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Why We Celebrate CHRISTMAS on 25th of December

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Christmas is here. Fat grandpa in the red suit is coming to town. Almost completely naked guy, crucified on the large wooden cross will be showcased and worshipped all over the planet. And you, my friend, you’ll be forced to spend a couple of hundred or even thousands of dollars on gifts alone. Add fancy dinner, all those sweets, and beverages, and you’re entering the New Year on the verge of the bankruptcy.

Have you ever stopped to think why is this happening? Why do people celebrate a dreadful act of violence on December 25 of every year? And why the fuck you must spend all that money?

Also, which one is it: Santa or Jesus? Whose more important?

Well, Jesus.

Santa is a commercial product of the US marketing from way back that just became extremely popular. We can even say that the old man in a red suit overtook the throne from the butchered and murdered guy.

Nevertheless, it’s a season of love, rejoining and giving. And it has its precise history and the reason for existence.

If you don’t know the facts about December 25 and why is it so freakin’ important, you’re about to get enlightened.

Years and years ago, in a land far, far away…


A crucified man, covered with blood, wearing only a small piece of bloody and filthy fabrics around his hips, with the thorn crown around his head that was penetrating deep inside the tissue, was suffering unbelievable pain.

Nailed through the palms and feet to the wooden cross, he was left there to suffer an agonizing pain until his very last breath. The gathered crowd just stood there and observed how life is slowly and painfully leaving this brutally tortured man.

In one moment, a Roman soldier, full of unhidden empathy, is approaching the cross, and, as an act of mercy, stabbing the crucified man through the ribs, right into the heart with his long, Roman spear.

It was the end of a young man, born 33 years before, on December 25th, in a small stable full of sheep – the event that took place in a small desert town of Bethlehem.

Was it a coincidence that Jesus was born on December 25?

The whole figure of Jesus and his disciples is based upon the pure astronomy and ancient worshipping of the Sun.

Jesus Christ is nothing more than our own star. And 12 disciples are the Zodiac signs.

zodiac christmas

It’s not an isolated case in a history of different beliefs either.

Before Jesus, there were more than a dozen of other figures in different cultures that emerged far more earlier than Christ. And they all have few things in common:

  • They were all born of the virgin mother
  • Eastern star pointed at the birthplace
  • All were worshipped by the three kings
  • All performed miracles
  • All were surrounded by 12 disciples
  • And after they died, they all resurrected

By looking at the night sky and constellations, you can see the logic in Virgin birth, the Cross, the Christmas, the Resurrection, and also 12 disciples.

One special event occurs at 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of December each year.

For three days, Sun appears on the same altitude on the horizon – on its lowest point in a single year.

Then, something happens.

On 25th of December, Sun moves up by 1° and from that point on, moves higher on the horizon each day, which announces the arrival of the warmer days and more daylight.

The whole belief system of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam comes from the 10.000 years old belief system of Ancient Egyptians.

After fleeing Egypt, Jewish leaders made some changes to Egyptian mainstream religion code and adopted that modified system. They were preaching it to their followers day after day. The add-ons came in a form of colorful stories STACKED IN A PRECISE TIMELINE, that were based on specific astrological events.

Take the Old Testament story about 10 Commandments and worshipping of the golden bull for example. In astrology, on that very day, we exited the age of Taurus and entered the age of the Aries.

If you read the New Testament carefully, you will notice a large number of chapters that speak about the fish and fishermen. The reason for that is the fact that the age of the Pisces (Fish) started on the day Jesus Christ was born. It will end somewhere around 2150 AD.


When you read the Bible, it is definitely the greatest story ever told. It’s full of rich descriptions and stories that range from innocent and quite lovely and funny to horror ones that can scare kids.

And if you consider the number of authors that contributed to the book, it is fascinating that they have built such a bestseller.

With no competition, the Holy Bible is the most common book of a large number of households around the world. People are reading it, exploring it, finding pointers, riddles, guidance.

So what do we have inside that great book that captures our intention and even changes our behavior?

The truth behind the Holy Bible goes like this:

The Sun. Probably most worshipped object of all times. From the dawn of the civilization, people were connecting Sun with warmth and daylight. Sun made crops to grow. Gave light.

Night, on the other hand, brought danger. Carnivores of all kinds were making people’s lives extremely difficult.

It is only logical, that humans, from the earliest days, started to follow Sun and its movement. And you cannot do that if you don’t follow one more thing – the night sky and stars.

The early humans learned to recognize special markers on the night sky, today know as – constellations. They recognized 12 of them, now known as the signs of the Zodiac.

And if one takes a closer look at the Zodiac sign, he or she will see the Sun in the middle, the Cross that connects the entire sign, and the 12 Zodiac signs – constellations.

Due to the wobble of the Earth’s axis, constellations are moving opposite of the expected way, and it takes approximately 2150 years for the Earth to travel through one of the Zodiac signs – through a single constellation.

Hence, from 4300 BC until 2150 BC, we were in the sign of Taurus – the Bull. From 2150 BC until 1 AD we were in the sign of Aries – the Ram.

Now, when we say sign, we mean age.

Somewhere around 2150 AD, we will enter the age of Aquarius, the Water-bearer. Currently, we are living in the age of the Pisces – the Fish.


Let’s go back to that cross inside the Zodiac symbol.

It shows two distinct astronomical phenomena: Solstices and Equinoxes.

For our Christmas story, four ages are important: Bull, Ram, Fish, and Water-bearer.

Bull, or Taurus, is significant for one moment in the Bible. That moment is when Moses comes down from the mountain, carrying two stone plates with 10 commandments. As he’s coming back to his followers, he’s noticing that they have quickly built a golden statue representing the large bull.

In his rage, Moses throws the stone plates, coursing his people.


The age of Taurus is over, and the world is entering the world of Aries, and thus, everything that marks the old age must be destroyed and forgotten.

The age of the Aries is the age of the Judaism. For that reason, Jewish people still blow the Ram’s horn.


That brings us to the second significant moment of the Bible: the birth of Jesus Christ, which marked the end of the age of Aries and starting point of the age of Pisces.

The New Testament is permeated with the symbolism revolving around fish and fishermen.

Jesus fed the people with fishes, met the fishermen. And, while addressing to his disciples, he announced the age of the Aquarius.

It’s what he means when he says to them: I will be with you ’till the end of the times.

The end of the times, in this context, refers to the end of the age or one single age in the circular movement of the constellations. In other words, the end of the age of Pisces and the dawn of the age of Aquarius.

This misinterpretation has led to the numerous apocalyptic preaches of the soon to come end of the world. And what actually ends is one, single Zodiac age.

However, when we talk about Jesus Christ and Christmas, we must go back approximately 10,000 years before his birth.

There we can find first carvings on the cave walls, that show the same meanings as the story of Jesus Christ.

When we further move through the time, we come to the figure of Horus, the Egyptian Sun God that originates from somewhere around 3,500 BC.

Now, Horus had an opponent – Seth.

Horus represented the Sun and the day. Seth, on the other hand, represented the Night and the darkness.

Every day, in the morning, Horus beats Seth, and at the sunset, Seth beats the shit out of Horus.

christmas horus and seth

There are several significant facts about Horus.

Horus was born at 25th of December by the Virgin Mother, and his birth was announced by the Star of the East. He was first worshipped by the Three Kings. Later, he died, was dead for three days, and then he resurrected.

Sounds familiar?

Horus wasn’t an isolated case also. There are Mithra, Dionysius and a large number of the others, all before Christ and all in different cultures. And they all share same distinct features:

  • Born of the Virgin mother on 25th of December
  • Worshipped by the Three Kings
  • Birth announced by the Great East Star
  • All was dead for three days and then got resurrected

What is so significant about these few common features?

We have December 25, Virgin birth, Great Eastern Star, Three Kings, Cross, Death, and Resurrection. All these markers, in this same fashion, can be found in several cultures throughout the world, dating 10.000 years BC.

The bright star that leads the three wise men is, in fact, Sirius, the brightest star on the night sky. On 24th of December, Sirius is aligning with the three stars of Orion’s belt, from ancient times known as Three Kings.

Winter Solstice - Sun on the Southern Cross christmas


When viewed as a whole, Sirius and three stars of Orion’s belt point on one place on Earth – where the Sun will show itself the very next day, on December 25.

Also, there is the Virgo constellation, visible at the same moment on the horizon. Virgo is usually represented as a woman holding a wheat, and is known as the “House of bread.”

Bethlehem literally means – House of bread.

But what does it really mean when we say: born on 25th of December?

During the 1-year period, the Sun is moving from the east to the west, transitioning through the south. As the days go by, the Sun is appearing lower on the horizon every day as the winter solstice approaches.

On 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of December, Sun is at the lowest point on the horizon, seemingly still – dead.

On December 25, Sun moves up by 1 degree and thus starts the new cycle, announcing longer days and more warmth in the upcoming days.

Hence, December 25 is the day when the stars in the nightsky are announcing spring.

So, basically, Sun is dead for three days and then reborn – resurrected and sent to heaven.

However, that doesn’t really explain the Easter that is celebrated in the early spring next year.

It appears that we are celebrating the wrong date?!

According to the Bible, Christ was crucified on the cross, was dead for three days, and then rose to heaven.

Back to the astronomy.

During those three days, when Sun appears lowest in the sky, it resides in the vicinity of the Southern Cross, or the Crux constellation.

Now, Egyptians were keen night sky observers. The configuration of pyramids shows us that. The Great Pyramids are aligned with the three stars of Orion’s belt.

Southern Cross constellation is visible when in the morning of 25th of December, first rays shine the Temple of Karnack. Southern Cross constellation, or Crux, are the four stars that are visible in the northern hemisphere in that moment.

So the logical question is: Why delay in celebrating resurrection?

Ancient people didn’t celebrate the resurrection of the Sun until the spring equinox or the Easter when Sun officially overpowers the winter and spring arrives.

One more time:

  1. Sun died.
  2. It’s dead for three days under the Cross
  3. And on the third day, it resurrects.


That worshipping probably came far before 10,000 BC. Early humans surely connected the movement of the Sun and all those stars with the exchanges of the certain periods of the year. Periods, that we now call Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

When colder days come, crops are dead, and the daily struggle for life, during the long-lasting winter is about to start. And when the Sun moves up on December 25, they know that warmer weather is finally arriving.

About the famous and largely mystified cross…

We can say that the shape itself is one of the earliest forms that were used in worship.

When you take a closer look at the Zodiac sign, you will see that the cross actually refers to the winter and summer solstices and the spring and autumn equinoxes.

At the middle is the Sun.

And around the cross, you will usually find 12 constellations.

Replace the Sun with Jesus Christ and instead of 12 constellations picture names of all 12 of his disciples and you’ll end up with the main object of Christian worshipping.

Now add the crown of thorns on his head. Remove the body of Christ and leave the crown, and you again have the Sun – the sunrays.


But there’s one more thing that shaped our civilization and even made some people commit group suicides.

It’s the most famous sentence in the Christian religion or the moment when Jesus is telling his disciples: “I will be with you until the end of time.

End of time or the Armageddon

That ‘end of time’ is actually the end of the age of Pisces (Fish), that will last until 2150 AD, when the world will enter the age of Aquarius.

In the Bible itself, Jesus directs his disciples by saying: “Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water… follow him into the house where he entereth in.

He was answering the question about where will the last Passover be. The man with the pitcher of water is Aquarius. In other words, Jesus simply points at the end of the time of Pisces.


You have now a simple connection of 12 signs of Zodiac with 12 disciples and the movement of those 12 constellations – the phenomenon known as the precession of the equinox.

Remember, due to the wobble of the Earth’s axis, constellations move backward, and it takes 2150 years to go through one constellation.

The guy who told the story that is now known as The Book of Revelation was just probably nut or high on some mushroom. Nevertheless, he made a significant impact on lives of generations.


And that’s why now, thousands of years later, you are forced to spend thousands of dollars to celebrate the WINTER SOLSTICE!

Have fun shopping during the most stressful day in a year!

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