Learn How to Increase the Dopamine Levels to Boost Your Sex Drive

Written by Steven Hawk

Dopamine, as one of the most important chemicals (hormones) in your body is also responsible for your sex drive. If you are experiencing reduced efficiency at work; if your penis and skin are not that sensitive anymore; if you often feel exhausted, and you’re not entirely satisfied with the quality of your sex, it indicates that you’re suffering from low levels of dopamine.

It is critical; not only for your sex life, but for your general personal growth to deal with this issue A.S.A.P.

Dopamine and sex drive

Dopamine functions as natural amphetamine. It controls the energy used in mental and locomotive actions. Your brain largely depends on dopamine in terms of energy while your entire body benefits from its effects through the feeling of excitement and satisfaction, improved concentration and motivation and improved metabolism.

In other words, dopamine is the chemical that connects everything and make you move forward. It is a reward you receive for every achievement, regardless of how insignificant or minor it may appear.

When observed from the sexual desire perspective, levels of dopamine will spike the moment you spot a sexually attractive person. Same will occur during the sexual intercourse.


Now it’s more or less clear that the proper levels of hormone such as dopamine largely depend on the amount of amino acids you import through food. Two particular amino acids, critical for the production of dopamine, are tyrosine and phenylalanine. You will find those in venison, pork, beef and plenty other animal sources of food but also in one of the most trashed products to date, aspartame; the artificial sweetener which is basically made of aspartic acid and phenylalanine.

While poor diet may or may not be the cause for the low dopamine levels, our contemporary way of life definitely is.

Constant worrying about finances is taking its toll

Brain will substitute dopamine with cortisol to compensate with the chemical of similar effect but even if your dopamine levels are usually optimal, cortisol may still wreak havoc. You’re guessing right; we are talking about stress.

There are two distinct types of stress in our way of life:

  1. Running to meet the deadline while not compromising on quality;
  2. Worrying about your financial status and future.


Number one is not the problem because it is usually rewarded with the high dose of dopamine after mission has been successfully completed. The other one is the devil. The only way to receive the dopamine rewards is to start making money because money means security.

This constant worrying is putting your body under the immense chemical stress, causing overexposure to cortisol. It’s one chemical that shouldn’t be in your organism as you already know. Cortisol inhibits the production and secretion of dopamine and that’s why you can’t get your hard on even if you feel sexually aroused. No matter what you do, it won’t go stiff and that shit adds to the overall negative experience. What is happening is that you do not have adequate amount of dopamine so brain had to compensate with cortisol – again!

To prevent that from happening, you have two options here:

  1. Accept the fact that only the death is absolute while everything else is relative. Even if you’re in debt, you won’t die. Even if they let you go, you will survive; no question about it.
  2. Snap out of it, upgrade your matrix and start generating money as the rest of the crew. The option number one is a good starter but you should definitely start doing something on the financial plan also.


Because once you establish the multiple source of incomes and when your net worth starts to rise, cortisol will be completely substituted with dopamine. Your sex drive — among everything else — will increase.

Yes, there is a chemical connection between money and sex. That’s why some people — ladies in particular — enjoy actual connection between these two. Porn stars and top ladies from escort services are found to relatively enjoy their line of work. It’s because direct correlation between feeling of security (money) and pleasure or fun (sex). Both are rewarded with the dopamine. And as they are enjoying it, they are more focused on it which means they are better than their colleagues. It’s what separates $2000 per night and $100 per night.

Thus, rethink your current professional occupation. Maybe there is something else out there; something you’ve missed to see.

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