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Natural ED Treatment Every Married Man Should Try

natural ed treatment
Written by Steven Hawk

Hello everybody, Dr. Hawk’s here. Today, we are going to reveal the permanent and quick natural ed treatment and harder erections fix. Although, I must warn you that the following content contains potentially offensive and morally questionable thesis, so viewer’s discretion is advised.

Make sure nobody is standing behind you while you are reviewing arguably the best and fastest natural erectile dysfunction fix.  

You want to move from this:

natural ed treatment PissedOffWife

To this:

natural ed treatment woman in orgasm

And you want to do it A) fast and B) permanently!

Do you like beans?

How much? To the extent where you can easily eat the beans stew day after day until death do you apart?

Probably not, even though beans are great and never ever hostile towards you. Nonetheless, it won’t be long before you start yearning for a different kind of excitement. A different type of pleasure. Perhaps a juicy steak straight from the BBQ. A red one, with that perfect content of fats.

Aaah, yes, you have a high serum cholesterol. No fat-saturated, red meat for you. That’s why are searching for natural ed treatment.

The good doctor became worried so he put you on simvastatin or some other statin-based drug, just like the other 32 million Americans and 50 million Europeans. He would just hate to receive information that your ticker stopped beating.

How high is your cholesterol anyway? 7? 9?

natural ed treatment masai feastAn average Masai warrior has 8. Traditionally.

It’s peculiar why his MD isn’t writing recipes.

Unlike you, who can’t get it up, Masai dude runs around with the boner the size of the Empire State Building. And he drinks blood and eats meet every day. Nobody is pressuring him to go easy with bacon.

Here’s a quick revelation for you: You can’t get it up because statin-based drugs are messing with the synthesis of cholesterol – the compound in your body from which testosterone is being made. No testosterone, no boner. It’s that simple.

But that’s not the biggest issue. Even while on statins, one can perform as a champ, every time. If, of course, the potential of the stimulus exceeds the current mental and physical obstacles.

In other words…

Your beans stew used to be many different juicy steaks and that’s your problem now.

natural ed treatment hot woman

She was that hot, passionate lovemaking machine for whom you’d kill. Every time you’d see her, blood would fill just the right place and you’d forget about everything else. There was only one idea on your mind. A single goal for that moment. And there were 2-3 of those moments a day with every single each of them feel differently.

Then, the life kicked in.

Raw passion got pushed aside to make room for everyday obligations and kids. Topics were exhausted. Interests started conflicting.

Before you knew, you failed for the first time ever.

Then once again.

And one more time after that.

It was one, horrible sequence that made your lives miserable and now all fingers are pointing at you.

Was it your fault?

The number of brutal rejections you suffered over the course of time made you to often perceive your wife or her cunt as some hostile element from which you should run in a galaxy far far away.

natural ed treatment woman rejecting sex

The consequence?

Limp dick.


Because a long time ago you made a pledge of your life. You vowed to stick to the contract for better and for worse. A contract that can only be terminated by a sweet relief of death. Or by the lawyer, but that’s another topic.

For the purpose of our discussion, let’s say that you are determined to see that contract fulfilled.

natural ed treatment marriage certificate

So now, regardless of how much you would love to satisfy your woman, the damn Willy just refuses to comply. The sight simply doesn’t trigger the emotion from the past. And you can’t make the sense out of it because the image is pretty much the same. In fact, now when you think about it, what is the difference between that ass and those tits and some other woman’s goodies?

natural ed treatment womans assPhysically? None whatsoever.

An ass is an ass. Nice, rounded, apple-shaped, with that tasty pinky thing in the center that holds all the power.

Mentally? A major one.

They might look alike but you are forgetting about one particular type of communication – chemical.

Brains are picking up the signals and using them to decide the most optimal chemical response to a received stimulus. If her brain is firing serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, yours will too. It translates into a good sexual experience. If not, well, you are getting the picture.


If she would have a twin sister — an exact replica of her — you would instinctively experience sister’s ass in an entirely different way. No statins would inhibit your boner. No drugs would be needed to attain and remain erection long enough to do a great job and push two people in trance.

Two same looking asses. Two quite different emotional responses.

And the following real-life story, one taxi driver told me a couple of weeks ago, vividly describes the powerful positive impact the “sister’s ass” could potentially have on the man’s “contracted” sex life.

This 43-year-old Latino was working his ass off, driving people around for 12-14 hours each day, including Sundays and holidays. Wife, three kids, and mortgage were powerful motivators to push beyond limits. Physical and mental fatigues, caused by long working hours, and emotional stress were his constant companions.

It was simply inevitable for his sex life to fall into that infamous routine.

Same old bed. Same old position. Same old begging. The same old wife who won’t put out as much as she used to.

It wasn’t long before he started showing those first signs of soon to come chronic erectile dysfunction. Already sad situation in bed between him and his lovely wife got worse. She could barely look at him.

Deep down she knew that his dick is simply recognizing her.

But then, one night, he picked up this woman, a good-looking brunette, who asked him to drive her around for an hour, just so she could clear her mind a bit and move away from the kids and the husband.

They got into a conversation. Soon, it turned personal. One thing led to another and they ended up having sex in his cab, on some side road. Just like in those “Fake Taxi” pornos we’re watching almost every day.

natural ed treatment cab sex

Those 10 minutes with the strange woman turned my sex life upside-down. I rediscovered that old passion and everything changed. Once again, after all those years, both me and my wife were excited to find a private corner and do it like horny teenagers.

The moral of the story?

The problem is not entirely with your wife. You also stopped trying. You changed the menu by throwing everything out, leaving the beans stew only.

But if something disturbs your brain chemicals, that will reflect on your entire life.

The best analogy is a common home budget situation.

When money is low, tensions are high, sex is scarce. When paycheck arrives, the chances that you’ll spend a pleasant day with your spouse are radically increasing and most likely leading to an improved sex experience later that day.

And all it took was a single paycheck.

The bottom line is that we can moralize as much as we want but the fact remains that the quickest way to fix erectile dysfunction is another woman.

In fact, the #1 cause of erectile dysfunction is that our dicks are simple “recognizing” our wives. It’s the inevitable consequence of our choice to live monogamous for an extended period of time.

You don’t see singles or players suffering from erectile dysfunction, do you? Their lifestyle is a natural ed treatment on its own.

However, we are not implying that you run outside and hump the first coed you stumble upon.

What we are suggesting is that you reflect on your past for a while and recall all the things that used to lead to great sex between you and your wife. Somewhere along the line, you lost your mojo. That’s all. Now all you need to do is to get it back.

Smile at her. Wink at her. Compliment her, like you used to. Most importantly, make her smile. Make her feel good about herself again because the life simply ran over her. Make her feel wanted again.

Once she feels desirable again, you won’t be needing Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. You’ll start pumping codeine just to keep up with her, my friend. Imagine the accumulated, raw sexual power burning inside of her. Imagine what will happen when you finally open the valve. Imagine her moaning and begging and screaming from all the pleasure.

You had it once. There’s not a single reason why you wouldn’t have it again! If you need some help, check this study that reveals what really turns the woman on. The last one on the list will blow your mind.

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