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How to Stay Focused and Persistent

how to stay focused
Written by Igor K

It’s a million dollars question since we are all lazy asses by default. It is not in our nature to pursue something other than what keeps us alive such as food, water, sex, and shelter. In our contemporary monetary society, however, learning how to stay focused on a specific task or a goal means the difference between success and failure.

As you are well aware by now, staying focused on one thing and relentlessly pursuing it, is much harder than you originally assumed.

As with everything, some people are better than others. Nonetheless, every man can force himself to achieve anything with the proper motivation and added willpower. In other words, We can all learn how to become extremely determined. 

Causes of the premature burnout

You don’t know why are you fighting in one hand and it’s becoming too goddamn difficult to stay persistent in the other. Same as with any complex mathematical task or a riddle – most simply give up.


The lost meaning of the cause

You started the “revolution” on weak foundations. What was missing right from the start was the ‘Why’. In other words, you failed to make the additional effort in understanding the true reasons behind your actions.

It’s like fighting the war. One has to constantly remind himself why he’s spending all that time surrounded by death and suffering.

This is why soldiers on the battlefields are constantly being reminded and ‘pushed’ by carefully designed propaganda and psychological warfare.

You must do the same in order to prevent this occurrence – write it down and keep adding new motivators. What’s most important: keep reading it frequently.

Unwillingness to burn additional energy

The brain uses 30% of your entire energy capacities when you employ it to do some hard thinking. From the perspective of your survival instincts, this is counterproductive. Thus, if you leave it to your instincts, the brain will simply shut down your willpower and turn your attention to something less demanding.

If that’s happening frequently, you are not using your cognitive parts of the brain to the extent where you can overrule the primitive instincts. And those instincts are telling your brain that is futile to waste energy on something that isn’t air, water, food or sex.

How to fix it? How to stay focused in spite your primitive instincts?

Strengthening the power of will is the only viable solution. Everything else is useless.

Understand that it’s nothing but the brain chemistry. You’re trying to restore perfect resonance in communication frequency between neurons.

What you need to do is force yourself into doing something you’re not entirely comfortable with. More you have to force yourself, better. Because there are men out there who are perfectly capable of living a non-organized type of life and still make a shit load of money.

On the other hand, there are those men who need to learn it hard way.

2 most effective will-building exercises

Money management skills are arguably your best start.

Forcing yourself to manage your money in a more complex way than you’re used to is one of the hardest, yet the most fertile ways to strengthen your power of will.

Refraining yourself not to spend from the wrong pile and forcing yourself to split every dime according to the strict plan demands immense willpower.

However, once you make the habit out of it, your life will improve because you have only one will. In other words, it is easier to train the will than muscles or endurance. It takes much less time and you need only one exercise.


But if you are eager to push in multiple directions, choose bodybuilding as your primary mean to strengthen the willpower.

Visual confirmation of your progress is an extremely powerful motivator and bodybuilding is reigning supreme here.

As you’re progressing with your muscular enhancements, you’ll start noticing how your feeding and spending habits are changing. By building up your muscles or to be more precise, by forcing yourself to train each day, you’re improving health, posture, endurance, strength, spending habits and feeding habits.

Most importantly, you’re organizing your time with more efficiency.

It all happens unconsciously because your brain is adjusting your belief system to be in a perfect sync with your desires and your new environment. Make no mistakes; you’ll start to change your environment once you start to train your will.


It takes only 2 months — 60 days — to change the way you’re functioning and thus, to reach your full potential. But it is up to you to make that additional effort. There are no magic sticks here. Only your own will to push harder in order to have more!

About the author

Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.