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4 Biggest Reasons for Sex Procrastination and The Ways to Fix It

sex procrastination
Written by Steven Hawk

There are times when we just can’t get it up without even knowing why. Our women are not so helpful during those moments because they expect us to perform like freakin’ Usain Bolt every time. In their opinion, our sex procrastination has nothing to do with them.

Ass is here, cunt is here, the mouth is here so what the fuck is the problem then?

Are you seeing someone else? Yeah, you’ve been smooching with that bitch from your office, don’t you, you son of a bitch! I know! I saw the way she’s looking at you! That’s why you can’t perform at home! She drains you out!

sex procrastination erectile dysfunction

And all you can do is just sit and listen.

Is the problem hiding somewhere deep inside of you? Is it true that she has nothing to do with the fact that you can’t get it up lately? Isn’t it possible that your dick simply recognizes her and doesn’t find it that much fuckable anymore?

It may be, but let’s go over a few mostly overseen reasons for sex procrastination just in case, shall we?

#1 – Excessive bodybuilding/training without testosterone supplementation may trigger sex procrastination

Having 20 times higher testosterone production rate and quantity then women is what makes us stronger and more durable. It’s that same testosterone that makes possible for you to spend 3 hours in the gym, lifting heavy weights. It’s that same testosterone that makes possible for you to run for a couple of hours.

The problem is: it takes time for your body to “refill the bottle.” And you know pretty damn well how important sex drive testosterone is.

So either go easier with the training or use testosterone supplementation (consult with your doc before buying it!)

#2 – Negative working stress often leads to sex procrastination

Yes, stress can be positive. Take the Wall Street guys for instance. Every woman who had sex with one of them will tell you that they are the best choice for a quickie or one-night-stand.

Can you say that their job isn’t stressful?

The difference is that they perceive that stress as the hype whereas your stress comes from the pressure to meet the deadlines and improve the output results. You simply don’t like what you do. They do. Your stress is a negative one and it causes the cortisol secretion.

In their case, we’re talking about dopamine and adrenaline. In your case, we’re talking about disaster because cortisol should not be there unless it’s a life and death situation.

Can you do something about it? Sure. Check this out!

#3 – Financial worries do affect sex life

If something will kill your mood for sex and life in general, that’s definitely poor balance on your bank account and overdraft. That shit causes more suffer and more negativism than anything else.

So if your financial status is not that optimal, you might be having serious mental issues with it, whether you’ll admit it not.

Can you do something about it? Sure. Check this out!

#4 – Sexual routine will definitely lead to sex procrastination at majority of couples

We can even connect this with one of the Einstein’s wisdom where he stated that repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a definition of insanity.

Sex is a great thing. Shit, it’s the greatest thing. And it definitely doesn’t deserve to become routine in any way. It’s just not right to have sex pro forma. It must be the outer body experience each time. And that means 2:1 for her, at least!

If you can’t get her to win by 2, 3 or even more “points”, something’s not right. She’s in routine and automatically you are too.

Thus, make some changes to kill the sex routine. Go with the role-playing or pump your blood with energy drinks and stop jerking off for a while. Ignite that fire inside of her once again and your sex procrastination time is over.


While there are more potential causes, these are the most common ones. Deal with them; otherwise, you’re missing the life in one hand and endangering your health in the other. And life is a wonderful thing when you get your shit together and just live it with the full lungs!

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