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Unbearable Simplicity of False Moralism is Killing Us

False moralism
Written by Igor K

You’ll understand how common moralism, we see all around us, is killing our way of life – slowly but surely. To make things even worse, this false moralism and pretended puritanism, comes from 2 most influential entities these days.

Each of these two are influencing millions. Combined, they influence close to 3 billion people, most of which are adults! A bit more efforts from their behalf and we’ll get thrown back in 19th century.

Do you like sex?

Of course you do.

Do you like watching hot naked women? Even porn?

Well, we might be heading towards the moment where you’ll be deprived from all those astonishing bodies you are used of seeing all around the freakin’ place. Soon, the porn, the sexy images, and everything related to the erotica or pornography could end up in dark web.

That’s the part of the internet, you never use and probably don’t know that it exists in the first place. It doesn’t get indexed by any major search engines, and it’s more of an underlayer, occupied by sick minds and hackers. All of those who would like to stay anonymous while practicing some fishy and hazardous things.

Right now, in this very moment, you are questioning my sanity, trying to figure out what the fuck I’m talking about.

But that’s not all.

You probably know how online dating is picking up on the momentum, right? It became a new normal and ever more people are using online dating sites before they invite someone over a dinner or a drink.

It has its logic. First, there’s no guessing game. Unlike a bar, on the online dating site, wherever you look, on whomever you stumble upon, is in the mood for dating.

Even better, they leave some basic intels for you. Just a quick glimpse of someone’s dating profile and you can get a pretty good image of who you’re about meet – the neat perk you can’t get when you approach some hot lady at the bar, right?

If you never tried it, please do, while you still have a chance.

What we had back in 19th century?

False moralismWe had a bunch of guys who made two worlds. One was the public (indexed). The other was in dark web.

On one hand, you had an old gentleman, known for his high moral standards. The man was a borderline pastor. For the outside people, that man was a symbol of accepted moral standards back in those days. Everybody looked up to him.

But in the other hand, that same gentleman, who used to give speeches about the importance of high culture, regular church visits and allegiance to the Word of The Bible, used to spend nights in the dark web. The part of society everybody knew it existed, yet nobody dared to acknowledge it publicly.

And in that dark web, surrounded by other like-minded gentleman, our symbol had a young girl, most likely forced, bent over the chair, right in front of him. Like that’s not enough for our puritan, he had yet another young girl, who didn’t know what else to do to feed herself and her young baby daughter, but to suck the cocks of our numerous false prophets of some alleged high moral standards.

Once our old gentleman would satisfy his thirst for young, innocent flesh, he would get back to his moralism. He would get back to his obedient wife and children who had to call him ‘sir’ even when they wanted to eat.

That’s what we had back in 19th century. And that’s exactly what we have right now. But unlike in 19th century, the current dogma is far more dangerous.

What’s the problem with that kind of deviant, double-side behavior?

False moralismWhat we had as a frequent occurrence in a second half of 19th century, extending all the way to the first half of 20th century?

We had raging wars that killed close to 50 million people. 50 million people, killed in a matter of just a hundred years. It may appear as a long period of time, but when you know that our species exists for more than 4 million years, then you get a clear image of what a short timeframe that actually is.

And what we had as a frequent occurrence during all those wars?

We had the spoils of war!

And among all of those spoils, one stuck out from the crowd – the undeniable, God given right of the victor to wrap everything that freaking’ walks. It was your right, as a brave warrior, to take the enemy’s woman or a girl for that matter, bust her chumps and rape her out at the open, in front of her family and friends.

Whether she’ll survive your brutal exhibition of righteousness, was totally on your sole discretion. If you’d want, you could execute her on the spot and move to another.

Those are the casualties of the war that nobody has ever counted. Even if we do, we put them in a category of civilian casualties of the war. In reality, that was nothing but the most dreadful form of a war crime, punishable by death or life in prison.

Did we learn something from those years?


Now, you might think that it has to do with the testosterone. It does, but not to the extent you believe. I spent a couple of years in war, being on both sides of the conflicts – victorious and that other no one likes to mention, and I know what man is capable of doing not because of a high testosterone content in his system but to satisfy his sick needs.

It has nothing to do with the testosterone. It has everything to do with the way we were raised!

How are they raising us men?

False moralismTake a look at kids these days. Do you see any difference between them, the Generation Z and us, the Generation X. Or even the Silent Generation, born in 19th century?

When we were kids, what made the peak of our day, was being when we secretly steal our father’s Playboy or some other explicit pornographic magazine. Yet, we weren’t allowed to talk about that.

Years go by and accumulated raw sexual energy in our bodies burst in less than 30 seconds when we have our first sexual experience. Poor woman wasn’t even sure if she had sex or not.

Next time we get naked with the woman, we perform a bit better and after a while, we become quite good at it; at least some of us.

But that’s just not enough! We need more! We cheat, we pay for sex, we engage in, what can only be described as, sick sexual perversions and pure sadism, and even hurt kids in some cases (the perpetrators of which should be publicly hanged).

All because we had to secretly indulge our curiosity, triggered by our raging hormones.

Now, imagine the behavior of such man, in war, after some isolated victory. No woman (and men in some instances) is safe from that man. The problem is: we are not talking about one man. We are talking about the majority, but luckily, most of the others can fight their urges and suppress the will to commit such monstrosities towards innocent people; members of our own species.

And all because we are forced to suppress our nature and hide from the “responsible adults” who are forbidding us to watch a simple porn movie.

Kids these days have even easier access to all sorts of crap. Every single device with the ability to connect to the internet, allows user to watch hundreds of porn movies in any given moment. One part of this is simply sick.

But adults are playing dumb about it. They live in denial, deliberately avoiding confronting with the fact that their young son is jerkin’ off on some rather sadistic display of raw sexual power, exhibited by some stranger on some strange woman.

Kid is growing thinking how it’s the normal behavior, only nobody wants to talk about it. You can do as long as you don’t talk about it.

A few years later and some poor girl ends up drugged and raped in a cellar of the fraternity house. Yeah…it was her fault. She should know better than to come dressed in mini skirt and have a beer or two.

We had to hide the fact that we are secretly reading our father’s porno magazines. Kids these days are hiding in their room, jerkin’ six times per day, watching movies. Hell, they are in advantage, right?

We all know it, yet it’s forbidden to use the image of even one naked boob in commercial

What the hell? Didn’t we all suck on boobs and used them as the only mean to grow? Didn’t we all end up with the girl and play on second base? Didn’t we all end up in bed with the girl and finally experienced some “live action”? Didn’t we steal porno mags – both boys and girls – and sweat over those pictures?

If we are so goddamn moral creatures, then how is it perfectly legal to sell porno mags on the kiosk, but completely morally unaccepted to show the image of a breastfeeding, nurturing mother?

We are not only talking about TV. You can’t advertise erotic content on the internet also. No way in hell that the Google, the most powerful search engine today, that’s been indexing millions of porn sites daily, showing them in search results when kid type in ‘sex’, ‘naked body’ or even ‘doggy’!!!

If you remember correctly, kid will say: “Look mommy! It’s doggy!” Give him a keyboard, teach him how to spell and write ‘doggy’ and he won’t see the puppy anywhere in the first few results.

But OK. It’s pornography. Kids shouldn’t be allowed to learn how twisted mind that old pervert has.

What about dating?

False moralismWotta hell is wrong with dating? It’s something we are doing since the dawn of our species. Dating, that usually starts with courtship, is something deeply imprinted in our nature. Nobody can go through life without it. It’s a fucking normal thing to do!

Yet, for some strange reason, you can advertise the service of the new age. The thing that is quickly becoming the evolution of the dating game.

It took thousands of years to remove those false moralists from the public. A generation known as Babyboomers took care of that back in the 70s of the last millennium. It was finally OK for men and women show some sexuality out in the public.

And now we have to do it all over again.

Today, whenever more people are deciding to date online, because it has its undeniable advantages, we are not allowed to spread the word about it. Even though we’ve invested tremendous efforts to make something worth your time, we are not allowed to tell you that.

But you will have no problem finding a video on YouTube, advertised on both Google and Facebook, where some prick is decapitating another human being!

That same prick is actively practicing the false moralism of the ancient times just to be in control over the women and subsequently all other men!

That’s fine and accepted. Showing the moment where a suicide bomber blasts himself and everybody around him. But heaven forbid that you put the image of a naked boob in your Google or Facebook ad. No, no, no…that’s totally unacceptable because it may send the wrong message to the younger generation.

Sure, advertise M-15 assault rifle and all sorts of hunting knives. That’s cool. Not dangerous at all (how many mass shootings happened in the US alone last year, committed by underage kid?). But naked boob…dude…that’s just wrong. Wotta hell is wrong with you? You want to corrupt the minds of the young? That’s the response you’ll receive from the marketing staff if you submit an ad that advertise online dating service and one single naked boob.

Of course, why wouldn’t we feed the young mind with the images of dreadful violence and assault weapons while suppressing his natural curiosity about human sexuality and body in general. That won’t backfire at all.

Even better, you’ll get the same answer from the Forex broker service if you try to join their affiliate program. Yes, you people are men between 30 and 60 years of age, which is our most favorite group of people, since they are the only one willing to spend their money on our service (most of which will lose every last dime) but you use the word ‘sex’ too frequently. We cannot allow that.

Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me?


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