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6 Catastrophic Consequences of Sex Deprivation

consequences of sex deprivation
Written by Steven Hawk

You exist just because it’s possible to make another one! That says everything about the underlying importance of regular sex activities. And no, it shouldn’t be a “normal thing” to have sex only once a month after the kids are “made.” That form of sex deprivation is catastrophic for any relationship.

Granted, there’s a lot of reasons why your sex life might be suffering. Recent ugly divorce. Frequent absence/traveling. Family issues. Physical condition.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the lack of frequent sexual intercourses can really affect your health!

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Here are a few consequences, or even better, dangers of sex deprivation


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Chronic Neurosis, Panic Attacks, and Anxiety

Try to perform in front of the large audience after having a sex dry spell for over a month. Hell, try anything stressful while being deprived of sex for an extended period of time. There’s a good chance that you’ll break under the pressure.

It’s because sex serves as the relief valve!

During sex, the brain fires “reward” neurotransmitters. People like to call that mixture “the chemicals of happiness.” And they are not wrong at all. Massive activation of endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and some other chemicals makes you fly. And that high has the power to relieve you from stress!

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Extended periods of sex deprivation are increasing the chances of prostate cancer!

Did you know that your ejaculation serves for one other purpose than insemination?

When you closely examine the specimen, you’ll find out that the body uses the liquid to excrete some dangerous substances from your body.

How’s that affecting women, it’s hard to say. No study has still been able to find some connection between the damaging stuff in a man’s ejaculation and ailments in women.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the fact that the protection system is here. Ask yourself are you using it frequently?

And no, masturbation can’t replace it because the neurotransmitter activation levels during the solo play and the real deal are simply incomparable. You can’t achieve even a half of the intensity while jerkin’ on some porn, so don’t fool yourself.

Given the above stated, it’s only reasonable to conclude that men, who are deprived of sex, are missing this life important protection, happening only during the intense prostate activation. If in doubt, answer this:

  • Which one “feels” better – when you spray in your sock while drooling over your laptop; or when you release the tension over her soft, tender and insanely hot belly?

Let’s clarify this last one a bit.

As you will see in comments, Mark Gorney asked a simple and fair question: “As far as prostate cancer prevention is concerned, does it really matter whether sperm is released by masturbation or sex? And what do neurotransmitter activation levels during masturbation as opposed to “the real deal” have to with prostate cancer prevention?
Per Mark’s suggestion, we are pasting the answer in the article as well. And it is simple:

A cancer cell is a rogue cell that instead of self-destructing itself in a given moment starts multiplying. And it’s happening in anaerobic conditions.

Now, ask yourself which activity increases your breathing intensity more: sex or masturbation?

Hence, in which situation is your body better oxygenated: during sex or while you are sitting behind the laptop for a minute or two getting off on some porn?

Furthermore, which do you believe “fires” your ejaculate with more force thus, “cleaning the ‘pipes’ better”: when you are so-so excited during that minute or two of masturbation or during 6-15 minutes of sex when all those neurotransmitters are firing at the maximum levels? Simply put, more pressure you feel stronger is ejaculation.

Don’t observe a study or a research from a narrow standpoint. Instead, think about the wide picture and all potential influences. In other words, if a man does “clean” his system through regular ejaculation, it’s only rational to conclude that he’d prefer a higher pressure inside the system to do a better job. That’s all.

It may sound trivial or insignificant when you take it out of the context but combined with everything that’s happening with the body during the sexual intercourse and orgasm, all accumulated over the years, it may, in fact, tip the scale on one side or another. You simply can’t be sure.

If you have even the slightest chance to prevent cancer with some activity, wouldn’t you try to practice that particular activity more often?

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Sex deprivation may seriously weaken your immune system

Have you ever heard about IgA? Term immunoglobulin rings any bells?

Dude, you should really, really start learning about yourself. It’s ridiculous how you don’t know that IgA, or immunoglobulin antibody, a Y-shaped protein, is your front line of defense against the viruses!

The possible question in your head can only be – what the fuck does that have to do with sex?


Men, and women respectively (thus, something to use as an ace in a sleeve when negotiating sex with your lovely wife), who practice sex at least 2 times per week, enjoys 30% increase in the release of this life-saving protein. Counter-argue that, I dare you!

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Loss of confidence in a relationship

Frequent, prolonged sex deprivation periods, don’t really “spell” happiness in relationships. Less sex there is, more often are the fights and arguments about who’s cheating on whom, as you are well aware of it.



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But how to deal with this common menace of every long-lasting relationship?

To avoid paranoia and possible breakup, hold hands, kiss often and buy gifts. You need something that’s been absent or low in quantities lately – oxytocin!

Oxytocin is the neurotransmitter (hormone) responsible for creating a deep bond between two or more people. Higher the activity, deeper the relationship.

Only, there’s a small problem.

To be mutually activated, physical touch is needed!

In other words, if you’re frequently absent, you must compensate.

Fail to do it and don’t come crying to us, asking what the hell went wrong all of the sudden when one day you find the note instead of lunch. Show that you care! Make her feel attractive again.

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ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION is knocking on the doors of those who are deprived of sex!!

Sex dry spell is a normal occurrence? Sex became something you simply “have to do to get it off your back”? Term limp dick sounds familiar?

It sounds familiar because that’s exactly what is happening to men who hardly ever have sex. In their case, there’s twice a chance of ending up embarrassed while having a horny, now completely disappointed and pissed woman in their beds.



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The author of the study, published in an American magazine for medical issues, claims that even though the penis is only partially a muscle, regular sex does keep a hard erection just like bodybuilding or any other type of regular exercise keeps the muscles strong and ready for efficient efforts.

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Getting depressed frequently without any obvious reason?

The reason cannot be more obvious. Sex deprivation will frequently push women into the state of acute, or in some cases, even chronic depression. And get this: wear a condom and your woman will fall into that state, no matter how frequently you’re pounding that ass.

It’s because she lacks certain content of the ejaculate like melatonin, serotonin, and oxytocin – 3 chemicals known to directly affect a woman’s mood!

Then again, how is sex deprivation connected to depression in men?

There are 5 essential elements of life: air, water, food, sex, and sleep. All 5 must be in balance for your neuronal network to operate in resonance. Knock out only one out of these five and you have a problem.

  • Stop breathing, and, well, it’s pretty much obvious what will happen.
  • Don’t drink and you’ll dehydrate.
  • Stop eating and you’ll get anorexia at best.
  • Don’t sleep and your cells won’t regenerate which will cause rapid deterioration of the tissue.
  • Stop having sex and you’ll first go mad from all that testosterone.

Then, your brain will figure out that the energy is wasted on a production of this hormone that simply isn’t utilized anymore. Once it reduces the production of testosterone, serotonin will not fire at optimal levels anymore because these two are mutually very connected in men. And lack of serotonin means that you are this close to taking that gun out of your drawer and putting the bullet in your head.

Even if we eliminate these two chemicals out of the equation, sex deprivation will inhibit the activation of other reward neurotransmitters, such as oxytocin and endorphins, which are massively released during the sexual intercourse. That’s why you feel so happy and relaxed after having sex and just want to sleep like a baby.


Do you see now? Sex dry spell or sex deprivation is a serious problem. Men around the globe are suffering direct consequences of sex deprivation and their health is being endangered even without them being aware of it.

Don’t be fooled. Make it happen. You simply must have sex as long as you’re getting your boner. And if you are not gettin’ it anymore, and you are younger than 65, go see your doctor. Something may be off with your body or mind.

Just a friendly suggestion, that’s all.

Good luck to you and may The Lord Almighty grants you a lot of sex!



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