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Interview with the Cheating Wife

interview with the cheating wife
Why do they do it?

The the cheating wife we spoke with reveals what drives women to not only commit adultery but also to turn it into a lifestyle to make things even worse. What you are about to read will definitely change the way you see your wife and women in general.

Most importantly, you’ll understand how little it takes to share your woman with not only one but two, three or even for men – without having a clue of what is going on behind your back.

She’s the wife. She’s the mother next door. Everybody loves her. It seems that the woman is a prime example of a loving, caring and devoted wife. Until you dig a bit deeper…


interview with a cheating wifeBeing married and running a successful business at the same time lift the demands bar high up. Managing private and professional to suit each other can sometimes be unbearable if not impossible. This is because of two opposing points of view.

What we men consider to be important, women may — and in most cases will — find totally irrelevant.

And it doesn’t matter whether your wife is a stay-at-home mom or a career woman – they share the same perspective of what is truly important, and that, my friend, is – her.

Your net worth, contrary to general belief, has little to do with her happiness and personal satisfaction. True, it can be determining factor, but it’s an acute occurrence. What is chronic is how she rates your devotion to her on a scale of 1-100. Not 50 but 200 shades of freaking gray. Dodge that bullet, we dare you.

That’s why we arranged the meeting and interview with the woman who, at one point in her marital life, rated her husband’s devotion with 75 (according to her statement). What we’ll learn from her, will give us a clue about our own wives. We will be able to spot those hidden clues and smell the foul play in time!


Due to the sensitivity of the subject and possible private and professional consequences, our guest asked to stay anonymous.


What you are about to hear will completely change the way you think about your wife and women in general. If you are not ready for that, please stop reading, because we are not to be held responsible for any consequences that may come out from your behavior, after you read Elena’s side of the story.

The story of the millions out there. The story about the cheating wife!

interview with a cheating wifeElena is a successful entrepreneur who started her business from the scratch in the age of 25 along with her 10 years older husband. Over the course of time, they managed to expand from a simple bookkeeping office and initial 30 clients to a full-scale accounting business, operated throughout the state with close to hundred employees, managing more than 3000 clients. Elena and her husband are now running one of the most efficient accounting businesses in the region.

But, life got in a way and things became a bit “slow” in their personal life.

Was it due to the overwhelming professional rhythm or is there something more to it?

We are about to find out exactly how personal life of two successful people, that live and work together, have children, have a dog, and everything else that constitutes a traditional marital life looks through the woman’s eyes.

We are about to find out what exactly happens in a woman’s mind when she feels neglected. And we are about to witness the exact course of action from the moment she starts to believe that her husband is putting her in the second place.

What is an emotionally shaken woman capable of doing to satisfy her own ego and compensate the downsides of her marriage? Are there any limits?

We were set to find that out and managed to arrange the open-hearted interview with Elena. With no restraints, Elena speaks about her view on the marriage and professional life and details every decision she made, most of which include cheating and obsessions. And it all started when she began to consider the option of leaving her husband and starting all over again with two of her children.


Elena met us at an undisclosed location at an agreed time. She was obviously stressed and anxious because she was about to reveal deeply hidden secrets of a woman’s mind. But, that didn’t stop her to dress extremely provocatively and make the poor soul who conducted this interview very uncomfortable in his jeans.


Q: Hey, Elena, nice to meet you and thank you for this unique opportunity.

“Well, I had my share of doubts and second thoughts, but at the end, if it will help someone to better understand the marriage in this fast-paced world, it is worth it.”

Q: When we spoke on the phone, discussing the possibility of an interview, you said something interesting and I trust our readers will find the explanation to be extremely valuable. You said, and I quote: “I’m in hell of being the second woman to everybody, so I decided to make the most out of it.” What did you mean by that?

“It’s a bit too late to act innocent now so I’ll be straightforward as much as possible. What it meant was that at this point in time, I’m involved in five different emotional and sexual relationships with the people I know for my entire life without counting the occasional sex adventures. Some of them are our (hers and husband’s) very close friends [whispering]. As far as I know, my husband has no knowledge of it. He is maybe suspicious, but during the time I became a true expert in covering my tracks [smiling]. What started as a one night stand a couple of years ago, has now transformed into a lifestyle and acts as a drug trip.”

Q: What do you mean “a drug trip”?

interview with a cheating wife“Well, to better explain we have to move back when it happened for the very first time. You have to understand that I was in a devoted, faithful relationship and had never cheated on my husband before that. And we’ve been living together for about 10 years when I “slipped” for the first time [making faces].

It happened at the party we had at one of our partner’s office buildings. By then, I already felt miserable about my marriage and life in general. It was like living in a trap, in a cage, rolling on a coaster without any chance of getting out. On top of everything, my son got really hurt in a bike accident and he needed the constant care. I can’t say that my husband didn’t help with it, but it seemed like everything was on my back.

I remember speaking with the female colleague of mine when I crossed eyes with the handsome man who was at the same time one of our best clients. I caught myself looking at him with totally different eyes. Something was awakening deep inside of me. While I was listening to her, all I could think about was having him on top of me, behind me, between my legs. Not that it doesn’t happen from time to time when a woman sees some good-looking guy in a moment of total arousal, but this was something different. Something indescribable and almost impossible to block.

Half an hour later we were doing it like two rabbits in a storage room. I didn’t even care if it is locked. And to be perfectly honest: he fucked my brains out in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t walk. My legs were shaking from the sensation of the powerful orgasm I just had and the mixed feelings of shame and pride. I’m still not sure what it was.

But, as soon as the moment had passed, I got scared. I was afraid that someone was watching and will possibly tip my husband. I remember entering our home at 2 am, praying to all gods that he firmly sleeps. Call it a destiny or whatever you like, he slept like a baby and didn’t even realize that I’m in the bed.

I couldn’t sleep that night. All I could think was that brief few minutes in that storage room. I didn’t feel the orgasm of that intensity for a while [nodding her head to further emphasize].

When I got up from the bed next morning — and I was waiting for my husband to leave the house – I had difficulties looking at my image in a mirror. I know it sounds like a cliché but it is like that. It’s not a small thing to do what I did considering my private and professional situation.”

Q: So what happened that day? Did you normally go to work or?

No. For the next few days, I was pretending to be sick and didn’t leave the vicinity of my home.

Q: How long did it take you to get the courage and face the reality?

[smiling out loud) Well… a woman’s mind works on different principles than you might think it does. Since there weren’t any indications that my husband is suspecting something, I was up on my feet, ready to live and work. But, the moment I closed the doors behind me and left to work, I felt differently. Something clicked.

Regardless, for the next few months, I was again a devoted and faithful wife, running my part of the business, taking care of my son and dealing with everyday life.

But, as time went by, I caught myself frequently thinking about that one-night stand. It came to the point when I had to leave to the bathroom to relieve myself from the tension if you know what I’m talking about. [Yeah, I do!]

And again, destiny did its part. A few months later, I ran into my storage-room stranger in the park. I was there to get some fresh air and he was walking some big dog. My knees started shivering and I almost lost the ground under my feet. I knew I had to have him as soon as possible. I had sex with my husband in a meanwhile, of course, but it couldn’t match that feeling.

Two days later we were in his apartment, having intense sex for the entire night.”

Q: What did your husband think about your whereabouts?

“The nature of our business provided with tons of possible excuses and it was usual for one of us to have to go on a business trip, conference or seminar in that particular case [winked at me and smiled].”

Q: Was it then when it gained a “momentum”?

interview with a cheating wife“I wouldn’t call it a “momentum”. It’s a rush. You know, forbidden fruit and all that stuff. You have two distinct sensations that act together and drive you. It’s “illegal” [making the quotation marks with her fingers] and hot at the same time. The ultimate adrenaline rush. It’s like you guys racing or hunt. Well…I have “illegal” sex at least once every two weeks.”

Q: And all that simply because you felt neglected by your husband?

“Well, that was the trigger, I suppose. Yes, I felt neglected, but what acted as the game changer was the moment when I felt indifferent. You know, we would fight about it at first, but that slowly grew into the state of total apathy.”

Q: I trust you are expecting this question. Why are you still living with your husband? You don’t love him; you don’t care about his feelings, you said it yourself that you are totally indifferent towards him. So why not leave him and start on your own; free from the potential risk?

“I’m not sure to be perfectly honest. Maybe it’s a habit. It is rather complicated because of the entire situation with my son. I’m not sure how he would handle it. On top of that, we have a business together. It’s not that easy.”

Q: You think it might have something to do with the possibility of losing that “high” you are experiencing now?

eyes wide opened accompanied by a subtle, sexy smile] Yeah, that might also be a factor. I developed a habit living the way I do now. I don’t know what would happen if I would lose that. Maybe I would feel miserable again. Who knows… [lifted her shoulders and drove her hand through her long, red, curly hair].”

Q: Thank you for your time, Elena and for the openness. Do you have something to share with our readers until we meet again? Something that will give them a clue and perhaps help them to avoid this trap?

Well, the message is simple: you don’t look at the world same as your partner. And as much as you think that you have it under your control, it takes only so little to share your wife with five other men without even knowing it. To avoid that, never take your partner for granted. Make the additional effort or be a man and admit it that you are no longer capable of running the marriage and the business. One of those will have to be abandoned. That is something my husband should do a long time ago. After all, he is a man and it is expected of him to step up and deal with the crisis.”


We met again with this sexy woman a few days later. Let’s just say that I had to keep my legs crossed from the moment I saw her approaching that summer Wednesday afternoon. Every following minute with Elena was a struggle between staying a gentleman and grabbing that ass, right there, on the bench, in the middle of the park. After all, we met at a quiet, intimate place, far from the eyes of the crowd, if you know what I mean.

But before we reveal one of the most erotic interviews we ever did, ask yourself can you recognize those hidden cues of adultery?

The second part of the interview, where the juicy details came out in the open will definitely help you if you don’t know where and how to look.

As you could see, women will find her way out; one way or another. And that doesn’t have to include divorce. At the same time, maybe we should reconsider a common perception of men as those who cannot keep it in their pants. As we could hear (I could almost feel it), women are not far behind, if at all. Because you just gotta ask yourself: who is this second woman you are sleeping with and why is she doing that? Can you find connecting points between her situation and your wife’s?

If you don’t see it now, check the second part of our interview with Elena. We are still going over that from time to time.


Interview with the Cheating Wife
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Interview with the Cheating Wife
What you are about to read will change the way you see your wife and women in general. Elena, the cheating wife we spoke with, reveals what drives wives to commit adultery and turn it into a lifestyle.
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