3 Sex Toys Every Couple Needs in the Bedroom!

3 sex toys
Written by Charlie Greene

Learning to incorporate sex toys into your routine is important for anyone wanting to keep things fun and interesting in the bedroom—especially if you’ve never tried using them before. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 3 sex toys you need to start using… like today.

Vibrating Cock Ring

sex toys vibrating sex ring

Alright, boys, this isn’t as bad as it sounds – but it can definitely send your woman into orgasmic bliss if you know how to use it right.

Cock rings are sex toys that you slide over your shaft and rest at the base. Generally speaking, there are a few different vibration speeds and pulses – so you’ll be able to try them out as you go along.

Pro Tip:

After having some fun with foreplay; put the ring over your shaft and turn it on. Slowly enter her until the ring is pressed against her clit. Instead of pulling back out, rotate your hips slightly making gentle circles. If she isn’t feeling the full impact of the vibration, lay on your back and pull her on to you. She’ll have more control of the sensations and the speed of riding your cock.

Bullet or Pocket Vibrator

sex toys bullet pocket vibrator

The idea with these vibrators is NOT internal stimulation but an external assistance to your fun in the bedroom.

The vibrators can be used on her breasts or nipples as a high-intensity sensation, teasingly over her wet (remember foreplay first!) lips or on her clit directly. Women prefer slow, soft movements—so make sure every motion is gentle.

Pro Tip:

Use the vibrator to tease her during foreplay; trail the toy along her bikini line taking the time to trace her pubic bone too. As you kiss her stomach or chest, move the toy toward her slit and upwards over her lips.

The idea here is to tease her with vibrations, without touching her clit directly. When she’s arching her back in anticipation, enter her quickly (think hard and fast) using the bullet directly over her clitoris.

Anal Beads or Plugs Sex Toys

sex toys anal beads and plugs

Before you freak out at the thought (or jump for joy) it’s important to ask your partner about her willingness to try anal play – because NO ONE wants something shoved up their ass without permission.

The key to the successful anal play is making sure that she’s cleaned out her system (aka she’s gone to the bathroom) and lots of lube.

The pressure of the anal beads can push against her g-spot or increase the full sensation she has during sex—sending her over the edge.

Pro Tip:

To start using anal play invest in a silicone-based lube and cover the sex toy generously. Using a large amount on your finger, gently tease her hole (you’re not putting the fingers in) along the edges.

Apply a firm pressure near the opening to relax the muscles in that area – moving slowly as you do. Take the toy and press the smallest area against the muscle until it enters. You may need to pull it out to reapply more lube until she is used to the sensation.

Make no mistake; these three sex toys will improve your sex life beyond your wildest dreams. Take it from the pro.

About the author

Charlie Greene

Our sex expert, Charlie, is a long-time professional in the adult industry, specialized in screenplays for several major production houses. She is direct, have zero tolerance for weak and insecure men, loves to get in bed with another woman from time to time, and consider herself borderline nymphomaniac. Enjoys writing explicit sex stories that are mostly based on her own experiences. A loud advocate of sex toys and sexual liberties. Enjoys kink sex and admits to having one particular fetish that makes men addicted to her.

"Every time I lie on my bed to write a new script or a sex story, I get all wet. If there's no man around at that moment, can guess how it ends."