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You Like Them Young? 7 Reasons Why Confident Woman in 40s Rocks!

confident woman
Written by Stephan Moreau

With all due respect toward younger women, a confident woman in her 40s forties simply reigns supreme and here’s why:

1. She is confident

confident woman in her 40sA woman in her 40s will never wake you up just to ask you, “What are you thinking about right now.” She simply doesn’t give a fuck.


She will have no problem kicking your ass out of the bed because you’re snoring like a goddamn animal

2. She knows how to entertain herself

confident woman knows what she wantsWhen you’re watching the game, you can rest assured that she won’t sit beside you to wine and bitch how you’re a stone-cold bastard who doesn’t pay attention to her. Instead, she’ll find something to do. Probably more fun than the game itself.


The chances are that you won’t be watching that game because she’s in control of the remote. You’re gonna watch what she wants. But thanks to that simple compromise, you’re gonna have sex later that night.

3. She knows what she wants

confident woman makes her own opinionA woman in her 40s knows exactly who she is, what she is, what she’s expecting, and from whom she’s expecting that. She rules supreme, knowing that men are drooling while women are popping pills when she enters the room.


While she might be genuinely interested in your opinion, if you have even the smallest amount of brain; you won’t say what’s on your mind.

4. She’s proud

confident woman is proudShe’s proud and will never make a scene in a public place like a restaurant, opera or concert. But if you do her wrong, make sure that she’s planning your murder.


If you are persistently fucking around with her, she’ll attend the opera or a concert with her girlfriends or, which is more likely, her lover and instead of shooting you, she’ll make you wanna shoot yourself.

5. She’s wise

You don’t have to explain what you did to her. She already knows. Pray to God it’s a good thing and something she agrees with. Otherwise, she’s back to planning the homicide. Respect!

6. She’s hot

confident woman is hot and sexyYou know how those young babes look whit red lipstick, right? Fucking ridiculous sometimes. But when a woman in her 40s use that same color (remember Kim Basinger?), she looks extremely hot.

Peculiar, isn’t it? Not to mention that when we boys cross that 40s frontier, a great looking 40+ woman out beats every younger one. Our eyes instantaneously lock on the great figure of a confident woman in high heels. It is the effect of experience. She doesn’t have to do any additional effort. She only needs to be.


She will hardly ever use the red lipstick because she’s aware that it emphasizes her age.

7. She’s experienced

She’s experienced and she’s open. You don’t have to wander around. If she feels you’re acting like a goddamn idiot or some sleazeball, she’ll call you on that; no question about it.

And when you get carried away — as we tend to do regardless of our age and experience — she’ll grab your stupid head and fix it in the right position, so you wouldn’t be licking the couch.

She’ll do that because now she’s realizing how life is too short and how every moment counts. When she was younger, she would patiently wait until you figure out that you’re licking her goddamn thigh which will cause constant resetting of her system and delay of orgasm. With age comes the wisdom.

In the end…

She’ll never call you an idiot. She knows that you are one.


You just have to respect all of that. But unfortunately, for every great looking and smart 40-years old lady, comes the remnant of something wearing shorts and having an unbelievably big beer belly.  She used to know that relic. It was that lovely and funny young man she loved so much.

Now she’s looking at that big pile of fat with that pork chop in his hand and remnants of a beer foam on his mustaches, thinking why is this happening to her? What did she do wrong to deserve this destiny?

She made every effort to stay young and attractive. She starved herself, took care of her skin, always wore a great looking outfit, and made sure everybody turns their heads in her direction when she walks across the room.

Was that insufficient? Is it possible that she was wrong about that? Maybe she should be fat as hell and drink beer after all?

And while she’s busting her head with gazillion questions, the player comes along and directs one single sentence to her:

Excuse me. I know I might be crossing the line here, my lady, but you are simply astonishing. Would you do me an honor and accompany me for a drink?

Because on every 40-something woman comes a 30-something male suitor. Which only proves the point #7.

Hence, respect the efforts your wife is making to keep you and your children well fed, your lives well organized and in addition, to keep herself in a perfect shape. Again, with all due respect for 20-something, sex with 40-something is unmatchable and you know that!

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