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Should You Be Considering Career Change in Your 40s

career change
Written by Igor K

Yes, you should, if you feel that way. But what’s even more important is that you are reading this which means that you are thinking about the career change for some time now.

In other words, at this point, You are just seeking for the confirmation and approval of your decision to change something.

And that, my friend, means that you are good to go.

Speaking from the personal experience, hardly anything can compare to the feeling of The Morning when you decide to go see your boss and tell him, “Goodbye, thanks for everything, will see you some other time and place or in a galaxy far, far away.”

That’s liberating. It’s a high.

Hence, if you have everything figured out, get those ballz out and get it over with. Be free. Live on your own terms.

However, if you are married, expect a certain level of disagreement with your decision.

career change fighting with the wifeThat disagreement can come in a form of an ashtray thrown your way (which, by the way, happened to me) or a firm promise that your bags will be waiting for you outside the house once you quit (which, by the way, happened to me a minute after the damn ashtray flew right in my forehead).

Eventually, they come to their senses. You only need to endure the 3-5 weeks that feel like living beside a constant worst-case PMS.

The real question is: should you even debate over it with your wife?


Because you are not someone’s slave or a kid that has to ask for a permission to do something his own way.

She wouldn’t understand anyway because men and women have quite different mindsets when it comes to changes and risk-taking.

You see, from her current perspective, she’s got everything.

The roof over her head, a full fridge, a car, two or more children that she can equip with everything they need for the school or soccer.

She maybe can’t pay the mortgage or the utility bills on time though but it doesn’t matter. What matters, from her standpoint, is that you are playing with a security and the future of your family.

In other words, she will act like a mother towards her young, reckless adolescent son.

And she can’t help it either. Because women are programmed that way.

We have already repeated this fact several times in more than a few articles but no harm in repeating it one more time: women are nesters who seek security.

And your future action poses a certain risk.

As you know, women and risks are not getting along that good. There might be exceptions but generally speaking if you are playing with the destiny of her children, you are good as dead.

Could she be right? Would it be a mistake to change career at this point in your life?

You are in your 40s. Which implies that you have a tremendous experience in almost every aspect of the life.

It’s hard to believe that you would even consider this option if you haven’t been preparing the ground for some time now.

Are there any guarantees that you will succeed?

Dude, you can get hit by the car or some falling debris at any given moment. Nothing is for sure.

Only one thing is absolute and it will take, on average, just 72 turns of the Earth around the Sun and own axis before you meet that moment of absolutism if you catch my drift.

That being said…

Did you cave in from climbing the tall trees when you were just a small boy?

Somehow, the fact that you could slam your dick on the ground didn’t bother you even though it was the real danger that could happen at any given moment.

What’s more hazardous? Climbing the wet tree in your sneakers or changing careers? Should that even be a question?

career change

Be that kid again. Re-take those ballz you once head before they turned you into a “responsible adult.”

About the author

Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.