone noticing.

Now, this is where things get interesting.

Imagine yourself in a similar situation. You want to have sex with the woman that sends you obvious signals. How would you do it? And bear in mind that you don’t want your wife or that woman’s partner to find out about it.

One way is to rent another room in that same hotel and somehow push the note to her.

It’s easy to get another room.

However, sending a secret message and actually getting together in that room is something entirely different.

It’s a risky business, I can tell you that right now. Too many things can go wrong and your vacation could turn into a divorce nightmare. Instead of getting back to your life, you could end up looking for an apartment to settle with that puny bag your wife threw at you on your way out.


Another way is to make sure to stumble upon each other at the toilet which is not that common nor romantic. That shit happens only in movies or with drugged teens.


What if both of you have knowledge about the app that not only sends secret, untraceable, instantly deleted messages after being seen but also gets you a room, not far away from your current position? Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?

Yeah, baby! I got your attention now.

How would something like that work?

Well, simple.

The app is active on your smartphone, working in complete stealth mode, and scanning for the presence of yet another app. That other app is used by someone closely similar to what you’ve described as desirable while setting up your profile or a specific event.

For instance, you are going on vacation and you’ll be there for a week. And while being there, you would like to maybe hook up with a dark-haired, single or married woman who happened to be at that same location. Before that particular woman (or couple of them) departure to her destination, she made an interesting input in her app – she wants to, perhaps, hook up with the dark-haired, 40-something married man.

It’s a match, and your smartphone is silently vibrating in your pocket, alarming you on the presence of someone that you might be interested in.

Now comes the sweet part.

Let’s say that your wife is using your smartphone, or can access it without your knowledge, and it starts vibrating.

She can go through every possible (viewable and accessible) apps on your smartphone and still won’t be able to figure out the reason why that damn phone suddenly started vibrating. It’s clear to her that the vibration intensity is much lower than expected so it must be some kind of malfunction.

As soon as she sees you, she’ll inform you that your phone went mad and needs to be repaired or substituted. Unless, of course, she’s using the same app, in which case you can bet your ass that she’s cheating on you! So you’ve got nothing to lose anyway.

You’ll make some appropriate manly comment, grab that “damn phone” and when safe and appropriate, you’ll press the secret combination of keys to unlock and unveil the match-making app and see who’s been buzzing you!

Of course, you can turn off all notifications (signals) and just do occasional check-ups, just to be safe.

If you like what you see, you’ll send a message. She’ll then either accept or decline your request to meet with her. If she accepts, the app will instantly activate the search mode and find you a secret nest, in decent proximity.

Depending on your membership level, that room or even a suite can be entirely free for one entire night. And it can even include a free bottle of the top champaign, flowers, candies and late dinner in bed for two of you.

Discretion is absolutely guaranteed because it’s the very foundation of my entire business.

A multi-million business by the way, that popped into my mind the day after I had sex with that hot red-haired grandma.

Yeah, I’m a determined guy. When I set my mind to something, I’ll either make it happen or die trying.

You see, I was forced to use the mentioned “analog” method, unlike the users of my app. Bottom line is that I had to track her down, which drained $50 from my pocket because the damn receptionist wouldn’t give me info for less. Then, I had to “extract” her, which was yet another problem.

It took me two fucking hours, good amount of stress and some good sweating to finally drag her into a room I got for us, which, by the way, was right across the room where she, her hubby and her two grandsons were staying.

And now you’ll see why I said that it is a risky business to do it the old fashion way.

You know, God is a funny guy, with the sick sense of humor. I spent time, money and energy to set everything up and have wild sex with the woman who just couldn’t get enough of it. It was some hardcore sex, to tell you the truth. Little did I know, while she was sucking my dick like there’s no tomorrow, that God was in for some fun.

What were the chances that, the moment two of us were getting the hell out of the room, both her husband and my wife happen to be in that same fucking corridor? Huh? What are the odds?

There they are, staring at us like we are some circus freaks, having no doubts in their minds about what’s been going on in that room.


Anyway, the idea came to my mind the next day, while we were flying home – to meet with the lawyers. Yes, that same evening, I’ve packed my bags and said goodbye to my daughters. Their mommy didn’t want anything to do with me anymore. And who can blame her, right?

OK, OK, but how do you make it happen?

How do you go from some seemingly crazy idea that’s been swirling in your head to the end product that sells like Coke? 

Pretty hard, to be honest. Don’t believe those pricks who are trying to persuade you otherwise. It’s a hard work, 24/7, just to get the designs. Then comes searching for the funds to make the working prototype, just to have something tangible to show when you are asking for more serious money.

First, I laid everything on a paper. In a raw form. As it was coming out from my head. Given the fact that I was left alone in some shitty apartment across the city, I had time to extract every last detail form my head without being interrupted in any way.

Since I didn’t know second thing about software development, nor how to find someone who knows, I was forced to spend days on the internet to see how it’s done.

My first pick was a disaster. Some schmuck I found on one of the major freelancing platforms, who presented himself as a top shit app developer.

But it was my fault. I literally glued myself to the fact that he was the cheapest bidder and thus, failed to properly check him up. Mistake. A big one.

I wasted a month and couple of grand just to end up with some crap that didn’t have anything to do with what I needed.

Then, a friend of mine recommended a team of young coders who recently started the business. It was a jackpot.

Chips, as they called their boss or whatever the hell that guy was, understood perfectly what I was after.

It took him a month to build the prototype app for the testing purpose. And he warned me that the whole thing must undergo some serious check-ups before moving to the final stage. After all, the privacy and conspiracy was everything. We couldn’t afford leaks, database dumping or some weird bug that would un-stealth the app when you least expect it.

million-dollar business app development

An example of an app development process.

Two months later, we had a fully developed and tested product. And additional $20K less in my pocket. It turned out that it wasn’t so simple to build something like that.

But now, I had something to show to serious investors. You know, the guys with millions in their pockets, just waiting for the next cool tech stuff to emerge. The world is full of them.

The first three VC’s passed. Then the fourth one thanked me for my effort and escorted me to the door.

I started thinking that I’m not doing something right. Clearly, I had a great stuff in my pocket. So it had to be something with my presentation.

Was again forced to hire a professional service. A copywriter to help me compile a decent pitch that I could use.

I needed money. Lots of it. Because it is tremendously hard to market something like this and to organize essential logistics.

You want people to know but you also don’t want some freakin’ frenzy about it because the entire deal relies on secrecy, not the viral effect.

Then you need to work some sort of a deal with hotels and resorts that, by the way, are not that open for ideas like mine. For the most part, they were afraid of potential scenes if someone’s spouse pops unannounced if you know what I mean.

Finally, after months of searching, I found a venture capital that was willing to go in with a full mill. In exchange for 10% of the business.

I knew they were asking too much given the potential annual gross but I was desperate for money and they sure as hell noticed that. The day I came into their office, I maxed out the final out of all four of my credit cards and was looking into sure bankruptcy. That million sounded better than it really was.

But, it was essential to get on with the final stage of my business plan.

Had to find at least one hotel in each of the initial five targeted destinations that would support my business. Translated, that means that I had to make a deal with the resort manager about getting the room on my name, for a longer period of time, so it would be ready in any given moment, for a good price.

Just imagine how much something like that costs. Add a room service, special add-ons for the future VIP members and you are broke before you even start if you fail to kick-start your business from the Day 1.

It’s a risk that you simply have to take.

You need to have everything set BEFORE you start offering your product or a service on the market.

If I haven’t done that, I would go out of the business the Day 2 because the moment I spread the word about my app, I had 100 downloads and 5 VIP’s that very first day. I was simply amazed at the people’s desire to cheat on their spouses.

By the end of the first month, 4,500 members were regularly using the app with 10% of them being a VIP’s. That mill I took from VC multiplied itself several times in just 6 months.


The bottom line is that if you want to become truly independent, meaning that you are rolling in a shit load of money, you just have to throw a hard eight from time to time and let those ideas out in the open.

Take a pen and a piece of paper and do a preliminary sketch. See how it feels when you look at it with your own eyes because, trust me when I say, it feels entirely different while it’s marinating in your brain. In there, everything looks great. But once you write it down, you can see the real framework for the first time.

After that, the hard work begins.

It will take you anywhere between 3-12 months just to make the working prototype. Anything sooner than that may indicate sloppy work.

Still, that’s just 12 months. A year, that passes by before you turn around.

So get that pen and flush it out.

There’s no such thing as a bad idea. There’s only poor execution. Remember that!

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