Is it ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION or is Somebody Yanking Your Chain?

erectile dysfunction
Written by Steven Hawk

Many men falsely assume that they are suffering from erectile dysfunction when, in reality, they are having an MSD. That wrong assumption, initiated and fueled mostly by wives and female society in general, is causing two serious problems.

First, the premise that a man is suffering from ED, makes him an easy target to all those unnecessary prescription drugs and dangerous over-the-counter pills that can’t solve shit.

Second, nothing can push a man in jaws of depression like questioning his manliness – especially the part of it connected to sex performance.

But is it really erectile dysfunction?

There’s the simplest diagnostic ever to check if you are really suffering from ED, regardless of the cause.

Answer the following question:

  • Are you getting your erection while watching porns or imagining having sex with some hot woman?

If your answer is ‘yes’; then your inability to perform when in bed with your spouse has nothing to do with the medical condition known as erectile dysfunction!

If, however, you answered negatively, check with your MD A.S.A.P. There’s something wrong either with your psych or general physical health.

True, each time the damn Willie won’t rise to the occasion, we can say that it is the case of an acute erectile dysfunction.

The real question is why is it happening?

It’s because of an MSD

MSD or marital sexual disorder is the only reason behind your unsuccessful erection. Period.

This menace leaves no marriage immune to it. Give it some time and the dull old sex routine will cause your dick to feel more like a cushion than a piece of rock.

However, each time you play porn, it’s up and ready.

Furthermore, each time you’re imagining yourself with another woman, there it is again – on fire.

Finally, the problem doesn’t exist if you are with your mistress.

The bottom line is that popping pills won’t solve shit. The problem isn’t physical or caused by the increased work stress. If another woman — or some specific fetish — can get it up, the problem hides in your marital sex life.

How do you solve MSD to prevent ED from happening again?

The following suggestions are the proven solutions that help in 100% of the cases if, of course, your wife is still interested in having sex with you!

Try any or all of these (links are leading you to practical HOW-TO guides):

  1. Roleplaying
  2. Introducing sex toys
  3. Anal sex
  4. BDSM
  5. Discussing your still unrevealed sexual preferences and fetishes with your spouse
  6. Avoiding porns and masturbation!

If nothing from the list above manages to solve the problem, and you can still get your erection by watching porns or in the bed with another woman, no pill will ever help your marriage and marital sex life. Period.

Remember, sex deprivation is causing a series of severe physical and mental conditions! You just gotta deal with it.

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