“FUCK YOU, HONEY! I’M OUTTA HERE!” or Reasons to Leave

reasons to leave wife
Written by Steven Hawk

After realizing that you have more than a few reasons to leave her, one day, you say, “Hey, honey. Listen, I have something to tell you. Something you won’t like.”

That last sentence is the neurohook that gets her undivided attention. She didn’t’ even hear the opening lines but this triggered her fight-or-flight response. She can immediately sense that something terribly bad is about to happen. Her instincts are unmistakable.  

“After the gazillion repeated failed attempts to get some senses into you, I decided to say, FUCK YOU, HONEY, I’M OUTTA HERE, for good!”

And now she’ll be all, “WHAAAAT? What the fuck are you saying to me? Are you out of your goddamn mind? What the fuck is wrong with you? What about the kids? What about me? You’ll just leave? You’re nothing but a wuss, you know that!

Then she’ll continue with the rest of the goodies she’s so generously sharing with you every time she gets pissed. In the meantime, you’ll be packing your bags, evading hairdryers, ashtrays, shoes and everything else she finds suitable to throw in your head.

Sounds too radical? Perhaps.


There are 3 reasons to leave your wife:

  1. She cheated on you
  2. You fell in love with another woman or lost your interest
  3. She became a serious limiting factor and a real danger to your long-term plans.

The first two instances are not the subjects of this work. The third, however, is.


The wife can be the greatest support or the worst pain in the butt

Your every attempt to reach your full potentials for the benefits of your entire family meets this unexplainable resistance.

It is natural. Nobody likes changes. Women in particular.

The pressure soon becomes unbearable. Due to your previous fails, she perceives this new idea as a joke, which pisses you off even more.

The one person who’s supposed to support you is mocking you, again. That sucks, doesn’t it?

But that’s just a warmup round.

After you realize that it takes a lot more than 4 hours to do what you intend to do; you start spending more time on the project than on running chores, errands and gazillion other small “favors.”

And that, my friend, is pissing her off like nothing else. She starts to feel seriously neglected.

So now, there are two people in the household who are on the edge. It is a ticking time bomb ready to explode on a slightest wrong move.

Does this situation sound familiar?

If it does…

You are seriously thinking about leaving her, aren’t you?

Because you spent countless hours trying to explain that if she gives you the time and space, she will eventually benefit from it.

The problem is that it does take time. Shit, it sometimes takes years to get there. And those first few years are round-the-clock work.

Only a handful of women are willing to trade their comfort zones for something like this. In many cases, divorce is unavoidable.


After a while, you realize that you’ll never move from the ground zero if she’s constantly on your case. It causes distractions that lead to delays. And delays inevitably lead to failure.

What do you do?

The matter demands a careful consideration; make no mistake about it

This is one of those situations where you want to have second thoughts about the entire thing. After all, you have history and probably kids together.

It’s not a simple decision and it will affect many lives.

So sit down with her and make sure she understands that your bags are packed and you’re ready to leave right this instance. Heck, pick that bag and leave for a day or two. Stay with a friend she knows. Or do what marine snipers do to de-stress and relieve some pressure.

If she loves you, she’ll break. There is a possibility that she’ll come to her senses and realize how important it is to leave you the fuck alone when you’re working on your plans.

It won’t be a simple cut. She needs some time to get used to the new schedule and routine. Give her that time.

Because isn’t that what you’re asking from her?

But if she stays persistent. If she continues with mocking and blatant sabotaging, slam that door right in her face. There is a woman out there for you, my man. This one was the obvious wrong call.

Go out there and pursue your dreams. You have the God-given right to do that and nobody — NOBODY — has the right to sabotage you.

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