5 Ballz-Wreaking Reasons Why Men Are Not Happy in Marriages

Written by Steven Hawk

And it’s about goddamn time we set the records straight and start doing things properly. Our weakness for cunt is coming to collect boys, and it has shark’s teeth.

There’s this thing we have witnessed lately. Disturbing new trends in one critical segment of our society:

  1. The divorce rate is skyrocketing!
  2. Less people are deciding to sign the contract with the devil himself or in other words – to get married!

What the fuck is going on?

Because only a few decades ago, divorce was a taboo, while young men and women were getting married before reaching the age of 25. It wasn’t rare to see two teenagers, both fresh out of school, walking a newborn baby.

And then something happened, changed everything and even endangered the prosperity of our species!

What happened?

The Left-winged FEMINIST groups, and their ultimate weapon – the cunt. That’s what happened. At least according to some groups.

Now, we don’t wanna sound conservative in any way. But the fact is, whether you’re gonna admit it or not, that women managed to use their ultimate weapon to fuck us up! The funny thing is: we let them!

And we don’t have to move beyond the institution of marriage to prove our claims and provide with the solution.

Because, how exactly do you want to spend this freakishly limited time you have on this planet? Wanna slave or wanna be heard?

If it’s the option #2, get ready for some innovative and perhaps even radical ideas concerning those marriages where wife walks around with the sledgehammer, waiting for every opportunity to crash some ballz.

Those gutless, however, who devoted their lives sucking up to women, should skip the following content and go read Cosmopolitan instead. There’s probably some great weight loss diet there. Bye, Bye. Enjoy your salad dinner.

The rest of you bacon lovers and beer drinkers, follow us!

1st Ballz-Wreaking Reason – We are not allowed to eat when, what and how the fuck we want it

Why you eat so much. Look how fat you are. It’s not sexy. Grilled bacon sandwich and onion? Really? Not only that you’re gonna gain weight. You’ll smell also. Why do you behave like an animal? Don’t you love me anymore?

Said the ordinary wife to her ordinary, working man, who’s busting his ballz to put the goddamn food on the table, pay the bills and provide for all those useless devices and probably like gazillion of different shoes that no one even wears because, well, there’s never a good occasion.

Sounds familiar?


What the fuck does food have to do with love? Look how freakin’ fat, they become after signing the contract? You simply got to wonder where the fuck did she hide those 50 pounds that seemed to just popped out the moment you signed the damn paper?

But if you, heaven forbid, eat just enough to go through your day, that’s bad. Fuck, if you continue, no sex for ya. How about that?

And they don’t stop on quantity either.

When was the last time you enjoyed a good amount of garlic and fried liver, all accompanied with a few cold beers?

Maybe the wrong example, but there has to be something you simply love yet can’t eat anymore because “she hates it.” Make the list and see it for yourself.


It’s food goddammit. Our primary mean of survival. Nobody has the right to tell me what the fuck I will have for dinner. If I’m about to blast my way through freshly roasted pig, dammit, I’ll do that.

Aah, she’ll pull the females’ ultimate weapon of deterrence – no sex notion!!

Tell me, how frequently you have passionate sex with your wife? Once a month? Twice a month? Let me guess – she’s either on her side or on her knees, avoiding the direct eye contact with you. Does that strike you as something passionate or more like something she’s trying to get off her back so you’d finally leave her alone?

Do you really consider that as a fair deal?

You can’t eat what you want and how much you want, just to taste the pussy once a month?

Let me tell you something – you can get laid whenever the fuck you want because even paying for the service doesn’t really differentiate from what you’ve used to lately. If nothing else, lady of the night takes at least some pleasure out of it – she’s going home with pockets filled with money and don’t ask for additional favors!!!

Then again, there are women out there, who are openly coming on to you, ain’t that right? How the hell they don’t mind your belly?

2nd Ballz-Wreaking Reason – We don’t have sex as much as we would like!

But honey, it’s like that in every marriage. You know that – As women get older – After a while, sex becomes rarer and rarer. It’s normal.”

You’ve heard this bullshit, right?

If that’s for the fact, then how come I got laid last night and the night before that with two different women? Apparently, according to the mainstream wives, woman loses her sexual desire as years go by, so it shouldn’t be possible.


The best fuck I ever had was a woman on the threshold of her 50s! Beat that I dare you!

The fact is: she doesn’t want to have sex with YOU, that’s all. Another man in her bed and she’ll be fucking his brains out every single day for the next few months!

I know that because I’ve spoken with dozens of divorcees over the course of time and as soon as she cries out her first 2 nights alone in bed, she’s out on the hunt. Guess what is the prey of choice?

3rd Ballz-Wreaking Reason – Our opinion, just doesn’t matter!

I said NO! That chair can’t go in a living room. Look at it for God’s sake. How do you expect me to fit it in?

And that was some great chair, I tell you that. It was also the reason why I rented a small apartment and moved out from the house I shared with my now ex-wife for almost 20 years – that same fucking day!

Enough is enough, I said to myself, reflecting on years of blindly obeying to the rules of someone who looks the other way when we are having sex that one night in a month. I got sick and tired of all of those stupid colors and 100-pound drapes that needed a goddamn fork lifter to be mounted.

And for what? For one lousy sex experience a month? For driving her all over the fucking world to get the simple dress? For putting up with her annoying parents that, by the way, have nothing to do with me when you think about it, because I married my wife and not her goddamn mother!

4th Ballz-Wreaking Reason – We are not allowed to speak out minds freely – anywhere!

That was a dumb thing you did, saying all those stuff. Grow up dammit and start acting responsible for once in your life. People are laughing at me because of you.”

So fucking what!? Who made you the regulator? If I wanna speak my goddamn mind, I’ll speak it – loud and clear. No man or woman will tell me what to say. I’m a living human being with brain and voice and don’t need someone to put the words in my mouth. If you wanna say something, just fucking say it.

5th Ballz-Wreaking Reason – Our every idea gets ridiculed and ultimately rejected without too much thinking!

Seriously? In this situation, you’re thinking about starting a business? What’s the matter with you? Who’s gonna do business with you? Who’s gonna buy that crap? You want us all to end up on the street? When will you grow up? I’m sick and tired of your childish ideas Frank!

A year later, while she was struggling to reprogram her new man, living on a threshold of famine, my good old friend Frank was making 6 figures a month – and couldn’t care less about her!

Frank had one eye on the situation in his former home, thinking how in almost 18 years of marriage, not once did he deny something for her or reject any of her ideas – no matter what it was.

On the other hand, this was perhaps 145th idea Frank had and each before that got rejected – by her and her daddy. Yes, that’s right. She consults on everything with her daddy; make no mistake about it!

One day, after spending months analyzing this great business opportunity, and after it got rejected, as he suspected, Frank made some coffee and asked his wife Martine to sit with him at the table Frank made years ago to have a place to rest in the backyard. She had no fucking clue what was about to happen.

OK, Martine. If that’s how you want to live your life, go live with your daddy now. I expect you out by 8:00 tomorrow morning sharp.”

Frank got up, got in a car and drove away. Now, Martine knew Frank very well. He was a man of few words. Never loud. Never trying to argue his case for hours. This time, she could sense that Frank means business. So Martine packed her bags and gazillion of her shoes and called her daddy to pick her up.


Many men out there can identify with Frank’s story. It’s funny how common it is. Yet, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the most limiting factor of every marriage, having a direct impact on a family’s financial situation.

For some strange reason, all of the sudden, she, who hasn’t spent a day running a business or even working, like it’s the case in many marriages, becomes an expert in risk analyses and business strategies.

Only a few decades ago, something like that was unseen. The man didn’t even think to spend a moment of his time trying to persuade his wife into some business idea, endeavor and/or strategy, because why would you talk about flying a plane with someone who only knows how to ride a horse?

But these days, it seems that women are natural born business strategists. She knows that it won’t work so you better continue busting your ballz for that fuckup of your boss and struggle to connect first and last day of the month.

It’s not their fault, you know. They are wired that way. At least most of them women. All they care for is security of their nest. Everything that has the potential to even remotely disturb the imposed and pretty much delusional balance of the nest is considered as a threat.

Thus, whenever a husband comes out with the business idea, he’s, in fact, perceived as a viable threat. That’s why she reacts in such a way, trying to misuse the emotional influence she has over the man. By putting him down, using some dreadful experience that may or may not be directly related to them, she eventually manages to break him.

The end result? Constant financial stress because family is limited to only one, highly risky source of income. A few years ago, we witnessed the consequences of this approach when families were forced to live in tents on the parking lots.


Therefore, it’s us men who are the guilty ones for this new practice where someone completely inexperienced and gutless has a prominent role in decision-making of this kind.

That’s just not the way things work and every man who allows the influence of this kind and obeys to the simple “NO” that hasn’t even been argued or explained in any reasonable way, brought the misery upon himself!

Why do we allow this all of the sudden?

Because she’s your person. Because you’re wired to impress people around you. For instance, you did everything you could to impress your father. You are even maybe still trying. Then, you got married and you are now trying to impress her. It’s the process that, in reality, never stops. You simply feel the need to keep knocking her off her feet, that’s all.

If that is for the fact, how we didn’t have that urge in the past?

We had. Men were always trying to impress other people – females in particular. Only, women were even impressed or looked the other way, searching for the next viable target. They didn’t mess with the process.

Society is now working in one specific way, trying to equalize men and women even though equalization is virtually impossible.

From the biological view, we are not only physically built differently. We are also wired differently. Our brain chemistry isn’t the same.

Because, there’s a reason why we hunt and they don’t!

It’s because we are built for the kill and not for sitting inside our houses, waiting for a miracle to drop from the empty sky above. That’s what they do. That’s how they are wired. To wait for the food to drop on the table, not really caring about what it took to acquire that piece of meat.

Need a proof?

She’s a know-it-all type of person who always seems to “know” the right way of doing things. ‘You should do it this way.’ ‘It’s better to do it that way.’ ‘Let me handle it, you’re no good for that.’ Whatever the topic – she’s the Grandmaster. And then shit hits the fan. Something goes wrong and endangers the prosperity. It disturbs the balance inside her nest. Story changes. You’re the man goddammit. Fix it!

Yeah…we’ll fix it. We are men. That’s what we do. We fix. We build. We provide. We protect.

On that same basis, we have built the society we know now. Every fucking building in this world. Every road. Every tunnel. Every job. All had been built by men.

And now, when we finally set the stage for our ultimate freedom, even figuring out the way to fuck the Mother Nature and survival of the fittest notion by coming up with the virtual value (gold, diamonds, money) and debt (loans, credit cards she uses, mortgage for the housing she enjoys), now they want to take over.

The irony is: we are allowing that shit. And for what? For a bit of that sweet pussy? That’s the bottom line because we’ll do anything for a good round of sex and a blowjob.

Smart women realized the advantages of putting out for personal agendas long time ago. Cleopatra used her body and extravagance to spin the heads of two greatest emperors, ultimately preserving her spot on the throne of Egypt.

Slowly but surely, when the threat from the wildlife at night got successfully eliminated, women dared to step out. We cleared the way, creating almost 100% safe habitats where we can finally thrive, not worrying about some menace that is trying to eat us alive.

All they had to do was to suck a few cocks along the way and up they went!

Don’t get us the wrong way – we have nothing against women in business of any kind.

Those are the bright examples of human beings who figured out what we built for them and know that they only need to employ their brains to achieve anything at all – without the need to put down men along the way because, they don’t like when we are doing that to them, right?

But we have everything against this notorious autocratic ruling and constant blackmailing, occurring lately in every marriage, causing young generations to think twice before even considering engagements, let alone the marriage itself.

And no, they don’t have to kiss our assess because we laid down our lives in billions to transform the Earth in such a way. That’s why we built it in the first place. So that everyone could finally catch some breath and roam freely.

Still, that doesn’t give anyone the right to start acting as a wiseass and mess with the progress!

Yes, its’ about the progress of the species we are talking about here.

Because, every single breakthrough we made over the course of time, that made us the greatest race on this planet, was accomplished by the brave men and women who weren’t chained, limited, distracted or blocked by someone’s delusional caprices.


We learn how to walk by dropping on our asses over and over again. We learn from our mistakes. So even if man fails in his attempt to make a personal progress, that’s something we can learn from as a species and make sure not to repeat the mistake.

But if you block the attempt in its roots, the mistake will void and we’ll miss yet another crucial lesson that has the potential to push us to another step on the ladder of evolution.

We are not even considering the possibility of the success in this stage because success is the result of repeated fails, where each and every provided with at least one vital clue of how to do it right.

We even coined the name for that. It’s “trials and errors,” or the only way that we know of to learn and progress. As the result, we are now living in cities, completely isolated from the dangers of the night. We even made safe havens for the cases when Mother Nature decides to show its might.

Yes, it’s we men who built all of that. Therefore, it’s our God given right to make one mistake after another until we got that right – whenever the fuck we want! No one is allowed to stand in a way. Wives the least.

Because, if they think they can do it better…who’s stopping them?






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