CHECKLIST: Do You Live with a Blood Sucking Bitch

Written by Steven Hawk

It’s noble to be devoted, persistent and not breaking your vows, but there comes the time when you simply have to ask yourself: what’s the point of living this way? Should you really make that kind of sacrifice even though you’re perfectly aware of the limited time you have on this planet?

To help you out, we’ve assembled the simple checklist to assess if your wife deserves even the second of your time or a single calorie of your energy. Its COULD sound really egoistic – but it’s not.  It’s all about the BALANCE in your relationship.

If you recognize yourself in each of the following situations; you should at least start working on changes and even prepare the your exit strategy. Something just doesn’t add up since the quality relationship between two people implies equal benefits for both parties. If that balance doesn’t exist, something is wrong.


She claims that she loves you but fails to prove that love through passion and excitement during sex since. This is the most effective method of assessment. She’s passive and not willing to provide with at least one surprise sex per year. Morning sex is some faded memory. And it’s clear as the whistle that she’s been faking the orgasms. On top of everything, it’s close to impossible to list every possible excuse she came up to avoid having sex with you.

If you can count more fakes than true orgasms in last 12 months, she’s not hot for you anymore. Is she hot for someone else; that’s the different story and demands further analyses. You can assess this by monitoring her behavior over the social networks and in vivo (the way she’s behaving in a company of a handsome stud.) Or you can change something in yourself and that most commonly comes down to behavior, finances and ABS.

How can you assess the level of her devotion toward you through the sex?

Easy. Same as you, she has to be passionate about that. Just recall the beginnings. She was all over you, sucking cock in public if needed. But it now seems that it was just a smart and canny lure. And that’s what it was my man.

Have you changed? No. You’re still passionate about having sex with her.

How frequent that sex is? If it’s less than twice per month after being together for 10+ years, your life sucks because in healthy relationship, where partners still grow honest feeling for each other, sex is a frequent thing, occurring at least once per week.

But it’s not the frequency that counts. It’s the level of passion. How wild she is? How active she is? How deep does she breathe when you’re done? How fast can she reset after the second orgasm? How brutal the movement of her ass is when dogging her? How passionate she swallows your dick while you’re eating her pussy?

These are all signs of a passionate woman who lusts for having sex with her man. She can’t wait for your initial move to make her horny and active. Once started, she turns into an animal. That’s the woman. That’s the queen. That’s the wife! Everything else is just playing stupid and in most cases represents a complete waste of time and potentials.


You’re doing everything for her. Bringing coffee, going shopping with her, cooking the meals, taking care of the kids and cleaning the house. Shit, you don’t even remember how to buy man shirt or shoes. But when it comes to buying high heels, you’re the lord. At the same time, she does not compensate in any way. Not even with the hot, passionate sex.

This indicates that you’ve been living with a selfish and arrogant parasite and not a woman. She often claims how she’s the ultimate alpha female and desirable she is for other men. She’s the undisputed queen and nobody comes even close to her. And she does invest much of her energy to look young and fit. The question is: how do you benefit from that?

Because, having a BMW and not being allowed to drive it whenever the fuck you want is just having an expensive toy that you have to look after so nobody would steal it.

Just sit down and think. How often does she make something or do something for you? How often has she openly invited you to have sex in the middle of the broad daylight? Think ratio!

There’s nothing wrong with helping out your woman, but there are limits. If nothing else, the help must be mutual. You have to operate as a team. Cooking together, shopping together, cleaning together and similar. That’s the teamwork. After all, the man who claims that woman belongs in the kitchen – He doesn’t really know what to do with her in bed.

So if you are a normal guy who thinks that men and women are equal and that they have to share things, do not satisfy with less. If you give, she must also.


When it comes to the choice of the movie, it seems that you’re destined to watch only drama, romance or occasional mystical thriller that’s everything except the thriller. Action movies, fantasy, porn, horrors and similar are out of the question.  Same applies to the matter of opinions. If your opinions are out of any discussion. She overrules you in nanosecond and doesn’t allow her opinions to be challenged in any way. If you try, she snaps.

This is the simplest way to assess her. If you’re devoted enough to watch some romantic crap and even comment it while at the same time she gets agitated on your recommendation of Star Wars episode something; you should think twice before bringing her coffee the next morning.

But when it comes to opinions and worth assessments, she reigns supreme and you’re the last crap on this planet. To make things even funnier, 90% of everything that comes out from her mouth are some ridiculous conclusions, irrelevant facts, stupid claims and completely wrong decisions.

The remaining 10% goes for the stuff you’re not interested in – or something she wants you to do for her, so she would appear as the good wife, mother, neighbor and person in general.

The latter mostly consists of gardening, cleaning, fixing stuff that not even the hardcore handyman would be able to fix and making of some stupid, useless crap she “needs.” And she “needs” it simply because she saw the picture of similar crap some poor schmuck made for his blood sucking bitch.

Her decisions and opinions are not to be challenged nor questioned. It appears like she adopted the papal infallibility institute. If you dare to even bring it to open discussion; your ass is fried. In her eyes our opinion worth shit. You don’t have a say in practically anything. And if you push the envelope, she’ll activate the “insult arsenal.” That’s how she tries to put you down.

The few times the above situations occur OK, but if this is a common practice over the extended period of time, you my friend are clearly living with a blood sucking bitch. Sorry to be the one who breaks it to you, but that’s your reality. She’s practically getting off jerking you around. Keep that in mind next time you decide to do something generous for her. She won’t do the same for you because it’s her who deserves it. You don’t. You’re just a loyal servant.


When you’re about to pay a visit to your folks and family, her face and her body language make it obvious that she would rather jump from the bridge than go with you. But when it comes to her parents, the situation is completely opposite.

If she nags when the time comes to visit your mother, father, brother or sister, something is wrong because you’re not doing the same thing with her family. In fact, every time you’re over there, you have fun, telling jokes and lifting up the atmosphere. But when you arrive at your folks, she suddenly suffers from severe headache, stomach pains, or she’s just “exhausted from all the work she did that day” which you know is just a plain bullshit.

That’s the definition of the selfish behavior. She’s trying to get the water on her mill and she’s not picky about the means to make it happen. In the outcome, the quality of your relationship with the two people who gave you life and made you exist deteriorates rapidly. You’re spending your time with the people you don’t even know, while your mother gets to see you once or twice per year. And it’s always backed up with some alleged conspiracy theory of how your mother doesn’t like her or how she said something nasty to your wife and similar crap.

Let me ask you one thing: how many times have your in-laws insulted you? Did she defend you in any way? Did she stick by your side no matter what? How about vice versa? Did you respond with a slight look that could be interpreted as hostile?


When she’s complaining about her day at work, you must listen, confirm every single nonsense and refrain from any smart comments. And when you try to even mention something from your line of work, she makes the face and start bitching how she’s sick and tired of listening to your problems.

And on top of everything, her profession is boring and uninspiring to say the least. But you have to listen nonetheless. It’s like living with the Al Bundy and listening to how the fat lady came today. It drives you insane and yet, you can find decency and energy to serve as the release valve.

Once she’s finished, you try to explain some achievement or personal success you did that day. What you get? That famous “face” and nasty comment how she’s not that interested in that because she doesn’t really understand what exactly it is that you’re doing. In reality, that means this: she finds your professional occupation funny to say the least. She doesn’t really give a fuck about your troubles, responsibilities, stress and expectations as long as you’re bringing the money. And the only two reasons why she doesn’t know what the hell is it that you’re doing are these:

1) It’s way above her mental capabilities and you know that because on those few rare occasions that she forced herself to listen to you, she was yawning every time you’d bring something more complex.

2) She’s so freaking self-consumed that she just doesn’t give a tinny rat’s ass.

Honestly man; what the fuck are you doing? Why would you want to spend the rest of your life like that? It will only become worse because people tend to develop a habit of fucking the brains of those who allow it.


Now, the logical question comes to your mind: if she’s not that into me, why the hell is she living with me?

She grew habit and not being excited about the idea of starting all over again. It took some time to train you the way she likes. Is she capable of pulling the same shit twice in her current age, that’s highly debatable and questionable. She’s perfectly aware of that so she’ll do damage control from time to time when she becomes aware that you’re on the edge. In 99% of all cases that means forced sex. She’ll fake the orgasm and you’ll be happy for a week. It’s that simple to train a man.

So how about you exploit the circumstances? How about you start training her? You’re facing a divorce anyway, so why not having some fun or at least try to introduce some balance in your relationship? Show that you aren’t afraid of loosing. If she loves you enough, she’ll comply and re-adjust her behavior. Because it might just be that you allow it to go too far by not responding in time and now this negative behavior took roots. It became a habit.

You’ve got nothing to lose; only to gain either way. Remember that, my friend.

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