Grow Your BALLZ

Simple Tricks for Balanced Life 

Written by Steven Hawk

As Collins said: life is nothing but a dynamical line of odds. Same is here. If You want a balanced life? You make it balanced. It’s that simple. Hell, you must do it. Everything around you tends to balance anyway. You must induce dynamics in your life and that’s the first and foremost lesson here. Move and you’ll steer. Stand still and you’re fucked!

#1 – I wanna change, but I’m not feeling like it

I asked my father once: “Dad, why wind blow?”. He said: “Wind is a tool to equalize things. Wind is a movement that helps to balance the atmosphere.”

Some deep shit, huh? He was right about it, duh! Nothing falls from the sky on its own. And even if it does, it’s like a snowflake. Won’t last for long.

So, move. Be dynamical. Adjust and sync. Your dynamics is the wind.

#2 – I want it now goddammit!

Yeah…this shit is causing all sorts of other shits. We dont have any patience and that’s why we want it all and we want it now goddammit! Well, it won’t happen. Progress takes time. Adjusting your life to the new environment occurs rapidly but it takes time to develop the details.

In other words, it’s pretty simple to learn what it takes to start the business, for instance, but it does take time for that same business to sync with the system in an optimal way.

#3 – Everything is fucked up…I wanna kill myself.

Are you healthy? Can you walk? How about speech abilities and hearing? Can you distinguish colors? Can you think about one reason why you shouldn’t be rich for example? Aaaah…you’re thinking…thus, you have a developed brain similar to majority of human beings.

Now, think about all those poor souls around you who can’t walk, talk, touch, feel, see, hear and even eat. You have an edge. Use it and stop crying like a little bitch for fuck’s sake!

You’re mentally fucked due to the overdraft on your bank account or some meaningless, dull 9-5? Fuck the debt. You can spend next 30 years in debt and be liquid. Assign it to your net worth, and start planning your way up. Dull job? Quit goddammit! Start on your own or find something else. What’s the point anyway?

You can do whatever the fuck you want to do. There are no limits. If there are, and you feel limited in any way, it’s on you because the only limits are those we impose to ourselves. Move!

#4 – I don’t know where I’m going… it’s like spinning around all the fucking time

Yeah…welcome to the nightmare of approximately 80% of the entire human kind. Buzzing like a goddamn fly and busting your head against the walls is not the very optimal way of living life, right? Refer to #1, spend one week thinking where you see yourself in 1, 3, 5 and 10 years from now.

Focus on a year ahead and WRITE IT ALL DOWN as it comes to you. You are a visual creature. You must see it to make it real. That’s why you’re wandering without a goal. It’s there, on the tip of your mind, but you can’t seem to extract it. Now you know what to do so do it!

#5 – I don’t know if this is a good time…

Good time for what exactly? What are you mumbling about? Every time is a good time because you have only the X amount of Earth’s turn around the Sun to make something. It’s your life timeline that you should be focused on and not on a history of the human kind.

The economy sucks? When exactly was it optimal? In 80s? 90s? We are standing on the threshold of the 3rd major shift of the human kind. Do you want to be a spectator or active participant? Take a look of what is going on around you and you’ll see it for yourself.

#6 – Did I do it right?

Sit down each evening, pour yourself a glass of bourbon on rocks, lite a cigarette or a cigar and analyze your day. Have a handy notebook by your side to take notes. We are not saying in vain that smart man writes while fool tries to remember.


Be the change, take your time, rely on your advanced cognitive abilities, plan and strategize, and finally – execute! Keep self-observation and self-analyses on your daily list of errands and you’ll start feeling the balance. Your own dynamics will be the equalizing wind.

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