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Why Married Women Work as Escorts

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Written by Steven Hawk

Are they hungry for money or hungry for the thrill and pleasure? How likely it is for a married woman to start working as an escort? Is there something we can learn from their decision? How that affects their marriages?

We are going to answer all these questions with the help of some inside information about the escort business we collected recently.

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Is there a difference between traditional prostitution and the escort service?

The escort service is nothing but the evolution of prostitution or the old profession of exploiting the fact that no wife can satisfy the sexual needs of her husband and vice versa. One can easily cash-in on the inevitable consequence of the holy matrimony while remaining free from the shackles of patriarchate and children.

Escort, perceived as the high-end service, with the top professionals who can satisfy even the most demanding clientele, was long connected with the young, single women, who are making a shit-load of money screwing dirty old perverts. In other words, she’s making money but doesn’t have to iron the shirts or cook food. Once her contract expires, which can be anywhere between a day and entire month, she’s back in her private, non-male-polluted nest.

For a long time, we believed that there’s nothing more to it.

You have wives on one side of the female world and the whores on the other. As one of the most famous radical feminists, Andrea Dworkin, once said, “The argument between wives and whores is an old one; each one thinking that whatever she is, at least she is not the other.”

However, something just doesn’t add up to Mrs. Dworkin’s claim. The wives do work as the prostitutes, even though they are taking care of the children and cooking for their husbands.

Illogical as it may seem, there are women who live in both worlds. Is this some sort of an ultimate masochism?

What drives a married woman with children to dress up and start blowing strangers’ cocks for money?

Who could say no to her, right?

Many feminists and their loyal supporters will start defending our hot and lusty double agent how patriarchal society, through politics of constant and relentless devaluation of women in general, is leaving her no choice. She’s a desperate housewife, whose husband simply failed to meet the expectations. The prick is just another lazy momma’s boy good for nothing.

So, other than being obligated to iron shirts, cook food and dress children for school, our poor wife is now forced to work the night shift. Apparently, she cannot find anything else profitable enough. Working at the café is just not her thing.

What a load of crap!

Sure, money is excellent if a woman can meet the high-end expectations in terms of looks and skills, but that just cannot be the main drive. There are many different ways to bring money home without blowing cocks all around the place while kids are sleeping.

We believe that something else is triggering this decision.

The difference between a wife and a prostitute in bed

Well, in all honesty, after years of marriage, a wife simply sucks for the most of the times she’s having sex with her husband. In fact, in many of these events, she can barely suppress her tears.

Yet, against her better judgment, she sticks with her man.

She sure as hell doesn’t enjoy having sex with him anymore, but defends her decision to stay married to that prick with the moral dogma ticket and the fact that she organized her nest the way she wanted while not having to bust her back on some 9-5. It’s he who brings the money.

All she has to do is put out from time to time, imagining Brad Pitt while doing it. And, avoiding the eye contact comes very handy in those situations. So no wonder why they are either looking sideways or turning sideways.

Unlike our wife, a prostitute, at least the elite one (a high-end escort) will put on her best performance – every time.

Many of them are so good at what they do that you genuinely believe how she’s enjoying having sex with you. Whatever you wanna do to her, she’s here for you. It’s simply something you can’t get home. Hell, there are things these ladies are doing that you have never ever experienced, no matter how passionate and liberate your wife used to be.

But, same as the wife, the escort lady is here for only one reason – financial benefits that ensure her survival. She just wants to stay away from the marriage and everything it carries with it.

Keep in mind that this is an opinion of the hardcore, professional escort ladies, who are taking their profession as seriously as humanly possible. They are in 120%, working on their bodies, communication, foreign languages, and sex & seduction skills every single day.

It’s not an easy job, as you can imagine. However, a thousand per single night does heal the wounds.

What connects the wife and the prostitute is the ability to force themselves into having sex with men they don’t find sexually attractive. And both are doing it for the same reason – survival.

The wives can claim whatever the hell they want but the fact is that as soon as she gets in a bed with another man, she goes wild. Tongues are working overtime and nothing is too hard, as long as it is some new face she founds attractive.

The next logical step or how to merge marriage and escort into one life, creating a unique lifestyle

In simple words, it goes like this: she’s already forcing herself to have sex with the man she doesn’t find attractive, so why not making money out of it. If she can put up with one, she sure as hell can put up with many. At least, these others will pay. That fat fuck doesn’t even take a shower before lying on top of her.

Unlike him, these other guys, the clients, are neat, clean and mostly married. They will keep their mouth shut, pay good money and they present with the least risk of getting some STD.

Because, the girl, who’s been working on the street for just a while, has a shot of penicillin in every purse she possesses. That’s why many of them are trying to get into an escort.

After some thinking, she’ll give it a shot. Most likely with someone she trusts.

It goes like this

And keep in mind that this is a personal experience, checked for consistency through many interviews with the ladies of the night.

It starts with some type of desperation. Boredom or a hard financial situation, all the same.

A woman grows desperate, taking extra shifts if she’s working. Over the course of time, she will inevitably develop a closer connection with some man, who is most likely someone she secretly considers attractive.

One day, she comes out with this wild idea of how she would do anything to improve her financial situation. The husband is working, that’s not an issue, but the money they are both bringing in is not enough. They need more.

If I would be a hundred percent sure that someone would keep a secret, I’d go for it.” She suddenly fires out.

What do you mean? Like sex for money?” Asks the man of her utmost confidence.

Yes, why not. I’m already having pretty much forced sex. So why the hell not.

Just for fun, how much would you charge?” The man got interested.

I don’t know. Depends.

On what?

On who’s the guy and how much I need at that moment.

So, if I would offer you $200, what would you say?

She starts giggling and waving her hands, claiming how she was joking.

What’s the matter with you? Are you insane?” She says, but with the obvious spark in her eyes.

Well, he’s not insane. He sees the perfect opportunity to finally bang her ass without any risks of her falling for him.

OK, but just so you’d know. I’m not kidding.

And he walks away, knowing that this is not the last they have said on the subject.

She stares at his back while he’s moving away, wondering if she went too far. What if he talks?

Weeks go by and not a word from the outside circle. He hasn’t been talking to anyone about that. ‘Maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all’, she says to herself one day and goes to see him.

I’ve been thinking. If you are still interested, let’s do it.” She comes out clean.

OK,” says the man, without even trying to hide how aroused and excited he is about this new deal. “Come see me this evening. You know where I live.

What about your wife?

Nobody knows about this here but we don’t live together anymore.

From that evening on, he was her regular client for the entire year, at least 3 times each month. She made some good money while enjoying more than she was enjoying with her husband. It looked more like some pervert role-playing than the actual thing. At least that was what she was saying to herself to ease the consciousness.

And that’s how it starts, believe it or not. Not that’s it’s a rule or anything, but in most of the cases, the wives turn into prostitutes through this simple experiment. If they grow to like it, they start engaging more clients.

We recently interviewed a high-end escort lady who claims that 20% of all the girls she’s working with are married with children. In some instances, the husbands are perfectly aware of what their wives are involved with.

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According to her testimony, these women formed a certain pact with their husbands after both parties cooled off from one another. They are seemingly sticking together because it’s more practical that way. The children, now at universities, still have a home to return to and these two don’t have to put up with each other anymore.

In fact, one of her “co-workers” claims how her marriage became a far better experience since the day she made a pact with her hubby. They don’t argue anymore and even have wild sex from time to time. We do come in different colors and shapes after all.

If nothing else, this does prove our claim that marriage, in a traditional sense, renders itself obsolete after the children grow up and leave the home. Women, who gave birth at an early age, and who took care of their appearance are one of the most wanted on the market, contrary to general belief. So it’s not that difficult to start the escort career even if a woman is in her 40s.

Is it the money or the pleasure or perhaps the combo?

Believe it or not, some of these women are in this business for the sake of the thrill and excitement. They are enjoying themselves on yachts, expensive restaurants, and high-end hotel apartments. It’s the kind of a lifestyle they are not used to, that’s all.

The clients are usually extremely generous because, unlike traditional street prostitutes, escort ladies are perceived more as surrogate wives, only these ones are not nagging and are willing to do whatever you ask them to do. She does cost money but the wife is not anything less demanding in this field. So why not seize the opportunity, right?

Yet, most of the married escort women are here for the money only. They are putting up with the masquerade just because it brings money on a conveyor bay. The amounts are simply astonishing and practically impossible to be made in some traditional occupation.

It’s that profit that acts as the main drive. Even after “deductions” or the fees they are obligated to pay to the madam of whoever it is that connects them with the clients and organizes transport and transactions, there’s still plenty left.

No matter what some false moralists claim, making a grand in less than 12 hours is not something you can easily disregard. All she has to do is that same thing she’s forcing herself to do at home – to force herself into having sex with someone while not enjoying it. 

It’s a simple way to ratify the decision to engage in the least morally acceptable activity. The only real risk is ending up exposed to the public, especially today when everything is being recorded at every step of the way. Then again, there’s no such thing as a high-profitable, low-risk business. If you want to make big money fast, you have to be willing to take on more risk. The escort career certainly provides both.

What do you think? Do you judge or do you approve a woman’s right to choose her career, no matter what that career might be?

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