Can Adultery Create Long Lasting Happy Relationship

Written by Steven Hawk

When you observe the adultery as the consequence and not the reason for failed marriage than there’s a slight chance that the one-night stand or secret passionate relationship with your sexy co-worker can, in fact, result in something greater than you originally had.

Adultery is wrongly perceived as the cause of the divorce

The real cause is an imbalance or the over compromising of one partner in a relationship whereas adultery is just an expression of dissatisfaction with that fact and a certain getaway or even pursuit for a long-lost passion.

Because, in order for the relationship to be tasty, passion is the most important ingredient in the recipe. So, if there’s no equilibrium in compromising, the party that is forced to give a way more than he or she is receiving, will eventually start resenting the partner.

This situation will open the otherwise closed access for third parties.

It’s actually quite fascinating how we can sense that someone is not entirely happy with the marriage. To make things even better, we’ll start behaving like the ultimate predators, which, after spotting the weakness, are engaging with the decisive and rather brutal force.

You know this because if someone would ask you to pinpoint the people in your, let’s say, professional environment, who are most likely to be opened for the “alternative”, you’ll have no problem naming them all.

And the only reason why you can sense it is due to your innate ability to subconsciously recognize facial and other body signs of a sexually frustrated person. Because it’s who that person really is since sex is the determining factor of every relationship. It’s either a deal maker or the ultimate deal breaker.

Of course, people can force themselves to a certain level of loyalty even if their sex life sucks but that’s just because they are afraid of public condemnation due to our common moral standards. But given the opportunity (when nobody looks, for example), and your tongue will find the way in her mouth. She won’t mind at all. You just have to be tactical about it. Becuase, adultery doesn’t just happen for no good reason.

But if you’re willing to slip her your tongue and commit adultery, that indicates your own sexual dissatisfaction and marital frustration

It’s not like you’re driven by some animal instincts that are forcing you to hump every goddamn leg on your way. We are advanced creatures, perfectly capable of overriding our primitive urges. In fact, we are one of those few rare species that do value monogamy.

Thus, in case you can’t get her ass out of your mind and can frequently catch yourself plotting how to fuck her brains out, it means that something isn’t right at home.

adultery is right around the corner


But before you start cheering yourself, consider this: if you feel deprived of sex, your wife feels exactly the same. And same as you’re plotting to slip your tongue down that woman’s throat, the same way some dude is plotting the same shit but with your wife on his mind.

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Then again, it may just be for the better

Because, who can tell that you two are just the perfect match? Maybe your love was simply short-termed and there’s someone waiting for both of you. You know, kids grow up, you have some specific goals on your mind that present certain conflict of interest with your wife’s desires and habits, so you start thinking like that there has to be something better for you.

And you may be right.

I recently spoke to a woman who was “the second woman” for a year but eventually, the man came clean about the whole thing to his wife, explaining to her how he fell in love with another woman. Surprisingly or not, wife showed little to none negative emotions to his confession so they divorced quite peacefully.

It appears that the lady had similar agendas on her mind because, now, 14 years later, both of them are in happy relationships. The man found his new fortune between the legs of his former mistress and the man’s ex-wife found herself a young treat – some 10 years younger fellow!

When you think about this entire subject, it might be wise to follow the signals of the other party and if you notice suspicious behavior, maybe it’s time for you two to have a nice, long talk. Wear the bulletproof west just in case she’s carrying a concealed weapon that you know nothing about. Because, who says that she’ll welcome this sudden change, right?

On the other hand, if she’s quite OK with this new development, you might find yourself confused. If that happens, if you get the feeling that she wants out but you suddenly feel the change of hearts, we recommend the following tutorial:

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Good luck!

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