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The Mistress, The Hooker, The Wife – Which One Despises Sex With You More?

Written by Steven Hawk

If you imagine the entire thing on some scale, how would you rate which among these three women:

  1. Hates having sex with you
  2. Is pretty much indifferent
  3. Is having a blast every time you grab that sweet ass


As you’ll see, it’s all relative!

But, the one out of these three has to force herself to have sex with you more frequently than the others! The other two find pleasure one way or another.

Let me guess. You’re thinking Hooker?


As the matter of fact, in some cases, it’s the Hooker who’ll enjoy having sex with you more frequently than the other two. That depends, of course, on how long have you been married or how long have you’ve been banging your secretary, a hot neighbor or that cute cashier lady from the grocery store nearby.

Because, if you remember, not so long ago, it was your Wife who was rated as 3. Your ex or some woman you’ve been flirting with during that early, passionate stage of your relationship with your current spouse, will most likely get 2. And the hooker will be rated 1.

And then, the days turn into weeks, weeks to months, months to years and pretty soon you found yourself married for more than a decade. Every night you grab that warm ass that used to yearn for your hand you can almost hear the silent growling.

Something has changed…

So, you start rethinking those ratings. It’s clear that your Wife, the one who used to scream few times a day, won’t even make up the excuses like headaches, period, mother, painful joints, sore skin, and all the other crap they have a habit to tell. Instead, she’s using the simple, ‘What the hell is wrong with you? Can’t you freakin’ understand how tired I am?

How’s that influencing the rating?

Well, it goes like this…

If you’ve been married for quite some time and things became, well, routine for the most of the time, then…

On a scale from 1 to 3, where 1 is her feeling sick just by imagining you on top of her, while 3 puts at least some smile on her face, the hideous state of mind, or the rating 1 goes to your lovely Wife!

It’s hard to imagine that she’s that same old girl you’ve used to have sex with 3-5 times a day, all over the freakin’ place, right? Nowadays, it seems like she’s some other woman; someone you don’t really know.

But what you do know is that she’s not that into you.

No matter what you do and no matter how much do you suck up, she just won’t fucking put out anymore! If it wasn’t sad, it would be funny. Only, in these circumstances, the entire situation with you and your Wife is not only ridiculous but presents a certain irony that you just can’t freakin’ understand.

In desperation, you are making the decision – you’ll go with the pro service! After all, you’re the man. And men have needs. So why wasting time and energy on yet another woman who won’t put out after a while, when you can gain access whenever the fuck you want!

Let’s see how this new development affects your rating.

If you’ve been married for quite some time now and you’ve got sick and tired of the dry season so you went for a professional service to soak your sorrow in…

Your wife is still rated 1 while rating 2 goes to the Hooker IF you haven’t been sleeping with your Mistress frequently for more than two months!!

The Hooker gets at least some satisfaction out of the entire deal with you – THE MONEY!

Then again, your Wife is getting money from you, doesn’t she? So why the fuck she isn’t looking at the things with the same eyes the Hooker is looking?

That’s because your lovely Wife, who must force herself to suppress the tears when you lie on top of her in some instances, is taking things for granted! And that’s never a good thing.

You know that because

Every time you somehow neglect your wife,

Thinking about her as someone who’s always here for you:

  • to talk about your boring and shitty day (analogy, in most of the cases, at least from her perspective, is Al Bundy and his common, “Fat lady came today…
  • to cook,
  • to clean,
  • to take care of the kids
  • to put up with your caprices of the spoiled mother’s brat,
  • to undress and let you have it,

it backfires!

She gives you the piece of her mind – every time, and somehow resets you!

The question is: Why don’t you use her strategy???

Unlike her, the Hooker is not doing her thing without taking at least some pleasure out of it. Because, unlike your Wife, she isn’t obligated to put up with your breath every single day for the rest of her life. She’s there for you for a half of an hour, once every week or two, and that’s it. In a process, she makes the living; comes home; takes a shower to wash out bad memories, and goes shopping or screwing someone out of pure lust – with the wallet full of your hard-earned money!


Naturally, one day, that shit got you thinking. These two women are not giving back that much. Deeper you analyze the matter, the clearer it becomes – they are both using you!

But, life is funny sometimes.

While you’ve been walking that smelly and annoying ball of shedding fur that your wife for some strange reason finds cute and simply irresistible (why the hell she isn’t walking the damn thing then?), thinking about your shitty luck with sex and everything, you stumble upon that cute girl you know from the grocery store.

The ratings change once again!

If you’ve been married for a quite some time, routine kicked in and you got sick and tired of paying for sex…

‘What a lovely ass,’ you think.

That one, single image and a deviant intention forming in your mind completely changed the course of your thoughts. You forgot all about your Wife and that tight-ass Hooker you paid $200 three days before for…what?…some 11 minutes of action, where 5 were spent in hiding somewhere and unzipping/stripping?

‘Well, how about that…’ you think again, smiling deep inside. ‘She’s been giving me these same foxy looks all this time, just like the one she gave me a second ago. How could I miss it? My God…all this time she was here…right in front of my eyes…giving herself openly…stupid dumbass…’

One thing leads to another, and the very next night you two are doing it like two teenagers, in her flat, because, well, why the fuck not, right?

Thus, instead of making your Wife cry or paying Hookers, you found yourself a treat. A sweet little tooshie that you can bang whenever the fuck you want. And she likes it, which is most important.

So now, finally, we have the one with the rating 3

It was about goddamn time you strike luck, right?

She’s happy and capable of reaching orgasm, unlike the other two. In fact, she’s looking forward to meeting with you in your secret hideout, just so she could have sex with you.

It’s you who’s keeping her fire going!

How cool is that?

Once again, you’re the one with the power to cause the butterflies in a woman’s belly.

And if she’s out of town frequently, or unavailable for some reason, or you simply became addicted to pro service (which is a common case), you can always call the Hooker. Rated with 2, she can always find the necessary balance between something that makes her sick and the fact that money did change hands for that small, yet disgusting effort! At the end, two people are leaving the hotel room happy.

Well, to some extent at least, if you’re not behaving like some sadistic animal where no money can pay for the humiliation, feeling of sickness and the actual physical pain because you kicked in another hundred to fuck her in the ass.

In that case, you have two women rated with 1 – your own Wife and the Hooker who’ll have to pop painkillers for two straight weeks and probably smoke few bags of some good weed to get you out of her mind. If nothing else, you forced her to rethink the entire moneymaking strategy she’s been relying on for some time now.

Fuck ‘em!’ You say, ‘They ain’t good anyway.’

Already tomorrow, your heart goes ballistic when you see the message coming from the Mistress – she wanna fuck your brains out!

Boner is here. You only need to make up the excuse and that’s it. Life is great again.

Only, you have to ask yourself this: if your wife got sick and tired of having sex with you after a short while, wouldn’t the same happen with your mistress?

It probably already happened, only you’re not aware of it.

If you two are doing it regularly, behind everyone’s back, or in her home, where you make sure not to transfer any scent or trace to your own home, the chances are, sport, that she’s having second thoughts about this entire thing she’s having with you.

You are not leaving your wife. You ain’t taking the relationship to the next level. How long do you think she’ll wait before taking steps to become a recognized party in the entire deal? She’s most likely putting up with you in an endless hope that you’ll ditch the one who organized your life and choose her instead. Once the hope is gone, so will you!

But, until then, your Wife is rated 1, the Mistress is rated 2 and the famous Hooker takes the most pleasure out of the entire deal. No matter how weird it might appear, it’s the Hooker who is rated 3 now.

Life’s funny, right?

That, of course, if you’re not behaving the way we explained just a moment ago.

Because, if you do, then you have 3 women, each rated with 1.

In other words, no matter what you do, how you do it or how much money you’re willing to spend, each of them hates your fucking gut and would rather fuck the rotten tomato than you. Ain’t that cool?

And then they say how easy it is to be a man, right?

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