6 Wrong Types of Women to Have Affair With

Written by Steven Hawk

School’s up boys! Don’t miss this affair class; otherwise, you might find yourself in some awkward and above all, dangerous situations. Because, fuck with her heart, and she’ll rip yours right out of the socket with the spoon. And she won’t be the only one if you pick the wrong target to have some “side dish” if you know what I mean.

We are getting old, apparently being smarter than ever, with many miles in our legs, and we still somehow mess things up. It’s almost ridiculous how some hot piece of ass can fuck your brain entirely. You’ll forget about everything and hump that leg right there, on a copy machine.

2 days later, memories are still vivid, but something is happening down there…something kinda strange…it’s like you have the entire civilization of busy little workers, running all over the place. Duuudeee…I’m fucked now, you suddenly realize. But how would you know that she is nothing more but a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and parasites, right?

OK, this one is rather easy. You’ll shave everything. Not that it is the first time, isn’t it? She’ll never notice. And it will most likely work…

But, we dare you to try to find the way out from these 6 affair “accidents.”

#1 – She’s sweet and young, and mellow, and just asks to be grabbed by your strong arms

But she falls in love in a second. And when a woman loves, hills move.

affair sexy young ass

The last thing you need is some 20-something hysterical coed, calling you home and texting you every five minutes, asking what’s wrong and why you won’t return her calls? And you’ve promised! You’ve promised that you’ll take care of her. And who could resist her anyway, right? It was like a fresh peach, just waiting for you to pick it up. It didn’t even feel like an affair.

#2 – Who would think that they work together and share, right?

affair in the office

Yeah, you’ve been stumbling on that particular lady quite frequently lately. It’s hard to tell who’s searching for whom anymore. It’s clear that you two clicked.

So you exchange emails, rent the hotel room and fuck each other’s brains out. And then again. And again. And again.

For the last couple of weeks, you’ve been doing it like two animals, all over the freakin’ place. The entire deal feels more like some weird marathon than an affair with the occasional meetups.

And then, one evening, your wife is coming home, slamming the doors with the fury of the Almighty. She’s pissed above all limits. You’ve never seen her like that and you’re now standing in fear, not knowing:

A) Why is she pissed (even though you can sense the reason)?

B) Is she packed with the 38 caliber?


As it turns out, women share. And that hottie of yours just happens to share the desk with your wife. And you, dumbass, just happen to have a sexy tattoo on your left thigh. Now run for your life because getting shot with the 38, regardless of the distance, is one extremely painful experience.

#3 – Yeah, she’s been hitting on you so obviously. Easy pickins!

And as it usually happens, one day, around 10 AM, you two found yourself alone in a cover of your office. The door lock clicks and the clothes start flying all over the place.

Before her shirt even touched the flour, you already found your way inside of her from behind. Who could blame you?

Only, you don’t shit where you eat.

Now you’ve put yourself in the very shitty situation because if you don’t obey like a cute little puppy, who knows what she’s capable of doing, right? And pretty soon, everybody will realize how that particular sexy redhead has some perks in difference from the rest of the crew.

#4 – She never showed any sign that she might be in for an affair

It was all great in a library. Young, redhead, with those sexy glasses, all shiny and quiet. But you did manage to find your way into her panties.

So she invites you to come to her place this evening. You come up with some lame excuse (because we are not that smart as we like to think) and show up at her door. She opens, you enter, she closes and the whole hell breaks loose!

It turns out that this lovely little lady fancies whipcord and a Batman mask but not on her face or on her skin! She just happens to have something against that two-legged rodent. That’s one extremely painful affair, my friend.

affair bdsm domina

#5 – You couldn’t do it and now the whole world knows

Because, dumbass, from approximately 3 billion women out there, you picked the famous blogger with the hidden cam who just love to share her bed stories with the millions of visitors every fucking day. She does make a shit load of money though.

#6 – You didn’t even realize that you two still have feelings for each other

And now crazy in love with your ex, who sent the clear signal about spending the rest of her life with you, because she made a terrible mistake couple of years ago, you are starting to wreak havoc all over your household.

affair with the ex

You don’t know what to do because you’ll break your wife’s heart and she loves you more than anything in the world. And those two little girls, who adore you, will definitely resent your decision to leave. How can you live with that?

What do you do?

Btw, in case you are wondering, this is what she might be doing!

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