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Sex Story: One-Night Stand with the Sexy Strange in Bellagio Turned into Adventure of the Lifetime

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I noticed her the moment I walked in. Long, perfect legs and nicely rounded ass just calling for the touch. When she turned, it was clear that the body belongs to one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Her curly brown hair was falling all the way to the middle of her back. The large opening on her dress exposed much of her skin and even from a couple of yards, you could sense that tenderness and smoothness.

Those are the moments when it becomes clear how easy it is to spend a little fortune on a woman if only she asks you to.

I intended to spend good money gambling and having some fun, perhaps using one of the top escort services in Vegas. Not even in my wildest imagination did I think that I’ll stumble upon a woman who will not only pleasure me like no woman before her but also be the center of the wildest adventure of my life.

I guess it does happen like that. By the pure chance, when you least expect it. You spend days planning and preparing for two weeks in one of the best places on the planet and then one look changes everything.

When she looked at me with those huge blue eyes, I almost fell off my feet and that’s not something that’s been happening to me often. Because I’m not a guy who sits at home and watch football games. No…far from that…I live to go places, do things and experience something new every day of my life. So you can only imagine the number and scope of the ladies I met in my lifetime.

But this one was something else.

When I approached her, I could sense that irresistible fragrance of Hypnotic Poison. Not every woman feels confident enough to wear it. Because it’s not the perfume designed for a woman. It’s a woman that has to be designed for the perfume.

I wasn’t sure was I talking to a professional just yet. It seemed like it but you can never be sure in Vegas because many married women visit its extraordinary hotels to have some discreet fun with the stranger(s). I was hoping that I’m that stranger. At least for her. At least for one night.

So I bravely asked her to join me for lunch at the Alize restaurant on Flamingo road. I eat there often because the food is just great and service is almost unmatchable. It’s a French cuisine prepared by one of the best chefs in the town. But I go there for one other reason: the view on Stripe is just amazing. You can eat your meal and enjoy the best view on the heart of the Vegas. And if you’re in the company of a beautiful woman, everything is taken to another level.

She accepted my sudden and not so subtle invitation so we quickly checked in and agreed that I’ll meet her in front of the hotel. I had a limo waiting for me anyway so the setup was just perfect. It wasn’t my first time, you know, but this time I felt different. There was something about this woman. Something I couldn’t describe. All I knew in that moment was that I’m attracted to her more than I want.

Two hours later, we were enjoying our meals and exchanging the stories. We stayed for two straight hours, discussing things like we know each other for years. Melissa turned out to be recently divorced and came to Vegas with four of her female friends in an obvious attempt to have some wild fun.

Maybe she knew what was going to happen, maybe she didn’t, but I’ll never forget those 24 hours for as long as I live. And trust me when I say: there’s not much that can impress me after years spent on the field. I thought I’ve seen it all.

We went back to Bellagio, entered the elevator and when it stopped at my floor, I took her hand, looked into her eyes and that was it. She walked out with me without a word. I guess we clicked on that first eye contact.

Before I managed to close the door, she was all over me. Her skin felt so soft under my fingers and lips. And that fragrance was simply irresistible. We turned into wild beasts, ripping each other’s clothes off and kissing all the way to the large bedroom of my suite.

I picked her up, holding those two firm butt cheeks like I’ll never let them go. I lifted her all the way up and holding her there while kissing her large pink nipples. It was refreshing to kiss the natural breasts after so much time. And I took my time with it.

Her head was wildly moving on all sides and I could hear her moans. It was like she was begging me to end this torture and give it to her.

But I wasn’t about to indulge her request. I wanted to enjoy in that perfect body just a bit more so I gently placed her on my dick. She started to rub her pussy and bite my neck. I felt her fingernails in my skin. She was like a cat holding herself with the claws.

Her hand slipped down my skin in search of my hardness. She did few swift moves with her fingers and just stuck herself on, allowing me to penetrate deep inside of her, slowly and gently. We started our slow and sensual dance sucking each other’s tongues.

It lasted seemingly forever until I couldn’t hold her anymore. We fell down on the bed and moved sideways, speeding up the rhythm.

My hand was massaging her right breast. More I squeezed, wilder she got. And when I started twisting her nipple, she turned into an uncontrollable wild beast, sticking herself on my dick with the ever-increasing force until we’ve both reached the explosion.

I think it took half an hour to catch my breath again and detach from her.

– Do you smoke – she asked.

– Yes…

We were just lying there, breathing and puffing the cigarette smoke. No talk. No looks. Just a skin contact of two people, lying close to each other.

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Later that evening we decided to go for a drive. I knew just a place to take her when the night falls. We went east, up to the hills.

After a long drive, I parked the car at the side of the road. The view was spectacular. Clear night sky and lights of the Vegas would turn everyone on. We weren’t exceptions.

Just a look was more than enough to do it right there on the hood of my rented BMW. But this time I was in for something more intimate. I pulled up her short wide skirt and stripped her thong making way for my tongue. She lifted her legs on my shoulders and just let herself go.

Minute later she was screaming in intensive orgasm. I remember thinking that the guy who left his woman was a nutcase. I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone so sensual, so erotic and so freakin’ horny. The woman was a pure pleasure on two long legs.

She gently pushed me away with her high heels and just slipped from the hood. Then she turned around, lifted her skirt all the way up and leaned on the hood, exposing her astonishing ass to my plain sight. It was brutal. She couldn’t even hold herself. Her arms would simply collapse. So I moved my arms around her thighs moving inside and grabbing the inner thighs. I gently lifted her up. She was a puppet, completely at my mercy and she just loved it.

It was one amazing sightseeing, I tell you that.


All that time I was completely unaware that someone was following us. Being out of the game for so long and completely overwhelmed by the woman I just met, I let my guard down.

On our way back, she asked me to pull over. She had to pee. I was amazed because I just met the woman and she already felt so secure and relaxed that she would do such a thing. I don’t recall many women doing that in front of someone they just met.

And then it happened. I heard the shot and felt the excruciating pain in my left shoulder. I saw her face, twitching from the fear and shock. She almost fell down. I moved swiftly, completely ignoring the pain, grabbed her and pulled her in.

Another shot was fired and the glass on my side of the car shattered, sprinkling all over me. I pressed the accelerator and started to drive like never before. No matter how hard did I try, I couldn’t see any sign of vehicle behind us. Like someone changed his mind.

I looked at her. She was crying and I could see that she’s asking for forgiveness. That look never lies.

What the hell did I get myself into this time? That was the only thing on my mind while I was breaking all the records, driving back to Bellagio to pick our stuff and get the hell out of there.


My wound was superficial so I managed to fix it myself without having to check in for some hospital treatment and inevitable chat with the cops which I wasn’t in the mood for. All I was thinking about was to get her somewhere safe.

The very next day, while I was cleaning my wound, in some motel near the Bakersfield, she told me all about her aggressive and abusing husband, her suffering and her painful and stressful divorce. I was sure he got someone to follow her. I was also pretty goddamn sure that he was the one who issued the order to shoot the prick who got nerves to fuck his ex. And I was sure that I’ll find that fuck and get even for this, sooner or later.

I did exactly that couple of weeks later but that’s another story.

What can we learn from my experience?

You never know who you’re dealing with! Remember that. While she was the fuck of the lifetime, it isn’t really worth of getting killed in the middle of the desert by some prick you didn’t even see.

So while it’s great to pick up a one-night-stand on your night out in some strange city, make sure you scan all 360° before you take her to bed. I failed to do that. Consequently, it cost me pain and discomfort but it could end up worse.

Pay attention. That’s all I’m saying. Have fun but be cautious where and with whom. Sometimes safety comes before excitement because yes, we do live only once.

On the other hand, living a boring and dull life is pointless. You’re wasting the air you breathe if you just won’t detach from your safety (comfort) zone. These incidences are rare and the only thing that makes me exposed to them is my extravagant way of life. You can live five lives and never get yourself into this kind of situation. So move. Live. Enjoy. Life is beautiful. Embrace it and make the most out of it.

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